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Submission + - Hackers Steal Banks Cryptographic Credentials, But Fumble The Ball (

tlambert writes: Unknown persons stole Bangladesh Bank transfer credentials for payments via the international banking system, and then proceeded to start moving money to the Philippines and Sri Lanka. A human foiled the plot after ~$80M had been stolen with another $870M stopped, after they noticed the word "foundation" misspelled in one of the requests. Bangladesh, meanwhile, is blaming the U.S. Federal Reserve for trusting their credentials.

Submission + - A modest proposal regarding Edward Snowden

tlambert writes: Prior to leaving for Hong Kong, Edward Snowden was a resident of Hawaii. He's technically still. Brian Schatz is currently a U.S. senator for Hawaii; he was appointed to that position in 2012, after the death of U.S. senator Daniel Inouye. He was confirmed in a special election in 2014 to serve out the remainder of that term, which is up in 2016. Which means there's a senate seat opening up in 2016 in Edward Snowden's home state. So... who wants to be campaign manager? Can you elect someone who is only telepresent throughout the campaign?

Submission + - Ad choices no longer works for anonymous users (

tlambert writes: Has anyone else notice that the Ad Choices link no longer works for anonymous (cookie based) users? The Google page now redirects you to a page which attempts to force you to sign into Google, with the concomitant creation of a Google account, with a true name, and all of the baggage associated with specifically associating demographic data with you personally.

The new page can be seen by clicking the Ad Choices icon in the upper right hand corner of the banner and other advertising on Google.

It no longer allows you to opt out of interest categories, nor does it allow adjustment of Googles idea of your gender and age and other options which are stored in the Google cookies in your browser.

This is a substantial change, and appears to be an attempt by Google to enforce a real name policy on everyone, to allow them to further force correlate data on an individual basis. The change appears to be only weeks old, at best.

This is a real problem for people who use multiple Google accounts to separate their work and personal lives (usually accomplished by use of multiple role-based browsers).

Welcome to 1984...


Submission + - It looks like Apple has started paying for product placement ( 1

tlambert writes: From the well-that-didn't-take-long department:

It looks like Apple has gone back on their long-standing tradition of refusing to pay for product placement; at the end of the Hulu premiere episode for the television show "Deception" in which multiple Apple products appear, there is a clear statement in the credits: "promotional consideration furnished by APPLE". The statement occurs at time hash 44:49, 6 seconds before the end of the video.


Submission + - 99 year old woman reading again on her new iPad (

tlambert writes: This is a cute story (with video) about a 99 year old woman and her iPad. It's interesting because of the accessibility angle. After years with glaucoma, she's able to read books again due to a combination of font scaling and an adjustable backlight intensity, according to the article.

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