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Comment Re:Obivous Answer (Score 1) 599

"I'm surprised they haven't resulted in more age discrimination suits."

They probably don't want to blow their 401k on legal fees. Big corps tend to have deeper pockets then worker bees and they can drag a court battle out long enough to discourage most law suit attempts.

Comment Re:Her boss wanted her gone (Score 2, Interesting) 364

You aparently didn't read the article.

"As part of her compensation, Walker was awarded nearly $6000 in lost wages for the 13 weeks between leaving ProCare and finding a new job, but she says she didn't find fulltime work until October 2008."

Clearly she DID look for another job, and if you think fighting for fair treatment by an employer is abusing the system, then you must be one of those employers.

I don't know what the legal system is like in NZ, but if it's anything like in the US, the vast majority of the settlement went to the lawyers, making the whole suit primarily a matter of principle.

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