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Comment Sweet Setup (Score 1) 558

I use a cutom box from Red Barn Computers in Binghamton, NY. It has dual Xeon E5-2690 @ 2.9 GHz (32 threads), 51 TB configured raid 6 data disk using 16 WD 4001 4 TB RE SAS hot-swap 6Bg/s disks, 256 GB DDR3 ECC ram, two 600 GB WD6000 OS disks in a raid 0 config, one 256 GB SSD as swap space, hot-swap dual power, 10 Gb/s networking, and runs CentOS 6. Current uptime is 901 days (since Hurricane Sandy). I use it as my "desktop" over vnc from work or home. It is a mostly lightly-used node in an SGE cluster of 8 others like it, plus 16 more of slightly lower spec. I designed the cluster for massive single-node-based computation (avoiding network traffic and external fileservers), but all the boxes can work together if needed too. The application is mainly DNA analysis for scientific research purposes.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Anti Terror Honor System 74

Fortunately for us, the FAA has imposed the honor system as our next best defense against terrorism. Hopefully this will allow them to increase the volume of non-bladder liquid I'm allowed to take on planes.

Microsoft To Banish Memcpy() 486

kyriacos notes that Microsoft will be adding memcpy() to its list of function calls banned under its secure development lifecycle. This reader asks, "I was wondering how advanced C/C++ programmers view this move. Do you find this having a negative impact on the flexibility of the language, and do you think it will restrict the creativity of the programmer?"

Tactical Camera 137

An anonymous reader writes "What do you get when you mount a Nikon D200 with a standard rifle stock? Why a Tactical Camera of course! One that no reporter would be caught with in a war zone or covering any armed action anywhere. What started out as a tongue in cheek project for April Fools wound up being quite the successful demonstration of concept. It features a fully functional trigger; it has controls for operating the shutter and auto focus; and for the patient shots, it has a mounted bipod. Carry sling optional."

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