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Comment Re:Flip flop .... (Score 1) 559

The outcome of 'which is least evil' choice would also have been Clinton for me. Don't rock the boat, business as usual, even if there can be some 'boiling the frog' effects. But it's not that obvious. Clinton is as establisment as it gets and she is quite hawkish.
I see the current attitudes towards Russia as highly risky , with a very real possibility of escalating into nuclear war.
Trump's attitude is a lot more sound there.
Trump is a bull in a chinashop. Trump's endeavors may be mostly blocked by the big players, and he may even turn out to be quite compliant in that respect. though for instance economical confidence is not easily controlled. But against the weaker players he can do serious damage.
Coincidentally we just got this huge security apparatus installed to help him with that. You know, 'trust us, we will use all that power only to do good'.

Comment Re:Stop breathing! (Score 1) 559

I'm expecting a lot more "reality checks" as he approaches the White House - like Obama's promise to shut down Gitmo, it sounds simple enough, until you learn all the facts.

This. You could see the same with Obama: remarkable continuity in many respects in comparison with the previous administration. There can be many reasons for this, and his ideas not being as progressive as some think is only a small part. You learn to take in account factors you disregarded before: for instance you can't cross the pentagon and you have to support the Saudis . And even where you think you could make changes, it turns out you don't have the power. There's a remarkable long interview Obama had with Jeffrey Goldberg where it it transpires if often didn't agree with his own policies ( ). And of course Obama does appear to take on the role a bit of a manager who doesn't interfere unless people do something very stupid.

So in many respects it's possible Trump won't make much difference. But I think it's hard to predict. If he does make a lot of difference it will be because there are big players supporting him. For instance I think Trump can succeed in bringing us closer to Russia because "after all, Russia is peanuts and the real enemy is China". As long as we have an official enemy, the big players can go along.

Comment Re:green hippie bullshit (Score 1) 247

2000 lbs is a bit excessive. Sure they can shed weight, just reduce autonomy . But A Nissan GTR has 1,740 kg (3,840 lb), fill the tank and you have 3900lbs . It's full of electronic aids and it's not a purist car but it handles well.

Tesla S weight:
1,961 kg (4,323 lb) (60)[7]
  2,085 kg (4,597 lb) (60D)[8]
  2,090 kg (4,608 lb) (70D)[9]
  2,108 kg (4,647 lb) (85)
  2,188 kg (4,824 lb) (85D)[8]
  2,239 kg (4,936 lb) (P85D)[8]

But the comparison I was thinking of was the Panamera. 2100kg filled up. The recent models handle very well(ok so I only read about that). It's possible.

Comment Re:PLEASE...make a sports car again!! (Score 1) 247

Well, I think there are a lot of different ways to own a sportscar. Most sportscar owners just want to own it. Many want a car that impresses people. Some want to experience a bit of thrust and a nice sound. Some want performance figures. Some want to experience musclecars. Is that sportscars? Some just want to compete in the marketplace of attention.
The hardcore driver that just wants to exercise skill , that just wants to drive? Tiny minority in the sportscar sector. So yes there's room for the Tesla Roadster.
Not for people coming from a Lotus though.

Comment Re:These are all horseshit (Score 1) 497

oI'm not an expert in multithreading but I have the luxury to be able to just ask experts. On our complex projects there are some intersection points between threads left because these can be very hard to detect. It gets a lot worse when the code was not conceived to run multithreaded originally. It explains why good coders can not always get rid of all the mt problems and once you have a low level of endemic mt problems it's hard to get rid of them because they are hard to detect and work on them. No decent scenario. So yes, there are reasons to fear threads.

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