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Comment Re:The solution is also a problem (Score 1) 68

I'd certainly prefer to get rid of the Anonymous Coward habit on here. People act a bit better (statistically) when they have a name on a forum. It doesn't have to be completely impossible to post AC. Just imagine you have to log in anyway but can choose to post as anonymous, possibly with a much longer waiting time before your post is committed. Sometimes people post as anonymous because they are scared. These people have a good reason and they still have the possibility to post AC.

Comment Re:"Green" technologies aren't sufficient. (Score 2) 194

This is a funny comment because on the one hand it's very sensible to point out that's critically over engineered, but the reason 'ass clown geeks out of control' is ridiculous. The reason it's overengineered is that they first invested a lot in a compact design that would fit into a military submarine, and then the civilians continued in that direction and got locked in. Then there came the security concerns which kept piling up, and that led to the complex very expensive designs because the basic model was unsafe. So now they have the safest ever nuclear plants which nobody here wants.

Comment Cheap energy (Score 1) 194

Several interesting things in this article but I'll just mention the part about shale.
A few years back the story was peak oil and we were going to have a major energy crisis. With the prospect of more expensive energy shale became more interesting but at the same time everyone else was also looking at other sources of energy, renewable and other, and other things happened, like Iran's oil becoming more available. And now we have low oil prices over an extended period of time. Shale is not the cause of the nuclear energy glut, it's one of the victims. Shale can only be viable if energy cost is high enough.

As for the future of nuclear power, it's been going downhill since the eighties. Western nuclear energy got a severe blow with Chernobyl and after Fukushima western nuclear energy is dead. In the far east, mainly China it's got a future.

Comment Bixby (Score 1) 101

One use case involved taking a picture of a monument and Bixby being able to tell you information about this as well as recommendations of restaurants nearby.

In the original series Bixby would even tell you where you wanted to go and what food you were thinking of. And he lived in a plane that he named 'The Spirit' and the pilot was named Jerry.

Comment Re:Brainstorming isnt always about generating idea (Score 1) 86

The article isn't even about brainstorming but more about when a creative process works better alone or in group. The creative group session can take many forms.
Their main theme is that depending on the individual the optimal strategy can be different. Some people work better alone.
Just as well often people prefer a combination, alternating group and individual stages.
All pretty sensible and bland I would think.

Comment Re:Yes, India eliminated its R1000 notes (Score 1) 365

I don't think you should measure demonetization with your personal experience of ubiquitous R2000 notes. There are the statements of those involved who are clear: Cash is a competitor, and it has to be defeated. They are less clear about the exact approach. That is the deduction part. The deduction is that a brutal interruption of cash will cause people to move to credit cards quickly but that instant elimination is too brutal to be accepted.
India is almost entirely cash based. That makes it different from the US. The effort to eliminate cash is worldwide but it is less painful once you have an electronic system everywhere.

Comment Re:tracking (Score 4, Interesting) 365

This is 99% about control. There are multiple players here. Local governments, the US major political players, credit card companies, banks, they all get to win. Control means you know much more about transactions, you get more say about what transactions you favor or not, you get a larger percentage on transactions, you get to use negative interests in the bank because people can no longer extract their money from the bank. There's a lot. It's about power and the threat of power. For one thing it means the US can threaten to stop all financial traffic for any target they pick, on the spot. There is a big difference between using little cash and taking away the possibility to use cash.

This article describes what happened in India. India is mostly cash based, or was until some people decided that was no longer the case. The result was a caricature of unchecked power.

Comment Re:Battlestar Galactica Quote (Score 1) 293

You're criticizing my quote for not saying something else as well?
In any case you're underestimating the reach of that quote. When the police militarizes, in attitude and in gear, it does not only cause a change in relationship, it is also a symptom. It's a very bad sign.
If the (US ) police behave just like the military , it's because the situation has deteriorated too far . I'm not talking about bad cops that are protected by those in command. You can see that in the rules of engagement.A US cop can and does get sanctioned for following european style rules of engagement. When there's a possible threat, the cop has to shoot because the life of the cop is important, the other person's life is not. This is military logic.

Comment Re:Battlestar Galactica Quote (Score 1) 293

My quote emphasizes the need for distinguishing between police and army. Your quote doesn't. My quote is directly relevant for the subject of militarization of the police.
There's this dilemma where either someone appears smart by saying something that sounds clever, or make a simple and clear statement but not be taken seriously. I tried to make this as mundane and clear as possible. And I like the quote.

Comment Re:What videos exactly? (Score 1) 293

Youtube is just adapting to make what they publish generally more suitable for ads. The relevant model here seems to be Edward Herman's 'Propaganda Model' ,
which is generally considered to be about news and claims that news media are mainly following business logic: they adapt to get along with their advertizers, with government sources, with powerful players that could harm them. The result is that media are very compliant with the dominant powers and that journalists are selected for how well they fit into that system.
  With youtube it's kinda obvious because they don't have any high principles to uphold but news media deny it claiming they're above all that.

Comment Battlestar Galactica Quote (Score 2, Interesting) 293

Someone on here once pointed out a relevant quote from Commander William Adama:

. There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.

I think this is the place where diplomats warn that 'there is a risk of us moving in that direction' when they mean to describe the current situation.

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