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Comment Always Compare with Other Numbers (Score 1) 88

It's always like that: '13 million pages released' . To place this in context you need some percentages, numbers to compare with, statistics. What's the yearly release rate, what's the yearly classifying rate. And with respects to levels of secrecy, because if it's always low level secrecy that's being released then you're not doing much either.

Comment Re:Profanity and Honesty (Score 3, Insightful) 281

There is some sense in that, in that online one can be honest in relative safety. The downside is that an awful lot of people think that because they can shout down people with obscenities there must be some value in what they're saying.

Personally I like the intermediate level of posting under a fixed username. It becomes a bit of an alternate persona rather than a license to act as an asshole. The alternate persona also has a reputation it cares about.

Comment Re:140% (Score 2) 564

You'll have to try harder if you want parody, because you're more or less describing what is happening.
I followed the links and deep down I found this http://www.buzzanglemusic.com/... :

There were 11,489 cassettes purchased during the Holiday Season (an increase of 140% over 2015).

Holiday season is one month , from end november to end of the year.

The biggest selling album (as well as top Christmas album) during the 2016 holiday season was A Pentatonix Christmas with 712,534 sales and the biggest selling vinyl album was Blurryface by twenty one pilotswith 22,006 sales

On-demand audio streams during the 2016 Holiday Season were up 62% compared to 2015 with 34.3 billion streams.

Vinyl album sales during the 2016 Holiday Season were up 28% compared vinyl album sales in 2015 (1.99M vs. 1.56M).

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 0) 285

Projects like this are usually what they call 'greenwashing', mainly motivated by PR. On the other hand, a lot of small arms ammo is used for practice rather than actual combat/fight so it is a sensible idea to look for alternatives. Maybe no good solution turns up but 'something better than current' can be found.

Comment Re:Ramming it??? (Score 1) 135

I see, that's not much. I thought meteorites would have told us something but I can see now that by their nature they would tend to be the strongest parts left of any larger structure.

On the other hand, and I'm just thinking here, using gravity's pull is attractive(wink) because you need to know little of the large scale structure of the asteroid - and statistics wouldn't be very useful for that anyway. You'd like some info on local structures though in order to mine enough material to increase the mass , and possibly propellant, of the pulling device. So that makes it interesting to put the focus on the applied science of mining asteroids.

Comment Re:Ramming it??? (Score 1) 135

If you have some evidence to suggest that two random asteroids (or comets) have similar mechanical properties, that'd make some nice reading. So far, we have two data points and a lot of modelling.

I don't know what you mean. I mentioned a second asteroid because I was trying to find an external large source of momentum (but good luck with that) to cause a change of direction with one large blast. Spacecraft don't have a lot of momentum. And neither do nukes actually but the ablative effect of the heat may give some extra push. . But it all looks like a terrible idea because as soon as you have pieces flying about then managing them becomes instantly more complicated.

Comment Re:Where are the Nuclear power fans now? (Score 1) 173

Actually nuclear power in the west is as good as dead. Hardly anything new is being built and huge costs for decommissioning coming up . Now in the east, you know, like china, there is construction going on. That is, where there is a lot of cooling water, meaning in highly populated areas, sometimes unstable geography. That could become interesting. I'm not enthusiastic either.

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