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Comment Re:What videos exactly? (Score 1) 73

Youtube is just adapting to make what they publish generally more suitable for ads. The relevant model here seems to be Edward Herman's 'Propaganda Model' ,
which is generally considered to be about news and claims that news media are mainly following business logic: they adapt to get along with their advertizers, with government sources, with powerful players that could harm them. The result is that media are very compliant with the dominant powers and that journalists are selected for how well they fit into that system.
  With youtube it's kinda obvious because they don't have any high principles to uphold but news media deny it claiming they're above all that.

Comment Battlestar Galactica Quote (Score 1) 73

Someone on here once pointed out a relevant quote from Commander William Adama:

. There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state, the other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people.

I think this is the place where diplomats warn that 'there is a risk of us moving in that direction' when they mean to describe the current situation.

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 1) 122

uh right, it's closer to 5.800 K. Must have confused with Celsius. But the idea is the same. I have no idea how hot mercury lights get. How much is 'insanely' in Kelvin? Mercury lights do not obey the normal temperature curves (ugly color) so I'm not sure how one should calculate with those.
Also I wouldn't conclude anything from how hot a light gets. The surface temperature of a bulb is a lot lower than that of the filament bu it's a design choice of the bulb. The filament in a plain low wattage lightbulb is also around 3000K and you can almost touch the bulb. With a halogen lamp you can't but that is because they chose to make the bulb very small.
  The reason filament temperature is a limit is that even if you are completely, utterly surrounded with filaments, you cannot get hotter than those filaments. But then you're just inside a 3000k box.

Comment Re:3500 degrees (Score 1) 122

I would add then that the second law forbids this because...
In your closed system you could have a little pipe going back from the hot place to the colder place and attach an engine to it that converts the heat to electricity that leaves your closed system through a pair of wires Because we know how to do that very well, creating electricity when heat is transferred from a hot to a cold place. That is what all steam turbines and fuel based engines do. That would mean you could make free electricity.

Comment Re:So, it's not only the Russians that hack, huh! (Score 1) 110

What makes you think this spying was taking place in our backyard? The fact that the CIA was installing spyware doesn't mean that the CIA was installing spyware on the property of US citizens. (it doesn't mean they weren't, either -- but as a matter of law, they are not legally allowed to spy inside the US)

Ahem,I don't know about what they're installing on US home computers but where communication is concerned I know at least three ways around the legal limitations without the need to ask for a warrant and without doing anything illegal: they can target someone abroad with the express purpose to monitor a US resident who is in contact with that person abroad. They can ask the UK to monitor the US resident, and they can do some rerouting through foreign servers in order to label communication as foreign.
And apart from that they are of course also doing things that are illegal but maybe in the future will no longer be so.

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