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Comment Re:I'm not convinced (Score 1) 281

My summer intern job during college. Daily financial reports: 17 different COBOL programs, strung together by the wonders of JCL. No direct pipes, just intermediate files, which had to be written and read back from tapes (data was too big for the disks at the time). My job was to stay late and watch over it, figuring out how to restart it when it blew up somewhere in the middle.

Comment What's old is new, all over again (Score 2) 289

From wikiland

The idea that software should be componentized - built from prefabricated components - first became prominent with Douglas McIlroy's address at the NATO conference on software engineering in Garmisch, Germany, 1968, titled Mass Produced Software Components.[3] The conference set out to counter the so-called software crisis. McIlroy's subsequent inclusion of pipes and filters into the Unix operating system was the first implementation of an infrastructure for this idea. Brad Cox of Stepstone largely defined the modern concept of a software component.[4] He called them Software ICs and set out to create an infrastructure and market for these components by inventing the Objective-C programming language. (He summarizes this view in his book Object-Oriented Programming - An Evolutionary Approach 1986.)

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