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Comment Re:It's called Port Mirroring (Score 2, Insightful) 265

Two points.

One: the mirror port (aka span port) on your switch does not buffer the traffic, and will drop packets in any spike. That's true even for expensive Cisco switches. To get all traffic, you need a network tap on a line.

Two: getting the traffic isn't hard. It's basic sniffing. Analysing the traffic in realtime is what matters.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - to accept advertising (

Dynamoo writes: "For the first time, non-UK vistors to the BBC web site will see advertising on selected pages from next month. Specifically, the BBC refers to the domain which is currently a mirror of the UK content. There are no technical details on how the advertising will work, or if non-UK visitors will be blocked from the current domain. No advertising partner has been mentioned.

Changes to the BBC's charter mean that it can no longer use public funds for international audiences. Alexa ranks the BBC as a top 50 site, so this could be a significant amount of revenue."


Submission + - Ubuntu 7.10 released

tijsvd writes: The latest releases of Ubuntu for desktop and server are available today for download. This release brings together the best of free and open source software delivered on a stable, easy to use and learn platform. Read the press releases or download it now.

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