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Comment You need more than one (Score 1) 219

The only real "protection" against rogue admins is to have multiple admins who can monitor each other and (if required by audit) sign off on each other's work. Most organizations of any significant size have more than one person at the top, so that (at the very least) if any one admin is sick or leaves in a huff, one or more of the other's can take his place and/or revoke what permissions that admin had. This can take some forethought to prepare.

Comment It is small, but... (Score 2, Insightful) 206

Without seeing the survey I can't confirm this, but I would suspect that they are only counting Internet connections to the home or office. The number is much larger when you consider the number of people in developing and 3rd world nations who access the Internet in public venues, like cafes and libraries. But getting a good count here would be very complex.

Submission + - German Jews about to sue youtube (

sebsa writes: "The German news site reports that the "Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland" ("Central Council of Jews in Germany") considers to file a charge against youtube. They see the availability of videos like the nazi propaganda movie "Jud Süß" or music videos by neo nazi groups on the portal as an "incitement of the people", accusable by German law."

Submission + - Wii Becomes Leading Console

Bender0x7D1 writes: According to VG Chartz, total worldwide sales of the Nintendo Wii have surpassed those of of the XBox 360. It has been a long time since Nintendo held the lead in console sales and Sony, the sales leader of the previous generation, is lagging far behind in this current generation. The question is: Does the Wii have the staying power to keep outselling the competition, or will upcoming games like Halo 3 and GTA IV give the advantage to Microsoft and Sony?
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - What happens to a GPL work when copyrights expire? 4

aquabat writes: Many software projects are composed of code written by several different authors. If the various authors hold the copyright to their respective parts of the code, then it seems to me that the copyright on those parts will expire at different times. If the code is licensed under the GPL, then how does this partial expiry of copyright protection affect the rights and responsibilities of project users, distributors and contributors?

Submission + - Fixing the IPv6 dilema

jd writes: "In an attempt to attract more people to using IPv6, a New Zealand group is offering free porn to those with access to an IPv6 tunnel or connection. This may or may not work, considering that the country involved has a hundred times as many sheep as humans, which may create a degree of scepticism over what exactly is on offer."
The Internet

Submission + - Creative Commons licence Version 3.0 released

liquidat writes: "Creative Commons hast released the newest version of their licences, version 3.0. Among the changes you will find a new generic licence which is based on international laws instead of the US copyright like the former generic licence was. Also a by-sa compatibility list was created to make it possible to mix content under by-sa with content under another, but compatible licence. And last but not least, Debian and MIT should be happy now as well. You can find more detailed information at Creative Commons Version 3.0 Licenses A Brief Explanation."

Submission + - Temp. difference observed between Sun's poles

ATestR writes: From the Article (, one pole of the sun is cooler than the other. That's the surprising conclusion announced today by scientists who have been analyzing data from the ESA-NASA Ulysses spacecraft.

Measurements of the Northern Solar pole taken by Ulysses in 1994 and 1995 observed a temperature difference of 7 — 8 percent from the recent measurements taken of the Southern pole. Since the average Solar temperature has been measured to be constant during this twelve year period, the scientists invovled with the project are scratching their heads over the difference.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Drug patents threatening cheap drugs

This was a story I tried to submit but was rejected by Slashdot's editorial staff. Not grousing, saving my composition here for posterity, as I do with other of my rejected stories.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - RIAA hires DJ's, then sends in the SWAT team

cancan writes: "The NY times is carrying an article about how the RIAA is hiring hip hop artists to make mix tapes, and then helping the police raid their studios. In the case of DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon (myspace warning), they were raided by SWAT teams with their guns drawn. The local police chief said later that they were "prepared for the worst." Men in RIAA jackets helped cart away "evidence"."

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