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Comment Latency (Score 2) 159

High frame rate is important for motion data, but it's also (and perhaps primarily) about latency. It is *much* more jarring in my Rift to experience latency -- akin to rapid sea-sickness -- than to have a lower frame rate.

Getting more motion information would be great but we can't sacrifice latency for it, and those TVs tend to have a very noticeable amount of latency. Not that this is an unsolvable problem -- I just haven't seen it yet.

Comment Re:In other words... (Score 2) 359

It seems like you (and many other people here) are decidedly in a pro-64bit camp and ready to have a go at the traditioned pastime of MS bashing, but I haven't seen any hard examples of what would make a 64-bit VS better. Can you name some?

64-bit certainly has advantages, but it also has disadvantages. It really depends on the app to know how they'd balance out. I can't imagine they looked at this problem lightly.

Comment Re:There's a good reason it's not on by default (Score 3, Informative) 260

I find it a bit weird that they haven't taken an approach similar to high DPI, where you can embed a manifest resource into your app that'll tell the OS it supports high DPI. While this would not solve random apps refusing to work with larger paths, this would at least prevent buffer overflows.

And in true old-school Slashdot fashion, I've apparently skipped over a paragraph in TFA. Using manifests is exactly what they've done.

Comment There's a good reason it's not on by default (Score 5, Informative) 260

This isn't just something you can switch on without thought.

Windows' native programming has long had a "MAX_PATH" constant, which devs would use to create a char[MAX_PATH] to accept user input (i.e. from a save file dialog). If you suddenly start creating paths larger than this, you risk buffer overflows.

Even if your app is carefully written to avoid buffer overflows in this situation, it may simply refuse to read the file with a path too large. Devs have been able to break beyond MAX_PATH for a while by using UNC paths, but almost nobody uses them because you'll find random apps that won't know how to use a longer path.

I find it a bit weird that they haven't taken an approach similar to high DPI, where you can embed a manifest resource into your app that'll tell the OS it supports high DPI. While this would not solve random apps refusing to work with larger paths, this would at least prevent buffer overflows.

Comment Re:actually no (Score 1) 751

I think Trump is actually saying what he genuinely feels

Really? I think he's about as real as just about everyone else who's running, which is to say not at all. Politics has always been about researching oodles of data to craft your image to a specific demographic. The whole "saying what he feels" is just part of this image. I'm sure he's learned through his TV shows exactly how to form and frame a character to make any demographic root for them.

The key difference is that others have always had limits and acted for lack of a better term "presidential". Trump has thrown out those limits, and so he's got a much wider spectrum of ammo to play with. I'd bet that until now, politicians simply believed that such an approach wouldn't in a million years work and so it's just not been tried.

Comment Re:Ok, why? (Score 5, Informative) 311

Youtube makes takedowns exceptionally easy, but the process of getting a video put back up can take months and there are no repercussions for a bad takedown.

Remember the other part of the DMCA safe harbor bits -- you need to take the video down immediately, but if the person says to put it back up, it becomes squarely that person's legal issue, not Youtube's. Youtube is not adequately capturing this workflow.

Then again, it's not clear if these takedowns are actual DMCA requests or if it's just an agreement Youtube has. I know that Youtube supports both.

Comment Re:Maybe they just don't like the shows? (Score 1) 858

You didn't read the article.

The article very clearly has an agenda, with a sensational title like "Men Are Sabotaging..."

The observation that men vote more than women is an important one and the display of data should be changed so that bias is accounted for. That's just not what the article was going for.

Men aren't sabotaging anything. The report makers are, by not showing two numbers. And women aren't doing themselves any favors by self-censoring their legitimate opinions, if that is truly the case.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 70

Cool you have a solid reason thats great. It sounds like you haven't tried Vive yet. You need to before you write off "gimmicky" room-scale though. I kinda thought the same but after I tried a Vive my mind has very definitely been opened.

I've used both, actually.

The problem I've got with room-scale isn't the tech so much as the games, which from the ones I've seen are very reminiscent of the Wii: fun if you've only got a short time, good to quickly wow a guest, but ultimately not very fulfilling gameplay. Gimmicky.

I like to think I'm pretty creative when it comes to imagining uses for new technology and I've been a gamer ever since my hands met a keyboard, but I just can't think of a compelling mechanic that could fit a 5'x5' square. Myst maybe, but how many Myst clones can you play. Warehouse-scale, now that's another story, but I don't own a warehouse.

I'm sure someone smarter than me will think of something and when I see that first great game come out for room-scale, I'll jump all over it. It just isn't ready yet.

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 70

I don't want touch controllers. I want to play racing and flight sims. Why spend $200 more to get some extra controllers I'll use maybe a handful of times before putting them away for good?

If some non-gimmicky room-scale game eventually comes out that gets me excited, I'll buy the touch controllers then. Why do it before?

Comment No, it doesn't. (Score 5, Interesting) 197

At this point I don't upgrade to a new phone until the battery on my existing one becomes useless and I can't find a replacement. There hasn't been a compelling phone feature to me for quite a while. Screen resolution, camera, CPU, data speeds are all at a good enough place. The last really cool feature for me was wireless charging.

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