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Comment Re:Who needs 4k video? (Score 5, Insightful) 122

To enjoy 4k, you need a monitor that supports it, that is large enough relative to the viewing distance, enough bandwidth and processing power. You also need a 4k source. Few people produce 4k video : it is more expensive, more difficult and the result is only marginally better.

I think you'll find these boxes are checked more and more.

On the consuming side, 4K monitors are coming down in price very quickly and are at the point where it's reasonable for the layperson to get one. 4K makes a notable difference on a 24" monitor at the common 2-3' distance -- anyone who says otherwise has bad eyesight or hasn't used one yet. Bandwidth-wise 4K uses about 20-30mbit, which is a lot of users these days. With H.265 they should be able to drop that number considerably for most videos.

On the production side, 4K video is already becoming increasingly more common on YouTube as the latest inexpensive professional and amateur cameras -- even phones and gopros -- all support 4K. Editing really isn't much different versus 1080p -- it's not like they're using rendering farms to create special effects.

Comment Re:How is this even legal? (Score 1) 207

They're installing software I don't know about on my phone/laptop, then using that software to send personal ID details to unknown servers. This has to fall under at least one of the myriad hacking laws we already have on the books.

If the FBI does it, yes. A law recently activated that lets them legally try to hack someone using Tor or anything else that could hide traffic (like, perhaps a VPN).

Comment Re:I'm sure there's a reason... (Score 4, Insightful) 192

For movies, not much. There's definitely a wow factor in some of them but you quickly forget about it and just enjoy the movie.

But for coding and web browsing, I found 4K to be a surprising win.

The extra clarity in text is absolutely wonderful. With low-res screens I often find myself wanting to zoom in on text despite being able to read the small text without straining my eyes. When I got my first 4K screen I noticed I was no longer tempted to do any zooming.

Comment Re:Why is *This* Considered Ground Breaking? (Score 1) 127

Windows apps using the latest APIs can be designed to work seamlessly between desktop and mobile, so when you plug your phone into a monitor you get an almost full-featured Windows desktop with actual desktop apps.

The first time I did it, it was pretty neat. As a "power user" I haven't used it since, though my mother only uses a PC for email and web and I've had her doing it with 100% success.

Definitely not the first time someone has tried it -- I think I remember Motorola being first to market with it 5-10 years ago -- but it was the first for me that truly felt like a desktop experience.

Comment Good riddance (Score 1) 85

I've had nothing but issues with my Lumia 950. Windows Mobile has some really good design/usability ideas but jesus it is buggy.

I regularly need to reboot the phone to fix GPS issues. A patch came out a few months ago that made Bluetooth not randomly get completely corrupted with my car, but the implementation is still buggy. Using apps while playing music causes stuttering in the music. I've had the phone for over a year now and it still feels like a beta device.

The worst part of it is that the previous versions -- Windows Phone 7, 8, etc. -- were masterpieces. They were stable and exceptionally lag-free. The whole idea to merge the mobile and desktop OSes -- the kernel with 8 and the shell with 10 -- wasn't a bad one but the execution was just so incredibly poor.

If Microsoft is smart they'll gut the department heads working on mobile and get some new talent in. Or maybe bring some of the old talent back. Or maybe just fold the idea.

Comment NVIDIA has cornered the market (Score 1) 157

NVIDIA has been consistently faster than AMD on the high end, and is able to price their low-end products in a way that puts them equal or better to AMD's products. NVIDIA also has a big library of code for developers to integrate with. So your games will generally run faster and look better on NVIDIA. There is only a single reason to buy AMD right now: they support the VESA-standard variable-framerate VSYNC that almost every monitor -- even cheap ones -- is supporting now.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 1321

Put me in that corner. I accept the election result, but I'm baffled where all the Trump supporters came from.

About half of the people I know voted for Trump. Excuses I've heard have been: "oh he's just saying that so he can get votes from the Republican base", "well, I just don't know what Hillary is going to do to my guns", "he's going to lower taxes", "he's going to keep jobs in America", "he's going to keep terrorists out of America", "Hillary is corrupt", "Hillary is a murderer", "his past doesn't matter, it's what he'll do as president that matters".

Literally all rhetoric -- the amount of detail they're able to go into on the policies of either candidate is vanishingly small. Granted, most voters are driven by rhetoric regardless of the side they typically vote on.

But it seems to be particularly strong in the Trump crowd. They're more emotionally engaged.

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