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Comment The only things that will be saved are printed (Score 1) 348

Printed and bounded items on paper are really the only items that will make it. Copyright and this insane Intellectual rights management will prevent that. In the last 16 yrs we have seen this happen habitually.
Try to pull up something oscure from pre 9/11. If its out of print it is still gone unless it was in print. 80% of all the movies ever made are already gone.

Submission + - The human impact on the natural environment is actually slowing down (sciencealert.com)

schwit1 writes: Researchers have found that while the impact of human activity on the planet is continuing to grow, it's now doing so at a slower rate than our economic and population growth.

This means that humans are still taking over the planet at the expense of many species and the natural world at large, but the upside is that the slowdown gives us reason for hope, as it suggests we're getting better at managing what we take from the environment.

"Seeing that our impacts have expanded at a rate that is slower than the rate of economic and population growth is encouraging," said lead researcher Oscar Venter from the University of Northern British Columbia in Canada. "It means we are becoming more efficient in how we use natural resources."

Submission + - SPAM: Chemists develop promising cheap, sustainable battery for grid energy storage

mdsolar writes: Chemists at the University of Waterloo have developed a long-lasting zinc-ion battery that costs half the price of current lithium-ion batteries and could help enable communities to shift away from traditional power plants and into renewable solar and wind energy production.

Professor Linda Nazar and her colleagues from the Faculty of Science at Waterloo made the important discovery, which appears in the journal, Nature Energy.

The battery uses safe, non-flammable, non-toxic materials and a pH-neutral, water-based salt. It consists of a water-based electrolyte, a pillared vanadium oxide positive electrode and an inexpensive metallic zinc negative electrode. The battery generates electricity through a reversible process called intercalation, where positively-charged zinc ions are oxidized from the zinc metal negative electrode, travel through the electrolyte and insert between the layers of vanadium oxide nanosheets in the positive electrode. This drives the flow of electrons in the external circuit, creating an electrical current. The reverse process occurs on charge.

The cell represents the first demonstration of zinc ion intercalation in a solid state material that satisfies four vital criteria: high reversibility, rate and capacity and no zinc dendrite formation. It provides more than 1,000 cycles with 80 per cent capacity retention and an estimated energy density of 450 watt-hours per litre. Lithium-ion batteries also operate by intercalation--of lithium ions--but they typically use expensive, flammable, organic electrolytes.

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Submission + - EFF Asks FTC To Demand 'Truth In Labeling' For DRM (techdirt.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Interesting move by Cory Doctorow and the EFF in sending some letters to the FTC making a strong case that DRM requires some "truth in labeling" details in order to make sure people know what they're buying. The argument is pretty straightforward (PDF): "The legal force behind DRM makes the issue of advance notice especially pressing. It’s bad enough to when a product is designed to prevent its owner from engaging in lawful, legitimate, desirable conduct — but when the owner is legally prohibited from reconfiguring the product to enable that conduct, it’s vital that they be informed of this restriction before they make a purchase, so that they might make an informed decision. Though many companies sell products with DRM encumbrances, few provide notice of these encumbrances. Of those that do, fewer still enumerate the restrictions in plain, prominent language. Of the few who do so, none mention the ability of the manufacturer to change the rules of the game after the fact, by updating the DRM through non-negotiable updates that remove functionality that was present at the time of purchase." In a separate letter (PDF) from EFF, along with a number of other consumer interest groups, but also content creators like Baen Books, Humble Bundle and McSweeney's, they suggest some ways that a labeling notice might work.

Comment Re: Oh no (Score 1) 637

Yep, but Twitter's core problem is it wasn't just Milo it was the actress too. They don't want to ban her for the same reasons even though she did the exact same thing to others.

  That would look like racism. Hate is Hate and Trolling is trolling.

Once they setting on the fact that any account that uses specific words is deleted no matter who its attached too is the day they will regain the moral high ground and seriousness. Until then they are a tool of SJW and troll and will remain so. The rest of us will use it until like all birds it gets too old and dies.

Comment Re:Full experience (Score 3, Informative) 376

Windows anniversary update:


Some useful group policy options no longer function on Windows 10 Professional and require Windows 10 Enterprise or Education. These include the ability to disable the lock screen, tips, and “Microsoft consumer experience” that downloads apps like Candy Crush Saga.



Basically, all those things you turned off, you did through the group policy editor.

Store? Its on permanenty and you won't be able to disable it unless on enterprise.

That search bar? Its cortana and you won't be able to disable it for the same reason.

  All that tracking and ads same reason. So Aftre the 9th when all your hard work is undone and you get the real taste of 10 come back and share.

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