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Comment Re:Messed up morality (Score 0) 168

If you think the USA is a rich country, you are amusing. The UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain higher wealth distribution per capita than the US.

The US cannot afford to give free health care. It always amuses me when people compare countries with populations smaller than one US state to the whole of the US.
Texas is more populous than Britain, Canada and Denmark

Comment Re:Messed up morality (Score 1) 168

Genocide and slavery are not perpetrated by single individuals. Hitler did not personally murder 6 million jews. He actually murdered no one. His staff did. Those numerous individuals send the commands onward.

If a patent troll has a patent on a part of a drone and that drone kills a town on demand that in fact that trolls fault. The most a slaver could be guilty of is 144 the maximum that would fit in the hull of his frigate. I explained about murder already. Evil is on higher orders. The more people affected the higher.

We have yet to see a single individual serial killer commit genocide. Everyone ever accused of genocide has had an army or a team who has done the actual work. Sorry, You need to sort out YOUR priorities mate because if you really believe patent trolls AREN'T the worst of all evils. Otherwise you have some seriously messed up notions about the world works today and modern ethics as it relates to real history.

Comment Re:Is THAT really "pure evil"? (Score 1) 168

I disagree. Why? A Rape/murder is an act of individual power and a show of hatred. However evil it is (and it is evil) it is still only a single individual.

  A patent troll could patent something that could effect a million lives or more, leading to those deaths if its in medical, power or weapon fields. Even if it is in Computer IT, these things are more intrusive everyday and can cause deaths on a massive scale if used in a particular narrow aspect. So a million small bad events does cause a cascade event that could lead to multiple rape/murders. That's why its a higher order of evil.

Submission + - Russia Hides Congratulations in Language Settings of Web Crawler ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: I recently setup a new automation site along with some webmaster tools.
Looking at Google Analytics under Languages, can show some pretty interesting comments...
One of which is:
1. Congratulations to Trump and all americans

Checking the location of this "Language" Reveals:
1. Russia

With 3 sessions and a average session duration of 7 minutes, they obviously want the IT of America to see this. I imagine multiple webmasters and server admins are already aware of this, but it bears mentioning I believe.

Submission + - 6 mysterious radio signals have been detected coming from outside our galaxy (

schwit1 writes: Back in March, scientists detected 10 powerful bursts of radio signals coming from the same location in space. And now researchers have just picked up six more of the signals seemingly emanating from the same region, far beyond our Milky Way.

"We report on radio and X-ray observations of the only known repeating fast radio burst source, FRB 121102," the team wrote in The Astrophysical Journal.

"We have detected six additional radio bursts from this source: five with the Green Bank Telescope at 2 GHz, and one at 1.4 GHz with the Arecibo Observatory, for a total of 17 bursts from this source."

The team can't pinpoint the exact location of FRB 121102, but based on the specific way their lower frequencies are slowed, they can tell they came from a long way away, far beyond the Milky Way. And that gives us some pretty important clues about what could be causing the events.

Interestingly, it also contradicts the evidence we have on FRB coming from within our own galaxy.

Currently, the leading hypothesis for the source of the Milky Way's FRB is the cataclysmic collision of two neutron stars, which forms a black hole. The idea is that as this collision happens, huge amounts of short-lived radio energy are blasted out into space.

But the repeating nature of these distant signals, all coming from the same place, suggest that can't be the case — at least for these particular FRB.

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