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Comment Got this once, got my laptop back (Score 4, Interesting) 170

Going through security, I forgot my laptop only to find out in the plane at cruising. I immediately informed the attendant who contacted ground. A person was then sent to the TSA lost&found to pick it up with my name. The funny parts: I had a sticker on my notebook with all my details, including phone no. It was never used. Instead, when picking it up they only opened the lid to see the login name on the lock screen (only my first name), and the combination of laptop description was then used to give the laptop to the airline guy. For me to actually get it back, I had to contact and find the guy on Facebook (only had a name and non-working telno from TSA) no less ! But, I got it back :) And I guess TSA did something good, like not allowing a stranger to sticker my laptop with their details.

Comment Actually it is allowed by EU regulation (Score 1) 230

which states (3.2 : "a simple indication of the mode (e.g. a LED) is not considered as being a function. Therefore in "off-mode" as defined in the Regulation, a LED could be on."
So as it is not functional, clearly there can be no LED. The TV is therefore OFF :)

Comment They have something called "airplanes" now (Score 1) 398

It is amazing, because back in the early 20th century everybody thought that was a load of bull. Similar like you do today - people were ridiculing the concept of flying machines then. [rant]It takes a visionary to start from the other direction: possibility first, then obstacle. You start by looking at the obstacle - what would you possibly want to do at a site like slashdot where people generally want to read about possibilities ?[/rant]

Comment Small ? (Score 1) 242

Where do you think Shell comes from ? Major stockholder: the Dutch government.
Our government basically has a lot invested in doing nothing, so this was a good decision. The liberal conservatives immediately shrugged and said they wouldn't change a thing, but a precedent has been set. Maybe some good will come from this after all.

Comment They were already exploring edges of the law... (Score 1) 38

In a recent corruption case (to which you can disagree as to the seriousness, I think it is very serious but definitely not as serious as terrorism), the prosecutor engaged with the FBI and ultimately Apple (source) to get his iPad decrypted. Although the case requires a good research into the suspect, it is questionable whether there was any need to go to these great lenghts.
As a background, the Dutch (officials) have a standing as being the nation with some of the most telephone taps in the world - without good justifying. The judge understood this, and clearly prevents the prosecutor office from abusing this particular power in the future, although the parliament still has to decide on a new law-proposal that is being made, giving back these far reaching options (albeit with a bit of smoke-and-dagger 'judicial oversight').

Comment Does the option exist after 18 ? (Score 1) 734

If yes: give them the choice. Seeing the number of arguments, it seems the best thing to do: even if the SC refuses it, there are options to become a citizen later using lottery, H1B or simply employment by one of the multitude of global corporations (there are bound to be more later). Borders will become less important over time.
Ultimately, Europe is probably the best bet in this case. The US sounds nice, and is a nice country to travel around, but living there is harsh and not very welcoming (little assistance if you go unemployed e.g.). Go for the safest choice for now : let them make the choice later.

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