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Comment Not quite. (Score 1) 278

It will become very automated, but there will still need to be some degree of human involvement, just like every other industry that has had the absolute shit automated out of it... which is to say just about all of them.

The question of whether or not [industry] will be mostly automated isn't the one we should be asking, because the answer is that it inevitably will be. The question we should be asking is "what is to become of all the people no longer needed to do these jobs?", or better yet "should getting basic necessities to live such as food and housing continue be tied to performing work when increasing automation means that jobs for humans grow fewer while human population grows larger?"

The answer may lie in a universal basic income, or it might lie in adjusting the workforce so each individual works way fewer hours, or possibly some combination of both. And/or something else again. What is for certain is that the "everyone must work 40 hours a week to get by" model is unsustainable.

Comment In all honesty... (Score 0) 246

If his interference in the US election campaign is the reason his internet's been cut off, then I'm in favour of it being cut off. I've really not been impressed by all of the Hillary-bashing Wikileaks has been doing lately. If they were exposing the wrongdoing of both candidates, it'd be fine, but they're not saying a damned thing about Trump. And it's pretty fucking unlikely they don't have anything on Trump.

This isn't to say I'm the biggest fan of Hillary, but she is the lesser of the two presented evils by a very large margin.

Comment Re:Bribe? (Score 1) 122

The pedantry is strong with this one...

I did not bribe 7-11 $1 to give me a Big Gulp. My boss does not bribe me to come in to work.

Of course not. That is the normal, expected exchange of money for goods or services.

One does not bribe a horse to gallop faster with a whip.

No, one uses pain/the fear of pain to motivate it to move faster. A more apt animal example would be using treats to encourage behavior while training a dog, and that does qualify as bribery.

Magnetic fields do not bribe a compass needle.

Of course not. That's the effect of a natural phenomenon, which has no will or intelligence, much less reason to influence a piece of metal to act in a way it otherwise would not have.

And Samsung did not attempt to bribe an unfortunate phone owner.

Yes, they bloody well did.

Comment Re: "Windows is the most open platform there is" (Score 1) 287

So when have you ever been unable to run whatever software you want in Windows? Use what ever hardware you want?

For software, my mum wanted to play an earlier version of FreeCell on Windows 10. Windows outright refused to run it, no matter what we did. For hardware, my spare PC has a sound card that will not work in Windows 7 or later, but works just fine with Linux.

Comment Re:Resistant To Change? (Score 1) 311

Australia has changed completely to chip cards. Mag swipe is no longer accepted.

Not strictly true; it does still exist as a fallback if chip and contactless fail, and there are still cards out there that lack chips. Australian cards that lack chips are getting much rarer, but I still see a fair few foreign cards that are mag swipe only.

Comment Re:I though every one was going paperless (Score 1) 250

And I'm not sure how you can reduce a label to 80% and have it still work, though I'm admittedly somewhat ignorant on barcode standards. Do the labels still even scan?

I do know a thing or two about barcodes. They're not based on absolute measurements of line thickness, they're proportional. Look at any random half dozen different items with barcodes on the packaging, odds are they'll all be the same standard and there'll be at least three different sizes represented. A barcode reader that can only read one specific size of barcode would be fucking useless.

Therefore, as long as the scaling is fairly precise, you can shrink (or grow) just about any given barcode and still reasonably expect it to scan. Allowing for how precise with small print or how wide an area the average barcode reader can handle, of course.

Comment Re:barter works for me (Score 1) 212

Indeed. Barter works if you can easily find someone who has what you want and doesn't want it for himself, wants what you have and you don't want it for yourself, and you both agree that they have more-or-less the same value. Utterly unworkable for sustaining a society of any meaningful size on its own.

Comment Re:SJW (Score 2, Insightful) 193

This bothers me because I have found most SJW types to be arrogant, offensive jackasses

Some are, but in my experiences the people who complain about "SJW"s tend to be worse.

and I think the majority of the public would agree with me.

You can think that. I suspect the reality is closer to a small amount really agreeing, a small amount really disagreeing, and the majority not much caring one way or the other.

Comment Re:It's about time... (Score 1) 193

If I watch a video from a channel I'm subscribed to, it's almost always because I like the content and view that content in a positive way. And if I view the content in a positive way, even if it's "offensive" to someone else, I will also view the sponsor in a positive way.

And that would be fine, and the end of the discussion, if all of the advertising world was focused on selling to you and only you. But it's not, and if you view the content in a positive way but ten other people are offended by it and boycott whoever was sponsoring it, they lose more than they gain from you viewing the sponsor positively.

Naturally, it's all a bit more complex than that, but the point is that when the sponsor views something in a negative way, it's usually relating to how much of their target audience they're expecting to view it negatively enough to cost them.

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