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Submission + - AT&T blamed for more road delays (

kurtis25 writes: "According to an article in the Indianapolis Star AT&T, a recent Slashdot favorite is in causing delays in road construction because they are not moving their utility lines and poles in a timely manner. According to the article "The city [Indianapolis] filed a lawsuit earlier this month accusing AT&T of causing $660,000 in overtime payments to contractors on the project that snarled traffic for four years." In another incident "Neighbors in the 1500 block of Reeves said a green AT&T junction box containing many wires used to be by the side of the old roadway. But the light green box now is now stranded in the gravel road bed where paving crews intend to lay a new lane, if the phone company's lines and box are moved. 'AT&T crews came out and they fixed the box and left it in the middle of the road rather than move it out of the way,' a frustrated resident said." AT&T denies hearing about several of the construction projects."

Submission + - Microsoft announces Multi-Touch coffee table

An anonymous reader writes: MacScoop reports: "Microsoft announced its first device which uses the Multi-Touch technology also present in the iPhone. It's not a digital media player, it's not a mobile phone, it's neither a TabletPC, it's a coffee table!" An impressive video on demos the technology.

Submission + - Norway to censor internet more than China?

nickull writes: "Gunnar Helliesen muses about the great firewall of Norway: "My country is going off the deep end. A Computer Crime Panel study group established by the Norwegian Government has issued a proposal to the Justice Department for a new law that would force all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) in Norway to actively censor the Internet. If this proposal were to become law, Norway would have stricter Internet censorship than China." more —"
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Submission + - Alvin slurp gun used to capture hermaphrodite

Damien1972 writes: Researchers used an "Alvin Slurp Gun" to capture a hermaphroditic hagfish from a deep sea hydrothermal vent. It is the first time that a member of the jawless fishes (agnathans) has been captured from a hydrothermal vent site. Joe Jones of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, a scientist involved with the expedition, explained: "The Alvin slurp gun is a vacuum canister attached to the front of Alvin that is connected to a Tygon tube position in the front of Alvin. The specimens are suctioned through the tube and stored in a canister on the front of Alvin. It is usually used for collecting small sessile animals." Video of the capture is available.

Submission + - Congress Tackles Patent Reform

nadamsieee writes: Wired's Luke O'Brian recently reported about Congress' latest attempt to reform the patent system. In the article O'Brian tells of how "[w]itnesses at Thursday's hearing painted a bleak picture of that system. Adam Jaffe, a Brandeis University professor and author of a book on the subject, described the system as "out of whack." Instead of "the engine of innovation," the patent has become "the sand in the gears," he said, citing widespread fears of litigation." The House Oversight Committee website has more details. How would you fix the patent system?

Submission + - Nanotech battery claims to solve electric car woes

rbgrn writes: A123 Systems claims to have invented a Lithium Ion battery that not only can discharge at very high rates of current but can be recharged very quickly without damage to the cells or overheating. From their website: "A unique feature of A123Systems' M1 cells is their ability to charge to high capacity in 5 minutes or less. That's a significant improvement over traditional Li Ion, which typically requires more than 90 minutes to reach a similar level of charge." Using this technology, General Motors has announced a plug-in hybrid SUV and Venture Vehicles is developing a fully electric 3 wheel vehicle. Politics aside, the main technological hurdle to mass adoption of electric cars has been a fuel station replacement when driving distances beyond a single charge worth of range. Will we finally be seeing high current recharge stations in the next decade?

Submission + - Robot snowblower lets Pennsylvania man relax

davidwr writes: A Pennsylvania man can take it easy while his robot snowblower does all the heavy lifting, er, blowing. It's basically a converted golf cart with a snowblower attachment, gear mods, and a remote-control hack. Is this the "must-have geek do-it-yourself-kit" for geeks in snow country next Christmas? Now if only the guys near Buffalo had a beowulf cluster of these babies last week....
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Submission + - Network Computing Editor Wins RSA Hacking Contest

richkarpi writes: Network Computing's security editor won the recent RSA Interactive Testing Challenge, er hacking, contest. Read his blow-by-blow description of the events:

>>I squeaked out a win in the tie-breaking challenge the first day with only a few seconds to spare as my opponent was right behind
>>in the hunt to combine three injectable fields into one long javascript function.

Read all the details: For Hackers, By A Hacker
United States

Submission + - Detroit and the Big "Two"

An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday, "The Economist" reports, "Now Daimler, chafing at Chrysler's mounting losses and slumping market share, is contemplating divorce." Today, investors awoke to interesting news. Marketwatch reports that General Motors is discussing, with DaimlerChrysler, the terms for purchasing the entire Chrysler group. Decades earlier, Chrysler had purchased American Motors. Now, GM will likely purchase Chrysler.

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