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Submission + - ~20k Homes in Connecticut are worthless (nytimes.com)

schwit1 writes: This is being told to homeowners across nearly 20 towns in northeastern Connecticut. The problem has been traced back to foundations which used materials from a specific quarry and related concrete maker since the 1980's.

From the NYT

The scope of the problem is so vast that state officials have begun an investigation, and they recently announced that the crumbling foundations had been traced to a quarry business and a related concrete maker, which have agreed to stop selling their products for residential use. The stone aggregate used in the concrete mixture has high levels of pyrrhotite, an iron sulfide mineral that can react with oxygen and water to cause swelling and cracking. Over the past 30 years, the quarry has provided concrete for as many as 20,000 houses.

Submission + - State Of Public Bug Reporting (opensuse.org)

thisNameNotTaken writes: Story...

I'm using OpenSUSE Tumbleweed SUSE, and it is useful, for testing an audio application. While doing this I found a bug in the "arecord" program. It seem that the authors have not trapped the user input and one can run? arbitrary commands.

So, I went to the OpenSUSE bug tracker. I found an old account and logged in. They don't want bugs reported! This was evident as I had NO access to a reporting page.

So feel free to run, in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, the following: arecord -v "and insert your command here".

How lame. There should be a price for a companies failure to fix bugs.

If you go the the URL, note with interest the general desire to add a lot of signals to not report a bug. By the way, SUSE, the Gnome editor bug I reported 5 years ago is still open.

Comment Probably NAT or proxy related (Score 1) 131

This is most likely proxy-related.

Google human-detection / anti-SPAM efforts are IP based and unless you're authenticated against google there's a very high chance you entire institution is being seen as a single entity. This is usually related to campus level NATing.

There is a variant which is the result of a well-intentioned librarian putting google scholar behind EZproxy ( https://www.oclc.org/support/s... ).

Submission + - Bigger guns, bigger problems? How high-powered ammunition coul (ocregister.com)

mdsolar writes: Shortly after the horrors of 9/11, a curious package landed on Dave Lochbaum’s desk.
It was flat but heavy. Inside the bubble pack was a battered steel plate, blasted with dents and holes from semiautomatic weapons fire. Each pockmark and perforation was carefully labeled – by hand, in permanent ink – with the type of ammunition used to produce it.
Security forces at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and nuclear plants nationwide had increased their firepower to take on a more formidable terrorist threat. The steel plate, sent by a San Onofre security manager, graphically illustrated what Lochbaum, a nuclear engineer, considered a potentially devastating, increased risk:
More powerful ammunition meant to protect nuclear reactors was capable of piercing control panels and critical piping.
The concern doesn’t appear to have been publicly disclosed at the time, but it resurfaced recently after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission allowed nuclear security forces to override state and local gun control laws and possess high-powered weaponry that would otherwise be banned.

Government documents – provided by the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit watchdog that keeps a critical eye on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington, D.C. – offer a rare glimpse into efforts to secure America’s nuclear power plants that occur out of the public eye and the controversies that can simmer behind the scenes.
Critics maintain that not enough is being done to protect plants and the public. Their issue is not whether those guarding nuclear plants should have high-powered weaponry, but about how much additional security training and hardening of facilities should be required to reduce the risk of collateral damage.
An accidental discharge, friendly fire or all-out firefight during a terrorist attack could potentially cripple a working reactor and release dangerous radiation, experts said.

Submission + - SPAM: It Comes In Two Variants; A Free Version And A Pro Version That Is Fully Licen

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Submission + - OneWeb satellite factory coming to Florida

schwit1 writes: OneWeb officially announces its plan to build its satellite factory in Florida.

OneWeb Satellites LLC prepares to break ground on its new estimated $85 million high volume satellite manufacturing factory in Exploration Park, Florida. Announced during a ceremony with Florida Governor Rick Scott and OneWeb founder Greg Wyler, the factory near NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is set to open in 2017, with delivery of initial satellites later that year or early the next. OneWeb Satellites is a joint venture between OneWeb, a satellite based internet provider, and Airbus Defence and Space, the world’s second largest space company.

I think this news report of the press conference notes the most important aspect of this satellite factory, its assembly-line approach:

Typically, communications satellites take four to five months to assemble, Brian Holz, chief executive of OneWeb Satellites, a joint venture of OneWeb and Europe’s Airbus Group’s Defense and Space said during an event near the future location of the factory. “We’re going to build one in an eight-hour shift,” he said. He did not give details but said the factory would be highly automated.

If all goes right, they should begin launch satellites in large numbers within two years, which will mean a lot of additional launch business for the smallsat rocket industry.

Submission + - SPAM: Recent Inspections Exposed A Persistent Problem In The Use Of Banned Antibiotics

eldridgegjbp writes: too much junk near Columbia src="[spam URL stripped]" width="315" align="left" title="skippy" alt="skippy"/> Firefox Is Arguably Patchy When It Comes To Javascript, CSS, Flash And Other Such Plug-ins. remove trash close to Columbia Peanut plants can be planted at home in pots too. Also, the cooks have a reason to be happy as it complements as a great cooking ingredient and brings out the same aromatic flavour as that in normal peanut butter recipes. Proteins: The butter is a rich source of protein, and 2 tbsp of peanut butter has approximately 200 calories of protein. Milne first created the character, inspired by the stuffed teddy bear that his son, Christopher Robin, was so fond of. Initially, it did look like Chrome had pipped firebox with a better interface and features, but over the last few years, firebox has consolidated its position as one of the top three browsers. They are very active, playful, and more importantly, extremely adorable. As mentioned above, Chrome runs its extensions, plug-in, and add-ons in the Sandbox to keep them separate from the browser and its processing. Just make sure you have a blast! RT @OfficialBradlee: Gonna start following people now!!! Come get a follow!!! [spam URL stripped] style="float: left; width: 32px; height: 32px; margin-right: 20px;"> style="text-decoration: none;font-size: 14px; color: #256bbe; float: left;">Georgia Turvin style="font-size: 12px;line-height: 14px;color: #999; clear: both;">@georgia_turvin Both Emanuel sisters on for cost for roll off containers near Columbia Georgia as McGuire bunts in a run. 2-0 UGA. Two on for Hugo. style="float: left; width: 32px; height: 32px; margin-right: 20px;"> style="text-decoration: none;font-size: 14px; color: #256bbe; float: left;">Tori McElhaney style="font-size: 12px;line-height: 14px;color: #999; clear: both;">@tori_mcelhaney Georgia: Could Honey Sweeten Tbilisi’s EU Dreams? | EurasiaNet.org Beekeepers generally form cooperatives as a way to split production and shipment costs, and ensure a stable supply of honey. Most of this activity focuses on domestic sales. Georgia produces some 4,000 tons of honey annually, according to official statistics, but last year it exported under 10 percent of that total predominantly to Saudi Arabia. To make its honey EU eligible, all Georgian beekeepers, not only exporters, would have to meet new beekeeping rules. And compliance requires costly testing. Recent inspections exposed a persistent problem in the use of banned antibiotics for bees, and the presence of heavy metal and pesticide residues. The government has prohibited the use of these substances and set up a honey-testing laboratory, with help from the EU, which also is training Georgian beekeepers. Many Georgian beekeepers find the EU-style rules for honey pricey and cumbersome. There is a 600-lari ($256.44) fee for a single laboratory test of honey, and you need to do it three times a year, said beekeeper Mamuka Tetruashvili, the director of Impervet, a honey and beekeeping equipment retailer in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. This is a significant cost for beekeepers. We also need to make sure that the product fully matches the label description [accurately reflecting sugar levels and flower type], is produced in significant quantities and that the quality is consistent, he added. Still, others have their eye on the future. If Georgian nuts, wine, water and kiwis can make it into the EU, the thinking goes, honey should be able to as well. Original version and content provided by Georgia: Could Honey Sweeten Tbilisi’s EU Dreams? | EurasiaNet.org You may also be interested to read What's More Likely Is That Republicans Will Pay For The Tax Deduction With More Sales Taxes And Service Fees. — Just another Journalhome blog- JournalHome.com What's More Likely Is That Republicans Will Pay For The Tax Deduction With More Sales Taxes And Service Fees. — Just another Journalhome blog- JournalHome.com Special/hazardous Household Waste D. — Just another Journalhome blog- JournalHome.com Even Jaromir Jagr Was Upset About The Resulting Florida Penalty. — Just another Journalhome blog- JournalHome.com Jacobs Earned "numerous Medals And Commendations" During His Army Service And Leaves Behind Two Young Sons And A Pregnant Wife, The Department Said In A News Release. — Just another Journalhome blog- JournalHome.com
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Submission + - Security Firm Discovers Secret Plan to Hack Numerous Websites and Forums (softpedia.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Security researchers have shut down a secret plan to hack and infect hundreds or possibly thousands of forums and websites hosted on the infrastructure of Invision Power Services, makers of the IP.Board forum platform.

The man behind this plan was a hacker known as AlphaLeon, maker of the Thanatos malware-as-a-service platform. AlphaLeon hacked IP.Board's customer hosting platform, and was planning to place an exploit kit that would infect the visitors to these websites with his Thanatos trojan, in order to grow his botnet. Some of the companies using IP.Board-hosted forums include Evernote, the NHL, the Warner Music Group, and Bethesda Softworks (Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Doom games).

Submission + - So whatever happened to that spaceport SpaceX was building in South Texas? (blastingnews.com)

MarkWhittington writes: About a year and a half ago, with then Texas Governor Rick Perry and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk in attendance, ground was broken on the first private spaceport designed to launch rockets vertically near Brownsville, Texas. At the time, SpaceX announced that it expected to launch a rocket a month, either a Falcon 9 or a Falcon Heavy in the skies over South Texas starting in 2016. But then, the Texas spaceport story fell off the face of the Earth, as it were. Fortunately, the Valley Morning Star has an explanation as to why things are taking so long.

Submission + - Newspaper publishes comment abuse stats, invites debate on moderation

AmiMoJo writes: British newspaper The Guardian has published some stats on its popular comment sections attached to each story. So far the Guardian's site has received 70 million comments, of which around 2% were removed for violation of community standards. Articles written by women tended to get the most blocked comments, especially if they were in male writer dominated sections like sports and technology, while fashion was one of the few areas where men got more abuse. Further down the article the reader is invited to moderate some sample comments and see how their actions compared to those of the paper's staff. You can leave suggestions for improvement here.

Submission + - Seattle Police raid privacy activists because they run a Tor Node

Frosty Piss writes: Seattle police raided the home of two outspoken privacy activists early on May 30th. Jan Bultmann and David Robinson, a married couple and co-founders of the Seattle Privacy Coalition, were awakened at 6:15 a.m. by a team of six detectives from the Seattle Police Department who had a search warrant to examined their equipment. They claimed to be looking for child pornography, however Bultmann and Robinson believe the raid is because they run a Tor exit node out of their home. They said they operated the node as a service to dissidents in repressive countries, knowing full well that criminals might use it as well, much like any other communication tool. The SPD acknowledged this morning that no child porn was found, no assets were seized, and no arrests were made.

Submission + - China's Tiangong 1 most probably has gone rogue (spacedaily.com)

Taco Cowboy writes: In late March China announced that telemetry to the Tiangong 1 space laboratory had ceased. The announcement on the original Xinhua story was vague, but strongly suggested that Tiangong 1 had malfunctioned

Without telemetry, China will be unable to receive any data from Tiangong's control instruments, including scientific instruments on board

More disturbing, however, highly probable that China will be unable to control the spacecraft, including its re-entry when its orbit finally decays

In recent years, the world has experienced several cases of large satellites falling back to Earth on uncontrolled trajectories. Thankfully, there have been no catastrophes. But the spaceflight community relies too much on luck instead of planning for spacecraft returns. At some point, that luck will run out, serious damage to property or lives will appear, and the space industry will have to explain itself to the public

Tiangong 1 is a large spacecraft with a high drag coefficient. It's also hollow, with a low density. It will be tricky to predict its behaviour as it enters the upper atmosphere and makes its final orbits. Nobody will be able to say when or where it will come back

Right now, it's impossible to make an educated guess on even a rough "window" for Tiangong's return. The orbit is still high. Unpredictable factors such as solar activity will influence its orbital decay. We won't have an estimate until it starts to fall much lower

Nobody can really be sure if fragments will reach the surface of the Earth, whether it is land or sea

An analysis over this matter can be had @ http://www.spacedaily.com/repo...

Submission + - Gov't Researchers Develop Wireless Car Charges That Are Faster Than Plug-ins (computerworld.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The U.S. Department of Energy has demonstrated a 20,000 watt (20KW) wireless car-charging system that offers three times the efficiency of today's plug-in systems for electric vehicles (EVs). The research is the first step in creating a 50KW wireless charging system that may someday allow roadways to charge vehicles while they are being driven. The DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee demonstrated the new system in partnership with Toyota, Cisco Systems, Evatran and the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research. ORNL said the 20KW charging system for passenger cars is the world's highest power wireless system. It was developed in less than three years using a "unique architecture that included an ORNL-built inverter, isolation transformer, vehicle-side electronics and coupling technologies."

Submission + - FBI Says a Mysterious Hacking Group Has Had Access to US Govt Files for Years (vice.com)

An anonymous reader writes: The feds warned that âoea group of malicious cyber actors,â whom security experts believe to be the government-sponsored hacking group known as APT6, âoehave compromised and stolen sensitive information from various government and commercial networksâ since at least 2011, according to an FBI alert obtained by Motherboard.

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