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Comment Re:Too much luxury (Score 1) 128

"There are no low end devices, no $150 ones don't count."

The Pebble does count and is a fantastic smartwatch that is the most refined and the only one with a good battery life.

You should check out the oldest smartwatch maker and actually use their devices before you claim they dont count.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 128

No they wont and in reality they dont. you have been able to buy GSM watch phones for over 5 years now all over ebay and other places from china makers. They just do not sell because they sound like shit and have battery times measured in minutes. I had one, the latest china iteration of one and it's battery life sucked, it's OS sucked, it's audio quality and call quality sucked. oh and you cant change the band as the antennas are in that.

smartwatch+phone+bt headset is my killer mix and it works fantastically. glance at watch, press answer, talk to person on my headset. Best of all worlds.

Comment Amazon is a crapshoot. (Score 3, Informative) 337

It's just like what Ebay has been for over a decade now. You can not be sure you are buying anything that is real. I used to use the "prime" as a real item indicator, but even thouse are now turning out to be china junk sold as real with a username that even looks real.

"SandiskMemory" is NOT Sandisk... in fact Sandisk does not have a direct amazon store so anyone using the seller name SanDisk is selling china fake junk.

Amazon refuses to fix this because they are making mad profit off of it.

Comment Expect quality drops.... (Score 1) 74

I have been noticing that the web client has a lot crappier quality for audio and video, closer to the google hangout quality. So those of you using it for podcasts to get better audio of guests..... expect to look for something else...

Sadly the free and easy solutions for high quality audio conferencing are going away.

Comment Re:Not going to help... (Score 1) 637

Ahh the bullshitting line to make it all sound scary...

Linux box and GCC and I was compiling code for several car ECM systems.

Also NOBODY needs to compile the ECM code. all they need to do is query the trouble codes to replace the failing sensor. I see you know nothing at all about engine management.. the only time I had to recompile ECM code was when I was adding a supercharger to a car that never had one, and even then it was not reprogramming it but instead adjusting the fuel/air/spark tables to handle positive boost.

AS for building an ECM... dont have to there are tons of aftermarket versions but hacking GM and Ford existing ECM's are not hard at all. hell the 7730ECM was 100% reverse engineered by us no education window lickers and are doing things with it that GM cant do.

Comment Re:reduce revenue? are you kidding me?! (Score 1) 637

Yeah I grew up on a farm where dad had 250 acres... we did not have any of that lazy man stuff you talk about. dad had a standard 50 year old tractor and 50-60 year old attachments. they worked great and were brain dead easy to maintain.

The lazy farmer in his giant combine in air conditioned comfort... maybe if you are farming 6000 acres. but the ones that had under 500 and had those? that's a rich man faking that he is a farmer.

Comment Re:So the farmer is merely renting the tractor? (Score 2) 637

And that is the judgement the farmers need to get from a judge.

Ruling that the tractor maker is responsible for all maintenance and repair costs and must do them for free for the life of the owner.

Overnight the tractor makers CEO's will stop being Scumbags that hate america, and do the right thing.

Yes kids, you have to have laws controlling companies, because they are inherently evil and must be controlled.

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