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Comment Re:empty lives? (Score 1) 175

I've played plenty of games over the years that I have enjoyed greatly and wanted to play more. You know what I never found, though? I never found that I couldn't resist the urge to play them at the same time as I was in control of a heavy, fast-moving metal object in a crowded area full of vulnerable people.

Anyone who truly can't control that urge demonstrably has serious mental health issues that make them a danger to themselves and others, and they need to be taken into care and properly looked after for everyone's safety and preferably to help them recover.

But let's be honest, how many people really couldn't resist that urge and have genuine mental health problems, and how many could have controlled themselves just fine but simply didn't care and knowingly did something extremely dangerous without regard for the potentially tragic consequences?

I'm not trying to say it isn't their fault or that they are a victim of the game. They SHOULD have more self control and be less self-indulgent than to play the game while driving.

Comment Re:Thats it? (Score 1) 175

considering how long we've had pedestrians and how many pedestrians there are if you want to compare PoGo to random pedestrians you're gonna need a much bigger PoGo dataset.

Comment Re:What only two people (Score 1) 175

I'll bet world wide it's more than two, I see people driving and searching for pokemon all the time.

People drive and operate their phones all the time. It doesn't cause nearly as much death as you think it would. That said it does cause a lot of death and most of that use is texting which is more involved in terms of phone usage than PoGo. Having to type out words and phrases vs just tossing pokeballs up is orders more difficult to do while maintaining proper road concentration.

Comment Re:empty lives? (Score 3, Insightful) 175

Are people's lives so bloody empty that they need to play with a phone all the time? What the hell is wrong with them?

It's not about empty lives, it's about addictive games. Games even ones as insipidly simple as PoGo can tap into your Skinner box tendancies. It's less about the rest of your life being fulfilling than about an individual having self control.

Comment Re:Thats it? (Score 2) 175

[This incident] means overall [Pokemon Go is] probably responsible for a huge reduction in fatalities!

You would need to have a control activity that also requires movement and shows a substantially larger among of "attributed death"* to make that claim.

* - again just to clarify the tldr doens't say the death is attributed to PoGo just linked to it. The driver said that but he's hardly a valuable source.

Comment Re:Also the game isn't that social (Score 1) 194

Unlike the original Ingress. Pokemon Go doesn't really get better with friends. In Ingress playing with a friend can allow you to take down stronger portals faster, and it's the only way to build up stronger portals. You can make giant control fields.

There's a social metagame in Pokemon Go too.

Alone, anyone can take down a gym, but it costs a lot of potions. I throw in one poke, get my 10 coins, and the next random passerby either adds his poke to the gym (if on my team), or if he's on an opposing team, stomps all over it to get his 10 coins. There's no incentive for me to train my own pokes against my own poke in order to level up the gym all by myself, because the costs are entirely imposed on me and the benefits, if any, go to complete strangers.

In groups - even as small as two - the gameplay is different. It's not only easier to take down gyms, it's dramatically easier to level up gyms. Gym #1, I throw in a low-value 'mon, all three of us beat the tar out of it, and Friend #2 and #3 get to throw in decent 'mons. (The next opposing passerby kicks my 'mon out trivially, but has to work at getting my friends' mons out.) At Gym #2 (and #3), we do the same thing, except it's Friend #1's (and #2's) turn to be the punching bag, and I get to put a decent 'mon in the gym. Bingo - three gyms down, and odds are decent that all three of us get at least 20-30 coins each for our trouble. (It scales to larger groups of same-team members, as long as everyone's willing to put in the time to walk to more gyms. Hell, we're all friends - if there are 4-5 of us and a mix of red/blue/yellow, we'll take turns beating on opposing gyms... Everybody gets coins.)

i'll concede the gym point. I intended to in my earlier comment and I forgot about it. But beyond the gym there's not much else, it is the sole social aspect of the game and it's kinda simplistic (which again to be fair to the target audience of Pokemon isn't necessarily a bad thing). I hear there are add-ons that allow for pokemon tracking so you can find pokemon even without the built in tracker that's currently bugged out but I consider that people hacking the game to make it social.

Comment Also the game isn't that social (Score 2) 194

Unlike the original Ingress. Pokemon Go doesn't really get better with friends. In Ingress playing with a friend can allow you to take down stronger portals faster, and it's the only way to build up stronger portals. You can make giant control fields.

In Pokemon Go as much as people in real life keep chiming on about how social it is. The game isn't social. Playing with friends isn't something the game encourages. It just happens because PoGo has such a large community. You don't run into people playing Pokemon Go because of game mechanics but because it's a Pokemon game. If there was a pokemon match 3 game that gave your "energy" by walking you'd still run into just as many people playing it. You'd still have fun "Pokewalks" together and meet other random people doing their "Pokewalks". But Pokemon Go doesn't have many social aspects. And while the license brought people in. Unless they change the game (and removing one of the few social features [Poke-tracking] doesn't count) I would be very surprised if their numbers didn't fall off by the end of the year. I was actually very surprised more Ingress mechanics didn't transfer over because Ingress is a great game it just has a dreadfully pedantic theme that has no mass appeal.

And yeah the newbie gap is much better in Ingress. A level 1 player can't really affect me as a level 10 player but they can play for a few weeks and catch up to a point where they CAN compete. You don't have to dedicate your life to the game to become effective and (to be fair possibly because it's so small) there's a community that values sharing from a mechanical standpoint. You can only use so much gear. I live in a high value region so if there's someone new and they want to meet I have no problem giving them as much gear as they can handle because I'm swiming in it.

Comment Stupid idea that wasn't necesary (Score 1) 284

why are you trying to fix a wheel that's not squeaking? I'm not suggesting that porn has a place in McDonalds but if people aren't using it for porn to a distracting and noticeable way then wth should anyone care? All you're doing is potentially black listing websites which aren't porn. What if they're websites about sex? Or sexuality issues? What if they're frank and honest sex blogs that youths find compelling and useful for knowledge purposes. What is reading about *REAL* sex can help these kids make better choices sexually. What if it's just pictures of nude people.

Comment Edutainment? Again? (Score 1) 198

Are educational videogames a good idea?

Of course educational games can work. Heck I was practically raised on Number Munchers and Reader Rabbit. It's about understanding what a game can and can't do. Civ is a great educational tool. There's a lot of concepts that I learned about in Civilization (1). It's not a great tool for teaching history but it's a great tool for familiarizing students with things like military units, great accomplishments, methods of society interaction (trade, war, etc). It doesn't replace traditional learning but it can make a FANTASTIC supplement to proper learning.

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