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Comment Re: Inspired by (Score 1) 160

Since when wasn't email perfectly acceptable? You'd get around to it when YOU wanted to, and the person on the other side understood that.

you can act the same way with instant messenger. You used to be able to setup away messages and the culture included AFK the idea that sometimes you send a message and the other person isn't there to respond or can't. just like email... only instant.

Comment yes this WILL push it to other neighborhoods (Score 1) 469

take care of the traffic and this won't be a problem. Fix the jobs situation so people don't need to drive that far, fix the roads so they can handle the traffic, fix the economy so we're not all on the road at the same time.

Trying to "game" the traffic apps is like sweeping the dirt under the rug it doesn't help. It just hids.

Comment Re:Fake news != Flawed news (Score 1) 406

The judge did not find in favor of the casino because they tricked the casino. The judge found in favor of the casino because NJ state law states that any game played with marked cards is null and void AND that these cards met the legal definition of marked cards.

That's a better argument. I still think it shouldn't be that way but that makes more sense than suggesting that they cheated because the Casino accepted their request.

Comment Re:Fake news != Flawed news (Score 5, Insightful) 406

The term "fake news" has been thrown about -- and misapplied -- far too freely of late.

Fake news is a deliberate fiction on the part of the writer, with an intent to deceive.

It is not the same as a news story reported in good faith, but with errors.

And BTW, it doesn't matter that it was the dealer who was rotating the cards, not the players. The players tricked the dealer into rotating them so as to change the odds of the game. You can't do that.

Actually you can it's quite common in the game for players to have superstitions like this. Rotating certain cards for some mystical/superstitious benefit. The players asked the Casino if they could use this special brand of cards and the Casino agreed. The players asked the Casino if they could rotate the cards and they agreed. The casino got played. They didn't trick anyone, the casino shouldn't have agreed to that brand of cards being used without verifying that they were symmetrical.

They assumed no one could tell the cards apart and that's on them.

Comment that's insane so insane it didn't make sense. (Score 1) 38

I was to stuck on this messed up heading

Waking up to your favorite music is always nice, but it becomes rather annoying when you can'' turn off said alarm.

It made no sense because it never even occurred to me that they were trying to say can't. I mean what kind of alarm can't you turn off? Day early or not you should always be able to turn off the alarm? Any how even once an alarm was constant to the point where I couldn't turn it off is the day I stop using that device forever.

In fact, the alarms are also going off a day early, meaning Saturday wake-up calls were playing this morning.

Like what does alarms going off a day early have to do with it? The problem isn't alarms going off early. The problem is alarms are going off and you can't stop them. THAT should have been the headline.

Comment Electricity isn't gas (Score 1) 304

One would never leave a car parked at a gas station right at the pump and the same rule applies with Superchargers

No this doesn't work BECAUSE it's not like filling up in a gas station. You don't hold the pump and fill up in under 3 minutes with a Tesla. You park the car and fill up while you're gone because it can take over 10 minutes to top up your electrical charge. What happens if you Christmas shop (or any other big shopping event or heck ANY event where you expect to be away from your car for hours) and you're at 80% do you risk topping up and over charging or do you just go without. What happens if you're at 60% or 50%. You're incentiveizing people to not bother to top up if they're going to get charged by the minute and they might be hours past due. When people start getting battery stranded what'll that do to the perception of electric cars then.

Comment They're magic regulations, also evil (Score 5, Insightful) 471

I mean, I could sit down and show you regulations that anybody would agree are ridiculous.

Classic Trumpism. What are these mythical regulations? Name something? give an example? Instead when a reporter wastes their time going over regulations they find the industry pretty on par and then Trump backpedals saying we over exaggerated what he meant and what he said was just a joke. Ugh we have to do FOUR YEARS of this nonsense? He can just say what he wants and no one's going to stop him?

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