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Comment Re:Third world meets smart phone (Score 1) 166

Pretty sure this has less to do with direct access to the Play Store and more to do with people from the third world, who for all intents and purposes view technology as magic, getting access to smart phones. And who was the friend who shared the app with her? One would think that friends would be even better sources for information on an App that they use and have on their phone than the play store's faceless reviews.

you're wrong. This has everything to do with no access to the play store. This woman lives a life where she doesn't get her apps from the play store because of the cost of data. Were that not the case there wouldn't be an alternative economy of bluetoothing apps in a peer to peer manner. She would have gotten the app from the play store and it would have been much more obvious it was a prank.

These are first time smart phone users. Not people who grew up in homes with phones. Poor Kenyans who are getting their first phones as adults. They don't have the same phone culture that we do. Heck there are people in America who believe the things they see phones do in Law and Order. These people don't even have that level of sophistication with regards to cell phones. They have no background on expectations. They need education to avoid these common traps and they don't have the time to get the education. You're calling out the friend as if they should know better... why? how? because the friend was super tech savvy? they probably weren't. They might have gotten the same panic and didn't know what to do as well except share the app because "better to know than to be ignorantly infected". It's an entire culture of people who don't know better. They weren't around during the email forward years of the 90s when we learned slowly but surely that gangs never initiate by flashing headlights.

It's insultingly over simplistic to pull out "they view it as magic". That is not what's happening here. There are just people who are like grandparents when it comes to smart phones but they learn faster. They find their own shortcuts. All the checks and balances of modern phones are based on users being relatively similar to the designers. If you go thru the google store and you speak or read english you're not going to have an issue with fake apps but for each of those that don't apply to you that increases your risk and when you don't even understand that it increases your risk even more.

But the industry doesn't consider that. They don't design the OS to consider Kenyan women who are poor and controlled by the men in their life. They don't design handsets for people who buy a phone the way we would buy a car saving for months to buy it. Simply accusing them of seeing it as magic drastically misunderstands the situation.

Comment Re:Android phone (Score 1) 166

an Android smartphone with one setting lets you download and install APKs without a store. Something youcan't do with an iPhone.

yes the sharing of apps via bluetooth is the cause of this woman's distress but it's also enabled her to use her phone. She got burned one time but she's also been living with this arrangement for presumably a while now. It's enabled her to do many thing that she wouldn't otherwise be able to do because of data limits. It's a bit like the cuban intranet. Or even the idea of selling water in plastic baggies. It's rather ingenious in some ways and the fact that she got burned by it doesn't mean the system is a bad idea. it means there needs to be better education, perhaps better APK checking than just permissions. Stuff that makes sense in a world where we have access to a large amount of data doesn't necessarily make sense in a world where people live on shoestring budgets of data.

Comment Re:Windows Media automatic rights acquisition (Score 1) 423

Maybe you should stop executing your movies?

First, a lot of people are "executing [their] movies" without even being aware of the possibility of executing a movie. By default, Windows Media Player and possibly other video players supporting WMV digital restrictions management will attempt to automatically acquire a license when playing videos restricted by DRM. This process has been shown to lead to malware installation.

Second, videos can be deliberately mis-encoded, with the purported solution being to download a "codec pack" that turns out to be a trojan.

Third, videos can be deliberately mis-encoded to exploit vulnerabilities in parsing of video streams, audio streams, subtitle streams, or the container that multiplexes them. Not all users are up-to-date on patches, particularly when the patch is buried in a service pack in the hundreds of megabytes to gigabytes.

the first line of your betanews article

It’s been a common Windows malware trick for years

It's also been a common problem for years that Protip: emails saying you've won money don't actually mean you've won money. It's a ridiculous fear because every media player I use asks if I want to download codecs anyway which I always refuse.

Comment Overbooking is not even the problem (Score 2) 575

The problem with what happened with United wasn't overbooking. It was how they handled overbooking. They could have taken the seats at the gate for their people and decided who wouldn't board at the gate. But instead they let everyone board, let everyone sit down and THEN pulled out the "we need your seats" thing. THAT's the problem.

Or more specifically A problem because dragging someone out of the plane by their arms is ridiculous. He's not a sack of wheat. There were three dudes there and they couldn't grab his feet?

And that doesn't even touch the extreme escalation of violence visited upon a Doctor who had purchased a ticket and was already seated.

No they did many many things wrong on this flight but overbooking doesn't even come close to being one of the major ones.

Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 155

It is legal to choose based on appearance. Otherwise our super models and actors would be middle aged and overweight. What next we are not allowed to discriminate on qualifications or intelligence? perhaps you just have to take the first applicant otherwise you are discriminating against them? Some people want to go crazy with this stuff.

that's industry dependent if i recall correctly. so the reasons hooters gets away with it is because they're an entertainment bar that serves food as opposed to applebees which is a restaurant that serves entertainment.

Comment Re:Discrimination? (Score 1) 155

You can make exactly the same broad generalizations on a face-to-face interview as you can on a video. So, no.

yes but in person you can counter-balance those biases. Once you're there for the interview you're there for the interview. This is like a casting couch and someone comes out and picks who gets to come in to the interview based on how [insert physical attribute here] they are. You may look hideous in person but with an in-person interview you have a chance to provide something more than that you can make conversation, you can show knowledge, you can answer questions. With a snapchat application you have 10 seconds.

Comment No no no. Use proper protocol for proper job (Score 1) 155

don't write books by text, don't share screen shots by post, don't use your stapler to hammer nails. You can do all of those things but why would you? Technology exists for a reason. A scythe was designed to cut down grass in large amounts using it to cut down a single or tens of blades at once is moronic. Using Snapchat as a chatting protocol is already bad. It's a terrible chat program unless you're talking to a mistress, using it for job applications is even worse. Nothing about Snapchat makes it easier to apply for a job.

Comment Re: plausible? (Score 1) 286

Too much Hollywood. I can't be the only person on /. that remembers Aloha Air 243

You're not going to get a large enough explosion out of a device the size of an iPad that's going to blow any where near the 1/3 of the top off of a 737 like there was in that case. That flight was at 24k feet. The only person who was "sucked out" of the plane was a flight attendant who I believe was standing under the part that came off of the plane. There were injuries, but the plane landed. While the pressure is certainly different at high altitude, it's not like these planes are flying in the vacuum of space.

that was from 1988 wasn't there an explosion mid-air rather recently that only the terrorist got sucked out and the plane landed with no other deaths.

Man sucked out of passenger jet after bomb exploded was suicide bomber who smuggled his device on board in his WHEELCHAIR, claim investigators.

The bomb they think was in his wheel chair and it didn't really make that big of a hole considering.

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