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Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 154

This was 10 years ago and it was also in a large organization so it wasn't a hub that you would have at home (sorry, since this is /., most of us wouldn't have at home). It was a large hub that was rack mountable. Probably from Cisco since the networking people there liked the products from Cisco.

Comment Re:Beautiful (Score 1) 154

Assuming that the company is rational and is using a switch to connect the workstations instead of a hub. Getting 20 to 30 people sharing a hub is not fun. Especially around 9:00 AM when a lot of them come in, turn on the computer, and find out that there's a large set of patches to be applied to their computer. Network slows down to a crawl and everybody goes on an hour coffee break.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 92

I really hope that you aren't suggesting that you don't have the checks done only on the browser. You open yourself up for attack that way. Checks on the browser are nice to validate the input and quickly provide feedback to the user if something is wrong. But you never depend on them on the server. First, your client could be out of date and not be doing the right checks. More importantly if someone wants to harm your systems then it isn't that hard to change the data being sent to the server after the checks have been performed. Yes it means that your server is going to be doing a lot of tests that are almost always going to come back fine but it's a lot better than trying to clean out your database or fixing your server because you thought that checking the data on the client side only was good enough.

Comment I don't download (Score 1) 153

I have a bunch of apps on my iPhone and iPad but I don't download many new apps anymore. I've got the toolset that I like. I keep an eye out for new apps but I just don't find anything new coming out that offers any new features that's better than what I have. There are new email clients and calendars but they don't offer much new. If someone brought out some innovative feature then people would replace their applications. At least I would.

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