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Comment Re:The Olympics are all about money (Score 1) 245

Where have you been? It's been about the money for a long time now. The various Olympic committees have been using heavy handed techniques to enforce the brand for years now. It was especially bad in Canada when we had the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010. Letting professionals play was all about increasing the ratings as well as adding some events that are more suited for the X Games.

Comment Re:U.S.A. only? (Score 2) 245

The USOC does that in the US. The Canadian Olympic Committee does the same thing in Canada. They were especially bad when we hosted the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Every country has their own committee and they have to enforce the brand to protect the sponsors. I don't know if they are all as heavy handed though.

Comment Of course iPhone sales are falling (Score 4, Insightful) 54

Their primary markets are saturated and they aren't bringing out any must have features on the new iPhones so many people are keeping their existing ones longer. It will get worse if they do go to a three year cycle between major redesigns as it will encourage people to hang onto their phone longer.

I think part of the problem is the drive to make phones thinner all of the time. If manufacturers added battery capacity then they could be adding new functionality or greatly improving the sensitivity of the existing sensors. Heck, just improving the battery life of the phone would cause many people to upgrade.

Comment Re:RIP (Score 2) 56

Every government, including the US, does regulate the sale of companies to foreign firms. The US won't allow the sale if it would compromise national security. So unless Vizio is working on something for the NSA or the military then the sale will probably go through since it's a pretty small company doing pretty generic electronics work.

If the US blocked every sale to a foreign firm then US companies would quickly find themselves being unable to buy companies in other countries.

Comment Re:Hydrogen is not gold (Score 1) 79

What, batteries don't store energy over the winter? I guess that's why all of us Canadians have dog sleds in the winter. It's a wonderful scene all of the sleds going down the highways as everyone heads downtown. Tens of thousands of dogs pulling thousands of sleds. And our replacements for buses have hundreds of dogs pulling sleds with 20 people at a time.

Comment Re:If Yahoo dies... (Score 1) 130

Try getting your own domain. You can host it for free at and then find a free mail provider. I have used for the past couple of years and been pleased with them. You could also skip the domain and just get your mail at Zoho (or where you get your free mail from). With Zoho you get a number of mail accounts with their free program so if you create your own domain you can have accounts for your family or friends.

Comment Re:Smartphone size? (Score 4, Insightful) 533

It's due to their quest to get the phones ever thinner. The headphone jack is the thickest element left. By getting rid of that then the smartphone manufacturers can make the phones even thinner.

Not that there's a huge demand for that as I think most people would prefer to keep the same thinness, or even add a bit of thickness, in order to add a bit more battery and not have to charge the device as often. Or they could add some more sensors to the phone or give it some other capabilities if there was a larger battery. Get back to innovating instead of concentrating on making it thinner.

Comment Re:Question about the logs (Score 1) 219

Probably because when you go to a mall the majority of people find a parking spot closest to the store that they are going to so it's safe to assume that's where you are going. Especially when you go there repeatedly, it's not at a busy time of day, or they (or someone who purchases your driving information) buys other sources of data that can be matched up with you. Isn't big data a wonderful thing!

Comment Question about the logs (Score 2) 219

Do all the logs go to Tesla automatically or does the company only go fetch them after an accident (or when someone writes in with a report like this and implicitly gives their permission to access the information)? If everything gets sent to Tesla there are huge privacy implications. They know what stores you go to and how often, your habits, and many other things that can be determined by your driving habits. They could probably make a fair bit of money selling that information to advertisers.

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