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Comment Re:Sony Vue (Score 1) 209

For live broadcasts this is true, but Playstation Vue has built in DVR functions and allows you to search and sort by shows and "catch up" and skip through all the commercials, effectively blurring the line between a channel-based service and a show-based service IMHO. I've had a few weeks and find it a pretty good balance for me as I get most live sports (non-blacked out NHL!) and shows I like DVRd like Netflix. Worth it to me but not for everyone of course.

Comment Re:BBS (Score 1) 181

I had a Pentium 90Mhz with 8MB running OS/2 Warp so I could run RemoteAccess and FrontDoor with FidoNet and a whole bunch of doors. I was in high school and my dad got me a seperate phone line for it. OS/2 allowed me to keep the BBS running while I did other stuff and nothing slowed down (much). My friends with Windows 95 at the time didn't have such luck. ;)

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