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Comment Re:BBS (Score 1) 181

I had a Pentium 90Mhz with 8MB running OS/2 Warp so I could run RemoteAccess and FrontDoor with FidoNet and a whole bunch of doors. I was in high school and my dad got me a seperate phone line for it. OS/2 allowed me to keep the BBS running while I did other stuff and nothing slowed down (much). My friends with Windows 95 at the time didn't have such luck. ;)

Comment Growing weary of "Steam Box" talk (Score 0, Flamebait) 182

Gabe and Valve keep talking about innovation but it's now been nearly 3 years since they floated the piston box prototype and with this new announcement we'll be waiting for another prototype in spring 2014. Exactly how long does it take to build a special purpose PC? That is all this Steam Machine is after all, correct?

The last time I paid attention to what Valve had to say it was Gabe back in 2010 or so talking about how with the Steam platform they would be delivering small incremental updates to Half-Life 2 instead of the "lengthy" episodes or even longer Half-Life 3 box sequels. Sorry Gabe, but 2014 is around the corner meaning it's been 7 years since Half-Life 2 Episode 2. You want the industry to follow your company's lead with Steam and games on demand type development then please lead by example.

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