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Submission + - slashdot drives away people with beta 2

An anonymous reader writes: For many months now, people have been quietly redirected to slashdot's beta site ( Any negative feedback of the beta is ignored and/or disavowed. The majority of viewers do not like the beta — resulting in major loss of viewership.

Will slashdot alienate existing users of the site and keep pushing the beta OR will it keep the users and boot the beta?

Comment Re:Too soon (Score 1) 385

My one reason for choosing Borders over B&N: book search kiosks.

I could search and find what I was looking for without having to wait in line or deal with an employee. I could modify searches and explore a bit without having to spell things out to an employee who would just tell me they didn't have it because they couldn't type.

Comment Re:Last sentence (Score 1) 420

Ford was not the first to use the assembly line, nor was he even the first to use it for automobiles (that would be Olds, who even held a patent on it), but he was the first to make it famous.

I'm not sure why you feel the need to spam your pretty argument after a good majority of the posts here as the iPhone was a lot more than just a pretty new phone. The iPhone made doing more than making calls on a phone easy and almost entirely intuitive. If you handed any other phone (pre iPhone) you've mentioned above to nearly anyone on the street along with an iPhone, you'd see pretty quickly how one is in fact usable and the other not nearly as much. As a single point, browsing the internet on any phone before the iPhone was nearly unusable. If a website didn't have a specific stripped down mobile version you probably couldn't even render it. The iPhone brought a lot of technologies together in a way that was easy to use, did what you wanted and didn't take a manual to figure out. And yes, it did all of this while still being pretty.

While Jobs' legacy will include the iPhone, he will be compared to Edison, et al for everything he did in his career, including playing a major role in the emerging home computer market, rebuilding a failing company into not only a leader in its field, but one of the largest in the world, and creating market changing devices such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad. But you keep thinking this is all because he made a phone pretty.

Comment Re:P&T on handicapped parking (Score 2) 551

If none of those spots were handicap you would probably still be in the same situation. In a 512 space lot, with twelve being close and the rest a half kilometer away, what do you think the chances are of ever finding an open spot up front?

Now technically there would still be a chance, but realistically those spots would be filled nearly all of the time and, in my experience, usually by the people who very rarely ever drive.

The correct solution here, as mentioned above, would be to create a 10-minute unloading zone or similar.

Comment Re:Bipartisan support (Score 2) 548

I just don't think they deserve an advantage over other retailers by not having to collect the sales tax.

Then do you propose that brick and mortars should have to collect tax based upon the the customer's residence as this law will require of online retailers? Why should a brick and mortar in Oregon not have to collect taxes from customers while an online store based out of Oregon does?

This tax already exists in the form of use taxes. Just because most people don't pay them doesn't mean they aren't already taxed for the purchase.

Comment Re:old news (Score 1) 112

Sensors are sensors, what is so much harder about were they are buried?

If you have a block on a street that allows parallel parking but has no lines for specific spaces how do you determine if there is enough space available between cars for another car to park? This method allows for that. If you have a space that can fit three small cars or two large trucks you can't have a sensor for each individual spot since the parking situation is dynamic.

Comment Re:Would you prefer a completely clueless jury the (Score 2) 558

Well, in a criminal trial, if you honestly don't know then you have a reasonable doubt and don't convict. Better 10 guilty men go free and all that.

If you have a question or a misunderstanding you ask the bailiff and he will pass on your request to the judge. The judge then has a say as to whether or not you receive said information and in what form. If the prosecution didn't present its case clearly, competently, and completely then it is not your job to do so for them. You are there to judge the facts; if those are not presented it is not your job to go out and find them.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 50

The willingness of the student to put time and effort into learning is directly related to the interest and ability of the teacher and to a lesser extent the tools used to teach. A poor teacher using the wrong tools will severely tax the willingness of even the most interested student and may even make learning impossible. Any effort spent fighting the tools is effort not spent learning the material.

Comment Re:Gir's Analysis: Doom, Doom, Doom (Score 1) 298

It certainly works fine for Apple. As long as a company makes profit, why should it matter - that's what people say for Apple. If Apple can spend years adding features like 3G, copy/paste, multitasking etc, why the hurry for Microsoft?

So a new car company shouldn't have to worry about including things like air conditioning, radio, anti-lock brakes, etc. because older car companies spent years adding features such as those?

But I find it interesting if the media are now going to criticise Microsoft because their phone lacks these features, when the Iphones got praised for it.

The media are going to criticize Microsoft for lacking these features because they also criticized Apple and because they are now common and expected features on a smartphone. Mentioning that some people defended Apple's choice to initially leave out these features does not mean they weren't criticized by the media. This isn't interesting, it's expected.

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