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Comment Re:Pft (Score 2) 962

People pick on whatever sticks out. Is the developer Russian? Russian insults. Are they of Chinese descent, and he comments?

Sure, but the problem isn't that, but what commonly sticks out and how it's insulted.

Being white usually doesn't stick out. Being non-white does. "Whitey" and "cracker" are almost comical in comparison with other racial slurs.

Being a straight man usually doesn't stick out. If someone still wants to insult a straight man, they usually do it by comparing them to women or to homosexuals.

People use ethnicity according to their prejudices as insults, but you rarely hear "Swedish" as an insult (except maybe on Fox News). So that's very selective. You also see mental illnesses and mental capabilities used as insults. Disabilities as well. Class is also often used ("redneck" isn't just aimed at whites, but poor, uncultured whites).

Some groups are way more targeted than others. If you look at which groups are targeted and which ones are not, you should see a clear pattern.

Comment Re:Pft (Score 1) 962

...moron, fag (though it doesn't apply), n*gga (though it doesn't apply)...

It's interesting that most if not all serious insults are about minority status. You insult a straight man by calling him non-straight, but a homosexual by calling them homosexual.

That alone should tell us that the identities not turned into serious insults are above those that are.

Comment Re:didn't temperatures peak in 1998? (Score 1) 1105

I recall that the global temperature peaked in 1998 and has not broken that record since.

No, the latest record was 2010.

I recall that the temperature reached in 1998 was lower than that of 1934.

No, globally, 1934 is the 49th hottest year on record.

There seems to be a certain difficulty to create a correlation between CO2 levels and global temperatures.

No, an enhanced greenhouse effect from CO2 has been confirmed by multiple lines of empirical evidence..

Comment Re:Anti sexist policies are almost always sexist (Score 1) 546

If you're referring to that wage gap crap, it's been debunked time and time again.

There's a big difference in what men and women earn at the end of the day (although in the studies I've seen there's a few percentage points of difference that can't be explained). This is often explained with women making different career and family choices. If we accept that reasoning, then if a difference is the result of choice, then it's acceptable. That makes me wonder about one of your other points:

Where are the employment campaigns for more women in dangerous or hard labor jobs?

Why do you think this is a problem? Noone's forcing men to work in dangerous jobs, right? Just like women "choosing" jobs that pay less than men's jobs, men choose dangerous jobs. Women choose one way and get paid less, men choose another way and have more work accidents.

Personally I'm against both situations and I don't think that choice (or the illusion of it) magically solves every problem.

Lastly, I think you should pitch your idea of hiring women into these male-dominated, dangerous jobs. I'm sure women are genuinely wanted by the guys there, and they'll be accepted as equals, right?

Comment Re:Scare quotes? (Score 1) 612

And what if you do go out with your rapist for some reason? Does that change anything? No.

There are many reasons. Not every rape is obvious. If you've been raped maybe you're rationalizing it as something else until someone tells you. Maybe you can't admit to yourself that a person you admired is a rapist. So you push your doubts away and try to act normal. It's quite common if you listen to the stories of rape victims.

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