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Comment Re: "Refuses?" (Score 0, Troll) 295

So you are accusing the customer of being the bad guy. You sound like you work for a Korean company help desk. As such you are a cunt. Go fuck yourself. Sound harsh? It's no more harsh than you accusing someone else of trashing their own TV for some sort of gain. So I say again fuck off and go away you low life troll.

Comment Must Be Simple (Score 1) 36

I'm just hoping they'll implement a rotate feature so we can turn our phones on their side some day to look at pictures in portrait mode better. I must be simple. I generally keep location services turned off on my devices at all times, so don't worry or care about the maps feature. The portrait mode/rotate feature is one of the main reasons I also share on Flickr. Their presentation is much better, even if it is overly complex to use.

Comment UK Big Brother Shithole (Score 3) 187

The UK is approaching max Orwell. To the point it is becoming a shithole. Go ahead separate from the EU. They still have laws that allow freedom of thought and innovation. The EU will do better. It was Britain that kept trying to push though American style copyright laws.

Comment Still Same Old Problem (Score 3, Insightful) 103

As the summary points out, they added a whole ton of new features. What this and most open source applications need are not new features (at least not right away). They need all existing features cleaned up and made to run as bullet proof as possible. Get rid of most or all the bugs before moving on to release with new features. They should have a lock down for maybe a year and a half and just clear every single bug report they have. Same thing with KDE for sure.

Comment America Outsouring: China, Russia Don't Need Subs (Score 1) 177

Since America has outsourced so much of its IT and software to China and Russia, they don't need submarines to hack into American communications networks. American companies hire Chinese and Russian programmers to do it directly. Even some ostensibly American telecom software companies like Netcracker and Amdocs do most of their development overseas. Netcracker has a major development shop in Moscow. I think America is doing this wrong.

Comment Who Cares? (Score 2) 623

Seriously, who cares if it was going over by 9 mph? How does that significantly impact anything (other than the car and the trailer)? This is red herring that is being chummed right now. This is not a significant data point, or shouldn't be. They should just shut the fuck up until the report is complete.

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