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Comment Re:other potential things (Score 1) 433

A portal as a connection between to two points that are not contiguous in normal space is a concept exclusive to science fiction.

Actually, the concept of a portal as a connection between non-contiguous spaces existed in Ancient Near East mythology, and more recently, the term has existed in Christian practice in at least two ways. One is the grave as the portal to the next life. The other is the idea of a portal between earth and heaven that opens during prayer and/or worship.


Submission + - NIDA "vandalizes" their wikipedia entry

An anonymous reader writes: Not really censorship, but more like spreading of propaganda, Politico reports That the Drug War Warriors at NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse) tried to alter their wikipedia entry, trying to remove anti drugwar sentiment and outside links. Wikipedia categorized the changes as vandalism and reverted the entry to original. NIDA tried again, this time more gradually....
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Submission + - Daylight Savings Time - Where's the press on this?

pcguru19 writes: I can't help but wonder when the panic over the Daylight Savings Time change is going to cause a stir in someone in the press out there. Novell's GroupWise and Microsoft's Exchange products have published websites that acknowledge there will be issues with some of their systems. On the PDA front, Some Blackberries and some Treos also have known issues with the upcoming change. It's a given that a bunch of consumer electronics will fail with no way to apply an update to fix them. When the law passed in 2005, there was plenty of press on the issue , but has anyone seen this on CNN, CNBC, The Daily Show, Fox News, or even the Farm Report recently?

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