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Comment Engineers? Hah! (Score 1) 665

I don't know about the area that they investigated, but most PC repair techs (NOT engineers, if there is such a thing) are lucky to get paid $10-$12/hr in many areas, at least in the US. Given that the market is flooded by that people like that kid who did a website for his uncle and thinks that he's a PC master given that he's the one who figured out how to download mp3s without his parents finding out... If PC repair shops actually paid for real engineers, rather than techs - I'd be surprised to see this kind of thing, but given the fast food attitude in the PC repair world, it's really not surprising.

Comment Re:Censor child porn, please (Score 1) 609

Well, I can tell you that I would only like to be censored from child porn only because I have this overwhelming fear that should I happen to perchance upon it somehow, I don't want the FBI breaking down my door - other than that I know it exists and don't seek it out, which should be good enough. So far as children having access to scientific materials, I had such access and was raised to be smart enough to understand consequences to actions. I don't know how you've raised your children, and yes perhaps even if you did everything right they still might run out into traffic or swallow bleach or something, but really what can you do about that in grand scheme of things? Sure, once I was involved in the explosive destruction of an old TV set in a remote location with some homemade bombs that someone made from some bullets he managed to get his hands on (no scientific knowledge necessary!) but we still understood proper handling and nobody got hurt. It's the lack of knowledge that hurts people, not the presence of it!

Gnome Terrorizes Town 4

Still seething in anger from his exclusion as a core race in the new 4th addition Dungeons and Dragons, a gnome has been terrorizing the streets of a small town in Argentina. The gnome, who wears a pointy hat and travels with a distinctive sideways walk, has been spotted many times according to locals.

Submission + - Open source is the furture! Top CIOs discuss (

Bob James writes: I've found this exclusive bit of content where a group of 12 top company heads are asked the same question and then they debate over the answer. It's wicked when they don't agree! It has got a bit bitchy in the past! This week they're talking about open source and whether they'd use it in their company. Some opinions are good — but one idiot said he uses Microsoft cos it's so reliable!!!! Ummmm....

Submission + - Nokia unveils shape changing nano-phone concept (

An anonymous reader writes: Morph, a joint nanotechnology concept developed by Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge, has gone on display as part of the "Design and the Elastic Mind" exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. The concept demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform the gadget into radically different shapes. Nokia said that elements of Morph might be integrated into handheld devices within seven years, though initially only at the high end.

Submission + - Save the space shuttle, or is it something better? (

theonlyaether writes: Michael Thomas believes that not only could we be zipping around the solar system at breakneck speed, but we could easily visit nearby star systems within the rather minuscule time frame of several years. That is if of course, if we weren't still burning rocket fuel to get around. What should we be using instead? An Advanced Electric Propulsion Linear Electron Beam Particle Accelerator, of course! By giving the skin of the spacecraft a positive charge, Thomas theorizes that the abundant electrons in space could easily be absorbed, and shot out of a linear accelerator, powered by a pebble bed nuclear reactor that would supply a (!)humble 25 megawatts per second, for as long as 10 years. With a rather promising 1g per second of constant acceleration, one could surmise that even long flights would be manageable, as long as the ceiling doubled as a floor during deceleration, of course. The Published Paper, Theory and Concepts, and Design Concept are all available for download.The issue of collisions is not discussed however, should space travel become commonplace, I'm sure we would adapt quickly. Full story posted here.
The Internet

FCC To investigate Comcast Bittorrent Meddling 196

An anonymous reader writes "FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said Tuesday that the commission will investigate complaints that Comcast actively interferes with Internet traffic as its subscribers try to share files online. A coalition of consumer groups and legal scholars asked the agency in November to stop Comcast from discriminating against certain types of data and to fine Comcast $195,000 for every affected subscriber. While known for months in tech circles, the issue wasn't given broad attention until an Associated Press report last year, in which reporters tested and verified the data blocking."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Efficient Biofuel Made From Genetically Modified E. Coli

Look like researchers at UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed a genetically modified form of E. Coli to be used to create biofuel using standard fermentation processes. Sounds great to me, as long as they don't need to feed it by using resources otherwise needed for food, causing price hikes. The abil

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