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Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 1) 508

And as someone who thought they'd got it right as of somewhere in 4.x and dislikes the direction 5.x is going, I wish they'd stop "improving" it. Just fix anything that ails it, stop fucking with the interface and removing features, egads. That's why I no longer even try Gnome-based distros; can't stand the giant cellphone it's become.

Comment Re:Sheep (Score 1) 189

Interesting from a grazing efficiency standpoint. I do wonder what it does to total gut balance and mortality in the event of scours or other pathogenic processes.

But as to the nominal topic... in North America, there used to be about 20% more bison than there are cattle today. Bison mass about double what cattle do, and eat proportionately more -- therefore farted more, probably producing about twice as much methane in total. Somehow this failed to cause global warming.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Yes, but that doesn't solve the issue of when people do not have access to their own overnight off street parking, now does it?

In the city I live in, Norwich UK, more than 80% of the homes here are 1800s terracing with no off street parking - so no where to do your fabled overnight charge. Office parking is restricted (nowhere I have worked has parking for 100% of employees, and its first come first served). Gas station still looks better for the vast majority of people here...

Comment Re:No Problem Here (Score 4, Insightful) 270

The main issue I have is, No matter how much money is siphoned from the Western Economies (up to and including everything along with shutting down the economies) and provided to other nations, the UN or what ever scientific or world body.

First of all, nobody is "siphoning money" from the U.S. and shutting down its economy to give the spoilers to some filthy foreigners. That's something you made up after being overexposed to someone's fearmongering.

What we do for the next 30-40 years is going to determine the Earth's ultimate temperature for at least 10,000 years. History is closely watching what we're doing right now, and it's watching from farther in the future than you might be realizing. Long after WWII is a footnote of history like the Napoleonic or Punic Wars, the apathetic idiocy on this subject being expressed by the fools alive today- the few who saw it coming, had a chance to do something about it, and did nothing about it for bullshit reasons (like who might be "siphoning money")- will be analyzed for literally tens of thousands of years by all of those affected who will regard the few generations of people alive today as the most despicable generations in all of human existence.

Comment Re:If it looks like a phone company. (Score 1) 25

Virtual Network Operators (companies which sell an end user service but dont operate any equipment themselves, rather lease service off of actual telecoms companies) are still covered under these rules, so if you are providing the service over the internet then I dont see why you shouldnt also fall under the rules...

Comment Re:How is this a breach of terms? (Score 1) 109

I have a LinkedIn account, but it doesn't get access to my email. I use it mostly to keep track of professional acquaintances; why would I put personal info there or give it access to my address book?

I expect the main fallout from this targeted scrape (it doesn't sound like an actual data breach) will be a minor uptick in spam. Like that's news...

Comment Re:Can they take Polanski's assets too? (Score 1) 166

Regardless of the crime at hand, if the judge throws out the deal, the plea should go with it and the case returned to trial - numerous people see an issue with what the judge did in Polanski's case, so perhaps its you with the problem here.

I've also not pretended anything - you seem to have an agenda here, one at odds with the facts of the case.

Comment Re:Spare $1,500/month for new immigrant won't work (Score 1) 618

That's why BI needs to be restricted to citizens. Not to legally here, not to illegally here, but only to citizens, with proof of citizenship. And only to minor children of citizens (and no others), to nix the anchor-baby problem.

I'm not much for socialist welfare and such, but I do think BI is better than the current impossible tangle. Get rid of the entire welfare state (with the possible exception of some medical aid to low income) and replace it with BI, and it would probably cost taxpayers less and do more good.

One of the problems with the current system is that it enforces poverty, because if you do save and invest what little you've got, or own your home, or for one disabled payment program, so much as own a car -- you're no longer eligible. I know people who stay poor on purpose because otherwise they'd lose their benefits. I myself have been dirt-poor/homeless yet ineligible because I'd socked away my paltry little inheritance as the only retirement fund I'd get, rather than spending it right off.

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