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Comment Re:They will game the system and destroy home wi-f (Score 1) 64

Maybe, depends on amplitude of the blowtorching towers; keeping in mind inverse square law. In addition, 5Ghz (and higher frequencies) don't penetrate solid objects nearly as well as 2.4Ghz and below. Yet paradoxically 5Ghz is better in a home/office environment over 2.4Ghz because the SNR is much better from lack surrounding interference.

Comment Re:Someone has been visited by an MS rep (Score 1) 557

Except Office and Outlook are better than LibreOffice and Thunderbird.
I was a hardcore OpenOffice and Thunderbird person for more than 10 years. They do work but Office and Outlook work better. I still spend 90% of my time on my Linux machine at work but I also have a Windows machine just for Outlook, Office, and Skype for Business. I still have a lot of problems with Windows like my machine dropping the network connection, getting the installing 1 of 5 updates until I restart it, and every now and then an email I send sits for a day or two before it goes out. Those issues are probably EIT's problem and the crazy level of security we have to have.
LibreOffice is pretty good but Office is still better. BTW Photoshop is also better than Gimp and you will not find a 3D FOSS CAD system that is close to SolidWorks.
If I could get Office and Skype for business on my Linux box at work I could drop the windows computer. The Outlook web interface works really well and I use that with Chrome on my Linux machine all the time.

Comment Re: I predict (Score 1) 557

"There isn't a huge difference in terms of capabilities and usability between Office 16 and LibreOffice, "
No, you are wrong.
I had not use Office for about 10 years and just got a new version. It is really much better than LibreOffice in terms of performance. For grammar checking and spell check, it is not even close. As an OS Linux is fine, I use Linux every day for development at work but I also have a Windows box that I just use for Skype and Office.
Honestly, if I could get Office and Skype for business on my Linux machine I would not need the Windows machine. Before anyone suggests Whine, a VM, or some other solution let me add this. I work for a large company so they have to dot every i and cross every t. We can spin Linux VMs up and down all day long but when we touch Windows it must be done by EIT.

Comment Re:Fired after training three H1Bs (Score 2) 834

That explains jumping on Trump over the radical Islamic nation ban as a precursor to fighting for the H1Bs under the penumbra of immigration. Ditto for Bezos, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Facebook and the rest of Silicon Valley.




Comment Re:Just Roll Back to Snapshot... (Score 1) 163

I work for an MSP, so dealing with Ransomware is what I do 99% of the time anyone gets infected. It's all the hotness in infections. Typically comes from drive-by infected adds, bogus browser and flash update, and e-mail attachments. The scope of infection is limited to user access. So, without local admin access, typically only the local profile gets infected, and the data they have access too via mapped drives. With local admin access, the box is hosed. IF the numbnut sys-admins granted domain user access to the Domain Administrators security group (network God mode effectively), it will hose any and all computers and servers it can find. And yes, dumb fucking admins will do that because they're too fucking lazy to be answering requests for software installation and/or securing the network. BAD IDEA!!!!

Just FYI, as a Windows system administrator, not even I have my primary login assigned Domain Admin membership. If I need to login with a Domain Admin account, I have a separate AD account used for utilitarian reasons. If I fuckup and click on something I shouldn't, at least its my ass and not bringing down the entire network (though I know better, honestly).

BTW, Veeam is a badass backup solution!!

Comment Re:As if this is new (Score 1) 370

Worse! Far worse!! Total collapse of the fiat currencies globally is imminent. When you reduce the human labor participation rate relative to the overall population, what you get is deflation. That's an undeniable fact. But factor in governments around the world "borrowing" money via printing to pay welfare for all those unemployed. So now we have deflation coupled with inflation = stagflation. But stagflation doesn't last. At some point, the entire system - as we know it- will implode. What can not go on forever, wont. And you can take that to the bank as a universal truism!

Comment Re:Easy explanation: HAM (Score 2) 84

Nope! AC, you're wrong, and citylivin is 100% correct. It's hot Chinese money looking to leverage wealth outside of China. This is what happens when globalism rewards those in nations with institutionalized corruption; the money will flea to saver havens. This is why the housing market is HOT in Australia, Canada, and US coastal cities. In effect, the cheap goods and services you're paying for is in fact landing in the hands of those that will ratchet up affordable housing in YOUR area, this pricing you out of the market and as a perpetual renter. Yeah, not so much of a good deal now was it?! Oh, and now you're double-fucked with the student loan debt!!!

Chinese Driven Vancouver Housing Bubble Moves To Seattle - "This Is Vancouver 2.0"

Already home sales for first time buyers screeched to a halt once the interest rates rose post-election. Interest rates will have zero impact on the cash buying market (HAM). It will however drive the prices of homes down in areas where the HAM market isn't as strong though; to offset the increased interest rates of course. You see, with so much personal debt, what matters this generation is how much you can afford to pay the mortgage a month. So the whole picture has to be taken into account via sliding scale of home prices in relation to interest rates.

Comment No. It didn't "predict" anything. (Score 0, Troll) 186

It reacted when there were "obvious" signs of trouble, and it didn't "predict" anything. The 2nd car in front was slowing fast enough that the Tesla would have started to brake on its own -- just as happened here. Would a person have noticed and reacted in the same way? Maybe; probably not. What I'm saying here isn't dismissing what the Tesla did...but the Tesla also didn't "predict" anything or see into the future; it reacted to inputs that were already present, and a good and attentive human driver might have done the same thing. Once perfected, self-driving cars and accident avoidance technology will make the roads safer â" but let's not make them seem magical, because they aren't.

Comment Re:Just so everyone knows (Score 1) 186

The concept of excessive disposable wealth is not limited to the UAE, it's quite common among Asia too. It's basically a show of financial wealth that exudes a demigod level of power and status; as if they could own any bitch ass with a snap of the finger. But ironically, these are also the best customers. More often than not, they're not very selective of the pedigree of the seller. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE could open a storefront and sell overpriced crap under the guise of "exclusive" and "limited". Ultimately, the seller isn't selling a tangible product insomuch as an endorsement that only an ultra wealthy demigod could afford. BE THAT SELLER!

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