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Comment Re:Only half true article (Score 1) 236

Anyway, it's all been abandoned and reduced now, with approvals frozen and the reality of over-budget over-time current builds setting in.

Most of what China has done was put plants on hold pending the outcome of construction and testing of the AP1000 reactors. Post Fukushima it makes sense that you do one experimental thing, not 20 at a time.

Maybe read a Chinese newspaper sometime.

Comment Re:Pleasant surprise (Score 1) 236

I never believed China would be up to this. Great!

Would be up to what? They are basically at the tipping point having pushed their own pollution to a point where their most populated cities are choking on their own soot. China still wants to be the low cost world manufacturing leader, but you can't do that if you kill off the wealthy factory owners through lung cancer.

Comment Re:The more relevant study. (Score 1) 253

The far more relevant study would be to determine the earning potential after humans piss away four years and Ferrari money on an investment that isn't paying out these days.

If you're going to do that study you also need to check the other scenario. What's the earning potential of those without college degrees. Oh you want to flip burgers for a living? You'll need at least a Bachelor degree for that nowadays.

Comment Re:I don't want Clippy on my phone! (Score 1) 83

Very few people actually want Cortana

Actually everyone wants Cortana in a way. What they don't work is the current brain dead implementation of it. Digital assistance are one of the largest growth markets and MS is right to focus their attention on it. The only problem is they should put more effort into getting them to do something useful rather than getting them on people's phones.

You keep digging a deeper financial hole

MS's finances have never been healthier, and when you're in a position like that you can burn a lot of money on failures for the occasional success.

Comment Verbal Marketing Diarrhea (Score 5, Interesting) 110

5G is nothing to do with IoT. IoT is lots of devices very little bandwidth. 5G is tuned for very large bandwidth applications and has a generally quite high power consumption.

LoRa networks are the networks for IoT devices, unless these marketing numbnuts think IoT is about your toaster, connecting to your WiFi, connecting to 5G or some stupid idea like that.

Comment Re:Bogus priorities (Score 1) 279

That's bullshit. It ought to value their software's reliability and performance instead. Nothing else.

Oracle values their bottom line and their shareholders, nothing more nothing less. Often being a good corporate citizen is part of this priority. You can't shit on everyone endlessly and get endless growth as a result of that. Not in the west anyway.

Comment Re:Doesn't work! (Score 1) 111

If I ever get it to drive 200 miles on a "full 250 mile" charge, I'll wet myself with glee.

My neighbour is a Taxi driver for Schipol airport. Their entire fleet is made of Teslas. He gets that mileage twice daily with one stop at the Zuidoost supercharger for a lunchbreak.

You're doing it wrong.

Comment Re:Is GTMO closed? (Score 3, Insightful) 497

On one hand we have a man with 10 year perfect record for truth

Huh? Where?

I really hope he does not keep up with this "promise". Who will enable the next Manning? Who will save the next Snowden? The Guardian? WP? Only Wikileaks go the extra length to protect whistleblowers and to publish the truth in adversity.

If Wikileaks is one man (of evidentally low integrity) then your system is already broken and you may as well start looking for a replacement now.

Comment Re:Y'all can't see why pardoning would be critical (Score 3, Informative) 497

you can't see in his case why it would be critical whether Manning was pardoned

I know you know what that word means, but did you know Assange never used it?

My personal prejudice is that Assange is every bit the man he has just proven to be. He demanded Clemency, Manning got Clemency, and his criticism is well deserved.

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