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Comment Re:Where do I line up? (Score 1) 170

Actually I have been and I do digital security for many. Interestingly Siemens does most definitely NOT market PLCs connected directly to the internet. That requires ignoring their installation guidelines which clearly require their approved firewalls and machine to receive one way traffic on the far end of it. Similarly most vendors follow a multi-tiered network architecture which most definitely does not include any direct connection to the internet. And remember just because you see a modem doesn't mean it's a direct internet connection.

Most PLCs I see typically are setup with some VPN.

But I do agree, there are idiots everywhere and I frequently have to tell people they are doing it wrong. Just not typically vendors.

Comment Re:Already compensated (Score 1) 170

What I'm saying is that they don't have daily in-house IT support

If you need daily in house support then you're doing it wrong.

And I'm pretty damn sure "many 15 year olds" are NOT perfectly capable of setting up a small business.

You don't sound old enough to be repeating the comments of our fathers. Though the iPhone generation may actually be the first to be less technically minded than their parents. I know a lot of people who had A+ / MCSE and one even with some Cisco certification before they left highschool. One guy didn't even leave highschool, he just walked off the graduation podium and into the system admin chair. Don't assume that technically minded nerds aren't capable of setting up something as SIMPLE as a redundant setup for a mom-n-pop store. Especially given how many modern services make this turn-key.

Point I'm making is it's not as hard or as expensive as you make it out to be, and there's no excuse for a business that relies on it's computers to prevent severe financial impact not to have some way around it.

Plus I'm still trying to figure out how these critical systems ended up on the interwebs. Maybe if you can't handle a simple thing like a windows upgrade the computer should have it's network cable unplugged and a condom wrapped around it.

Comment Re:Already compensated (Score 1) 170

Ever actually dealt with a business?

Yes I provided IT support to several. All of them were setup with redundancy and backups that mitigated the kinds of disasters we're talking about, and they were paying me school student side job rates for it.

There's lots of things that go wrong in a store.

A refrigeration system doesn't shutdown an entire store, but only spoils a few select products. If you're business depends entirely on refrigeration you'd be putting a bit of effort into that too.

I didn't say Windows 10 isn't malware. I just said companies don't deserve compensation for not having a crash plan. They deserve the financial hit. Maybe then they'll take their business seriously. Today it's a Windows 10 upgrade. Tomorrow it's your credit card details leaked by a hacker. IT should be taken seriously by all.

Comment Re:Why is Windows 10 the benchmark? (Score 1) 200

You can only justify 8bits if you have an already tested and production ready product.

An entire world of devices run from 6 pin 8bit microcontrollers which do very VERY little would disagree with you. Not every every device on the market needs a wifi IoT connection thingy and drives a 256 colour display.

Then there's developmental differences too, 8bit microcontrollers a dead simple to program compared to the ARM counterparts.

Everything has its place, even 8bit uCs, even 74 series logic, even vacuum tubes.

Comment Re:Never attribute to malice ... (Score 1) 180

Err it IS a driver issue. The RAID driver isn't present in Linux. No more no less. The fact that Lenovo's BIOS doesn't expose AHCI has nothing to do with Linux not running on hardware that doesn't have a driver for it. Reports are there were reasons to disable it as well due to buggy AHCI support in Windows.

Comment Re:Why is Windows 10 the benchmark? (Score 4, Insightful) 200

What you're saying goes 100% against every book I've read, every professor I've talked to, every lecture I've attended, all industry experts and so on...

A true example of the "If you can't do, teach" joke.
Also maybe you should find some better books. Not only is offloading realtime to dedicated processors very much the industry norm, the fact you say "crappy" when talking about 8 bitters shows how little you know of the topic, and the fact you said "8 bitters" shows how little you know of the world.

Comment Re:Already compensated (Score 1) 170

but I'm talking about businesses like mom n pop business shops e.g. small medical practices.

So? You're saying mom n pop stores should put the weight of their entire family fortune on a PC? Even they should learn some basic risk.

As for dedicated IT reps, what the heck are you talking about. You don't need a team of IT critical person to help you keep your mom n pop store running. You also don't need a team of dedicated IT gurus to get people to not put critical machinery on the internet. You don't need a team of IT people to ensure that you have a backup working machine offline. You practically don't need any management once a small network is setup in ways that most 15 year olds are perfectly capable of doing.

Windows 10 today.
A spam relay that gets your IP address blacklisted from sending all emails tomorrow.
A ransomware attack next week.
The entire customer database and all their work public on the internet next month.

Who cares what happens? The actual attack is irrelevant. The point is that running a business is not easy. There's things you need to learn, tax forms you need to fill in, payroll and a warehouse to manage. You either have that expertise in-house or you pay a small sum to outsource it. Thinking computers are just a few toys in your business, treating them as such, and yet revolving critical operations around them is just another lesson that mom n pop either learn the easy way or the hard way.

Especially now when the almighty cloud makes everything super easy for everyone a computer shouldn't be interrupting your operations at all.

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