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Comment Re:Too little at any time (Score 1) 57

One hour of code between grades 4-12.

So, a fourth grader can learn to move the turtle to make a shape.

Or, a twelfth grader can learn how to make html, head, body, and a few divs.

Surely, this will save us from our dire STEM shortage.

As opposed to zero hours of code which will do nothing other than keep people even more ignorant of what it is to bend a computer to one's will?

Why does every solution have to be all or nothing on Slashdot?

Comment Re:They're worse for anything except up-close view (Score 1) 129

Curved monitors do make sense for the desktop PC, where you're sitting very close to the screen.

But does it really? What benefit do curved monitors give? I was told "the whole the screen is more evenly at the same distance from your eyes". But what I heard was "the screen is laid out in an unexpected and distorted way that screws with your brain".

Seriously look at the history of curved images. They were all designed to completely trick the brain into creating an immerse environment. How does that help when you for example need to create a drawing, edit a word document, or god forbid try and correct lens distortion effects in a photograph?

I could see it maybe making sense for games, but even then I'd probably suggest making a jump straight to a headset.

Comment Re:Wow I've just had a crazy Idea!! (Score 1) 80

Guess what? with a removeable battery phone you can still do all you said, and you have extra options too.

Except for the engineering problems behind making a phone battery removable.

Thanks but no thanks. I put great value on:
- Smaller device (or larger battery for a given device size)
- Water proofing not being dependent on a tiny little rubber seal in the battery compartment
- Phone not exploding into 3 parts when dropped.
- Not carrying around an incendiary device with exposed "touch these together to start fire" terminals.

It's not a case of one or the other. If it were they never would have abolished them in the first place.

Comment Re:Wow I've just had a crazy Idea!! (Score 1) 80

So you picked up on half of what I said and complained. Maybe you should work on your attention span.

The ability to ubiquitously charge is one of convenience. You don't sit down to charge. You charge when you sit down. If you need a battery on the go then use a charging bank. They are far far larger than any after market battery so you don't need to carry around multiple of them, can come built into phone cases, can be charged while you're using the phone so you don't need another charger, and if you're stuck on the go you can buy them at any junk store to give you a quick boost (unlike say ... a phone battery).

But sure do things the "better" way. I for one will not be factoring a removable battery into ANY of my phone buying decisions.

Comment Re:Only? (Score 1) 136

Productivity is calculated by dividing the units of output completed by hours of input. So yes Productivity is based on working time.

So please re-read my post to see why it is still completely consistent.

You're obviously not a Project Manager nor work for a corporation because your example is pure bullshit. The simple fact is if you knocked on someone's door they would tell you in a polite way to fuck off while they finish their work. Because if they stop work on their project in order to help you they would fall behind. So your example is pure bullshit.

Oh you sound like one of those special flowers who think they can work in isolation. Well that practice would get you very quickly let go from most of the places I work at, especially in multi-disciplinary groups that have to work together in my line of work. But it's good to know the past 15 years of my working life has been "bullshit". I didn't realise until you said so random internet citizen. Thank you for your insight into how other people are supposed to work.

Comment Re:Wow I've just had a crazy Idea!! (Score 1) 80

The ability to charge at 500mA is everywhere.

Wow are you living in the dark ages? No the ability to charge at 2A is everywhere. I can't go to a shopping centre without seeing charging points at the mens couches while their wives are shopping. Pretty much every car I get into has a USB socket that puts out 2A. Lots of computers in the past 5 years had a high speed charging options. Hotels have them next to their beds and at the desks, they are starting to show up in new houses, in small shops etc etc.

Comment Re:Back? It never left. (Score 1) 198

Hopefully you'll teach them how to think for themselves.

That's a natural part of it, but we don't have the ability to test every scientific fact that is published. So when all the textbooks, wikipedia, the majority of astronomers and the actual association responsible deciding what to call something decide Pluto is not called a planet, the options are to go with it or disprove it manually. I certainly will not be teaching someone to just say "what do these experts know anyway, this one person thinks differently, by the way pass the kale, David Wolfe says it cures cancer and what do scientists know anyway."

Comment Re:we've been stuck at 4 core for too long (Score 1) 277

And the USB 3 and the onboard encoder and the benefit of the graphics card on chip and the new security features. While we're at it why not talk driver support since there's far newer equipment that doesn't have drivers available so who knows what you end up with.

Nope thanks. You can have your old xeon, I'll just buy something modern which works.

Comment Re:For variable values of "practical" and "relevan (Score 1) 131

No you're missing the point. Social engineering and a trust model is not a systemic failure in the sense that the attack is replicatable with any kind of certainty. A broken hash function however is.

You break a hash function, it's broken.
You trick a guy into giving you a certificate to break the chain of trust, doesn't mean you can do it again when that cert becomes revoked.

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