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Comment Re:3.5mm jack and IP68? (Score 1) 93

Don't worry Apple's new headquarters are nearly finished.

Did you see it's shape? The distortion field generated by a coil that size will finally cover the entire planet. No more issues with range causing people on the other side of the internet to question the mighty half eaten fruit.

Comment Re:Still clinging to iPhone limitations (Score 1) 93

Bring back the removable/easily swapped-out battery _with_ waterproofing. Stop thinking thinness is the primary design goal.

Please go buy another phone. I don't want a removable battery with *compromised* water proofing (because that's what it is), and I sure as hell don't want a thicker phone because of it.

Comment Re:Look like spec (Score 2) 93

The silly thing is someone thinking this is silly because of reason X without having any of the inside information that went into the design and engineering.

It's even sillier complaining about this on a phone with an SD card slot. I for one will be buying the smallest version available because unlike other manufactures this one doesn't limit my storage.

Comment Re:Well lets see... (Score 1) 199

4. Picture-in-Picture mode for videos. Essentially you can now have a small window with video playing on it placed on top of any other application.

That sounds annoying.

It sounds like a killer feature ... that has been part of every media player except for media player itself since about 1997.

Comment Re:All this Glitz but it's still posessed... (Score 1) 199

The average Windows user will have no idea how to disable updates.

No the average windows user doesn't understand the process of updates or when to disable them.

The average windows user will find something that annoys him, will type it into google and will then take shots in the dark to see what fixes his problem, and one of those will be disable windows update. That's it. It won't get enabled again whether it was the cause or not.

Remember windows updates were a default on Windows XP too, a lot of fucking good that did for the average user who put more effort into disabling the security notification than they did just letting windows install updates.

Comment Activist... (Score 4, Insightful) 271

Is about to find out just how limiting the ability to get information is even if they pay for it. Even in industries where there's no data protection laws why would an ISP sell this?

A baker sells a variety of bread to suit tastes, they don't sell you a specific bread made from your own recipe, and they don't sell you their recipes or equipment either.

Comment Re:Oh joy. (Score 1) 53

But I believe deluge is the best client available all around

Absolutely no doubt. Mind you I think it's client / server architecture is a killer feature given my torrent box is headless and GUIless.

But your original post was only half wrong even without the correction. uTorrent used to be absolutely awesome, and as someone else pointed out it is quite telling that when you type uTorrent into Google one of the suggestions is "utorrent 2.2.1" widely regarded as the last good version.

Comment Re:Here's a crazy idea (Score 1) 90

Oh I got the point. That doesn't mean it was good or made sense. The embarrassment would have been the same even with removable batteries (blowing up twice). The outcome would have been the same (total recall demanded by governments). The only difference is they'd be even deeper in the hole because someone decided to sell them volcano insurance just like the Simpsons, or do you think spending lots of money to prevent something that has never happened in the industry and there's no good reason for it to happen is a sound business decision.

Dumb comment with a dumb point.

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