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Comment Just saying... (Score -1, Flamebait) 178

They are very wrong on this. I'd put up my own degree against their, but now I have a feeling a University of Nevada-Reno degree is pretty worthless. I mean this study couldn't be more wrong. But I could see this getting a lot of sympathy here. I'll bet they also found that smoking a joint and taking shots before class even further improved their "learning".

Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 1) 903

Actually, you paid a ton of money to the Feds (likely). Filing your taxes means settling up (and taking things into account). That is, did you pay in too much, or too little? If Uncle Sam gives you a refund check it means that they earned the interest on the money instead of you. The goal is to pay nothing or owe a bit.

Comment Re:The gov is just trying to level the field (Score 1) 325

>> That's what they say, but it's can block data from Google or Facebook. You can't from your ISP.

When I block Google, 99% of websites cease to work. I lose productivity. But when I block Facebook, I find I'm actually more productive.

Comment Free or Flame? (Score 1) 230

Simply put, it wasn't FOSS. If it were, it could have been fixed, enhanced, ported, etc. Might have actually become something useful. The question isn't "what killed flash?", the question is "who killed flash?" and the answer to that is Adobe. It didn't have to die, they just never gave it a chance to live.

Comment More expensive? Not what I've found. (Score 1) 179

Curved screens can have absolutely horrible reflection. I know, I own one. But I also own one because it was CHEAPER than the flat version.

I wouldn't buy a curved screen unless you plan to sit on a table (what I do) and you get an incredibly good deal on it (because of its curved weakness).

While two years ago, it was true that curved screens carried a slight premium, people don't want them anymore, so I find them to be priced less. You can do a lot more things with a flat screen (e.g. better for wall mounting).

YMMV (apparently)

Comment Summary text was all over the place... (Score 1) 834

I have a friend that was told to seek another job inside his company, but when he applied, the job req was filled by a lesser qualified individual with a lower wage coming from an H1-B. He sued and eventually won (but it was painful). Bigger companies especially, where innovation is lacking, do this all the time since they believe they can train a monkey to perform "a high tech job".

IMHO, one should avoid those companies, unless you're allergic to "good work", but still... stuff like this is happening all the time.

For $1000, the answer is: Cheap Foreign Labor
"What is our standard hiring practice?"
Correct, choose again...

Comment Subject line smells (Score 3, Interesting) 157

DVD sales are "ok", because the media and platform doesn't suck like Blu-ray. Sony needs to pay big time for the death sentence they gave Blu-ray. Very very bad business decision. The paid their way in, and then locked it down to make it unusable.

Subject line should read: "Sony Warns It Will Take $1 Billion Writedown as their Vision of the Future Sucked"

Comment Number is much higher, more like 80% (Score 1) 257

Just based on my own informal surveys when I do speaking engagements (about free software and copyrights), about 80% (possibly more) people use illegally obtained copyrighted content and about 90% of those have no problems sharing such content with others. This includes wealthy people, lawmakers, judges, etc.

Torrent users are such a small percentage of those ignoring copyright and usage permissions.

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