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Submission + - Getting Started with Part-time Development Work? 2

fortapocalypse writes: I'm getting paid a good salary as a Java developer and the hours are great. It is also very stable, which means something in today's economy (especially with a family to feed). However, I'm very unmotivated both because of the work that I do (which is boring) and because the organization I work for is highly political, disorganized, and there is almost no accountability. I've done what I could to try to change things at work, and have pretty much given up on that. I've wanted to go out on my own (either starting my own company or just working as a contractor doing Java development), but I'm not sure of the best way to get started, and my family needs the stability of my current job, so I don't want to quit just yet. I'd really like to start out part-time (I could spare 5-15 hours a week, even though I know that is really not much) to use it as supplemental income (which my family really needs at the moment), but I really don't know where to start. (I doubt many contracting agencies would be interested in part-time work.) What would slashdotters suggest for someone in my position?

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