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Comment Re:HP Touchpad (Score 1, Insightful) 277

I think "open source" just needs to get out of our vocabulary completely. It irks me when a project is "open source", but "no one is allowed to touch it except these few developers". It is either open, or it isn't. Instead call that "visible source". If it is open and community driven, it is "community source". If it is GNU, it is "free source".

Comment Re:Silly artist's conceptions. (Score 5, Funny) 257

Artist: "So what should this thing look like?"
NASA engineer: "It's 600 light-years away. How the @#$% should I know!"
Artist: "Picking a planet from an old Star Trek episode at random then."
NASA engineer: "Ok. But no funny stuff. Save the stars, rainbows, and unicorns for your acid trips."
Artist: "Nebulous clouds in the background- check."

Comment Re:Why do you want to be hired? (Score 1) 523

I've eaten at restaurants that have failed, and sometimes I have no idea why they aren't a success. Price reasonable, food is good, location is about the same as the successful ones, but no customers.

If the location is about the same as the successful ones, then the problem could still be location. Or perhaps marketing/advertising. Or perhaps wrong market (food is good to you, but not to the clientele they should be targeting. Just to say it is "the luck of the draw" is wrong. There is good and bad luck, fate, blessing, curse, etc. but you can many times more be successful with the right preparation and experience.

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