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Comment Seems Unusual (Score 1) 89

Why would I check a device that I typically don't need to touch (umbrella) to determine if I need an umbrella. Wouldn't the better solution be to check another device I have in my possession daily to determine if I need the umbrella? Admittedly, I only read the article summary. Go easy on me!

Comment Re:I am ashamed you're an American citizen too (Score 1) 12

I have not ridiculed you for exercising your right to free speech once in this thread. In fact, I am exercising my free to free speech in parallel with you. However, I am ridiculing you for being ashamed to be an American. I thought I made that clear.

You certainly also have the right to be ashamed of being an American, but I kindly encourage you to “buzz off” yourself, pack your shit, and move to another country. Since you have difficulty with reading comprehension, I’d recommend packing a good reading comprehension book for the trip while you’re at it.

You can twist my words all you want, but I'm not the one who is ashamed to be an American: that would be you. Please keep your future posts on topic, and that topic is you being ashamed to be an American. Didn't you start this thread? Why must I explain this to you? Oh... I forgot already: your reading comprehension issues.

Comment Re:I am ashamed you're an American citizen too (Score 1) 12

If you didn't get it yet. I'm not a Trump fan. Perhaps what you might also be starting to realize is that I'm also not a fan of a childish, sensitive, immature, whiny, middle-aged man (man is disputed) who is "ashamed" to represent his country when his feelings get hurt or his precious Hillary doesn't get elected.

We need real Americans to fix this country. We need people to take pride in this country so that they'll have an interest in improving it. We do not need people like you. Pack your shit and move somewhere else.

Comment Re:I am ashamed you're an American citizen too (Score 1) 12

You are correct when you say:

it's Trump that has proven over and over again that he's the one with no control over his emotions

acting like a 12 year old

Hilary Clinton baited him so easily again and again

I'm not the idiot blasting out on the internet that I'm ashamed to be an American just because a childish individual was elected as president. That would be you. Real Americans pledge allegiance to the flag, the constitution, and their countrymen. Real Americans are not overly concerned with a child that takes the seat for 4 years. Real Americans know that they have a constitution which protects them and allows them to impeach said childish presidents if they are found to not be suitable. Real Americans execute those rights when and if needed. Real Americans don't get on the internet and act like some offended pussy over a few words spoken by a child. This, in fact, makes you more of a child than Trump.

You are incorrect when you say

Sounds to me more like you, my friend, are the one with the 'hurt feelings'

Clearly, that person is you, and I'm ashamed of you too.

Comment I am ashamed you're an American citizen too (Score 2) 12

The only thing Donald Trump is guilty of is a poor use of words: insults, crass comments, etc, etc. If you can't get a little thick skin and suck it up, maybe you shouldn't be an American. I'm sorry that Trump has hurt your feelings. Try practicing sayings like, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me". 2 or 3 months of that and I'm confident that you'll be more in control of your emotions.

Comment Out of Memory (Score 1) 6

Adopting a policy to "Always write passwords down!" is just an indication that you're out of memory (pun intended). It would seem that others would be fools to heed password management recommendations from somebody that can't manage their own.

Comment WTF (Score 1) 34

I can't take this site anymore. Old is clearly relative. Is the milky way old? Yesterday you mentioned to another woman that you'll be 60 in 2 months, and she was taken aback. Well good for you, but what does this have to do with technology?

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