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Submission + - SPAM: Why you should acquire a Holiday Home ?

Tripvillas writes: "Paying monthly amounts, either fixed and following a variable base rate, is a sound long term plan to acquiring a holiday home which becomes a valuable asset and can be used at your own discretion. Depending on the amount borrowed and rate of interest charged on the loan, the annual cost may be not much more than that spent in a year on holiday accommodation, depending on how often and whom the holiday home will be used."
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Winnie-the-Pooh Parodied In Wookie-the-Chew 58

pickens writes "Erik Hayden writes in the Atlantic that children will see endearing portraits of Chewbacca rendered in the style of "Winnie-the-Pooh" in the book of drawings "Wookie the Chew," a tribute to the combined genius of George Lucas, A.A.Milne and E.H.Sheppard, by artist James Hance released on September 1st. Samples from the book are available at Hance's web site. Hance bases his right to parody Winnie-the-Pooh on Fair Use as parody under which certain uses of copyrighted works, which would otherwise be considered infringing, are permissible. Interestingly enough, the rights to the original Winnie-the-Pooh were the subject of an 18-year feud in which Walt Disney corporation fought off a challenge to its ownership of the rights ending in 2009 when a judge in Los Angeles struck out a claim against Disney lodged by the family of Stephen Slesinger, a comic book pioneer who bought the copyright to Pooh in 1930 from the bear's British creator, A.A. Milne. Stories of Pooh's adventures were originally created by Milne in the 1920s, based on a toy bear owned by the author's son, Christopher Robin."

Comment Re:Sorting real objects (Score 1) 118

I also did this when I worked in the library in college. Although it's true that I took some programing classes, I think this is just common sense. Most of my student coworkers were social science or liberal arts majors, and as far as I saw, they all did the same thing.

I think it's more about whether your fellow students have any sense than whether or not they know about quicksort.

Comment Re:Ssssh....nobody tell Charlie Sheen (Score 1) 1056

<quote>A good example is Rabies in Japan. The likelihood that an animal will enter the respective country with the respective disease without having the respective vaccine is super low.</quote>

Hahahaha. Good God. Yeah, it's super low. It's because Japanese Agriculture is in-effing-sane.

I have Long Term Residency in Japan; I also have two dogs. I did exponentially more paperwork to bring my American pups to Japan than I did to obtain a three year work visa. (Not that they don't have their reasons, but still.)

Comment Young lurker agrees (Score 1) 489

I started sharing an email account with my step-father when I was six, and within three or four months I had my own account. My knowledge of computers was very basic, but I could clear the cache, cookies, browser history, install and uninstall programs, etc. I turned out okay. :) Relax, guys. I had no idea what the people were talking about until I was ready to know what was going on. Porn was moderately alarming, but something I was going to be exposed to eventually no matter what. The Internet is a big wide place, but they'll find their peers--What are you afraid of? That they'll become enamored with a different distribution of Linux than you? :) You raised them well. Tell them not to give out personal, physical world information, and let them go.

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