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Comment Re: Fuck iOS (Score 1) 129

Can you download pictures and videos via Safari? no

First, I assume you mean MOBILE Safari.

Based on the thread context, why would you infer otherwise?

Second, you have moved the goalposts; but I would imagine it depends on certain factors. However in Mobile Safari, if I "long-tap" on an Image, it brings up a contextual menu. One of the selections is "Save Image". If I choose that, the image (picture) goes to my "Photos" library. Sounds "Downloaded" to me.

Odd. I just tried this using my wife's iPhone 6+. There's no context menu popping up when I long press an image. Tried this with the same image on my Android phone and I get the expected context menu.

With videos, it appears you cannot download from Safari directly; however, GoodReader has web-browsing capabilities, and you can certainly Download (and Play) directly from that App. So, obviously, iOS doesn't keep you from Downloading video; they just didn't build that into Mobile Safari (that I know of). Chrome may allow it directly, although it doesn't seem to.

This is what irks me: why do I need a separate app for this when every other computing environment (eg Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android) doesn't?

If that's too hard for you, may I recommend a Flip-phone?

Based on your ad homenim it's quite clear you place a high personal identity towards your phone environment. You may want to reconsider your priorities.

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