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Comment Re:This is an OS (Score 3, Informative) 160

Wish i had mod points but yes. Google keeps "updating" tools that require the latest browser so "older" browsers get phased out. Then they jump in bed with the makers of the browsers to whittle away your ability to stop being tracked or defend against seeing ads.

+1 insightful for you.

Comment Thank you BeauHD for more proof (Score 0, Flamebait) 85

I'm hoping everyone on Slashdot posting here understands what an algorithm actually is.

My guess is they don't, because BeauHD obviously doesn't in his rush to slam trumpet.

To put in layman terms - everything automated takes parameters and creates a result. It's because people make a sorta flowchart that draws on information and slam bam Kazam - outputs a result.

Which is now evil because of Trump.

Whipslash, please, I'm begging.

Tell him to stop shifting the site to SJW and EnviroNazi!

Submission + - House Passes Email Privacy Bill

Obfiscator writes: The US House of Representatives passed a bill to require federal agencies to obtain a warrant before being granted access to email communications. From the article: "This Act will fix a constitutional flaw in ECPA, which currently purports to allow the government to compel a provider to disclose email contents in some cases without a warrant, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. The Email Privacy Act ensures that the content of our emails are protected in the same way that the Fourth Amendment protects the items we store in our homes."

The full text of the bill is here, although somewhat hard to read since it's a modification of a previous bill. This appears to be the most relevant part: "a governmental entity may require the disclosure by a provider of electronic communication service of the contents of a wire or electronic communication that is in electronic storage with or otherwise stored, held, or maintained by that service only if the governmental entity obtains a warrant issued using the procedures described in the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure."

Submission + - LIGO doesn't just detect gravitational waves. It makes them, too (

sciencehabit writes: The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is not only the most sensitive detector of ripples in spacetime. It also happens to be the world's best producer of gravitational waves, a team of physicists now calculates. Although these waves are far too feeble to detect directly, the researchers say, the radiation in principle could be used to try to detect weird quantum mechanical effects among large objects.

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