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Comment I remember the first time I used battlenet (Score 2) 31

After finishing the single player game, I went to try multi-player in Diablo. I created a new character, launched a game, arrived at the village and was hit by a wall of fire instantly killing the character.

I think that's what clued me in on why MMorgs suck to people like me.

I wouldn't do that -don't want to be anywhere close to people that would.

Comment Re:Electronic Waste Recycling Fee... (Score 1) 166

Kidding aside, There are three big screens I see daily left to rot in the yard. One is two houses down that has been sitting there for four years, one that is one house down that sat on the sidewalk for a month before being moved to the side of the house for 2 months, and one on the corner of the neighborhood that's been there for 8 months

It's a fifty dollar fee to dispose of them locally. So they either rot in yards or end up in the local forest preserve.


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