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Comment Re: Offshoring (Score 0) 157

Nah, I keep telling myself this because the line has to come up as quickly as possible. the extra money saved by the monkey is lost as the monkey runs out to find out what the problem is, then runs back to email india - then waits, then runs back, tries the fix then runs to email india saying it didn't work. then waits

Rinse, lather, repeat.

Meanwhile, the line isn't moving, costing the warehouse more and more money until the problem is resolved.

Hence, my warm chair and recent raise from appreciative bosses..

Comment Re:Offshoring (Score 1) 157

Off shoring won't happen to me since they need my warm ass in the chair in case something in the warehouse goes down, only then can I leave the chair - fix it, and go back to warming that chair with my ass.

Oh, and coding an EDI system. As well as the new order process system, and writing ETL maps.

But the latter part any burger flipper can do...

Comment Re: Stop using cars at all. (Score 2) 240

I commuted 50 miles one way. No public transportation make that route.

After tolls and gas, it was almost 8000 a year before you tossed in oil changes and tires and stuff.

Riding a train would of been nice - but in America - the train system is stupidly funded (retirement is more important than repairing the system) , it's not expanding, and people who aren't riding trains are taxed to fund retirement.

Meanwhile, riding the train is costing more to the poor who can't afford increases and maintenance of existing railways is for shit. So congrats on the foreign train, and I hope that in the next four years some local imperatives shift a bit.

Comment in all honesty (Score 1, Insightful) 240

California and Mexico city suffer from a huge problem when it comes to air flow.

Mexico City is basically in a bowl, and the prevailing winds for California slap up against the rocky mountains and dump it all back on California.

So Yeah, they really do need to go all electric. But that's not a reason to ban non electrics from the rest of the world that doesn't put huge cities in the dumbest places where emissions are magnified.

Comment Re:huh (Score 1) 468

incorrect assumption? Who's going to buy those things when they don't have a job to pay for it?

Let's make this a bit clearer for the safety pin crowd. In this robot future Only the 1% can afford to buy anything. Why would they build robot factories to create things that would make massive amounts of stuff that only about 1% will ever be sold because only they can afford it?

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1054

Lord have mercyâ¦white people shit

get the fuck outta here a white boy is best dj wtf?

mickey mouse gangster cousin wtf? white people smh

@MoGray80 @SherriEShepherd @LoniLove bitch are you joking?! how sad for you. no shade?! so tired of black women like you so tired.

Okâ¦black republicans? (blank stare), isn't that an oxymoron emphasis on "moron" #needemojitoexpressblankstare #thoughtitwasamyth #unicorn

remember - the above isn't hate speech, as it was spoken by a woman who needs protection from hate speech...

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