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Comment So momey was spent (Score -1, Offtopic) 75

Money was spent on "slacker news" april fools?

There's a declining pool of people reading and posting on /. Maybe hiring folks that can do more than turn the site orange and make up stories would help make the site better if they focused on news for nerds and stuff that matters.

Focus on someone better than Beau.

Comment Re: People still use Fleabay? (Score 2) 72

Yep, Amazon has a book I want - typically ships in 1 or 2 weeks.

Ebay has it for the same exact price and I ordered it last night and it's on the way. Ebay also had a better selection of Jeep Roofs, and my new one is at home waiting for a warm day for me to replace my old one.

As to the key fob versus text? they can't spam your keyfob.

Comment Re:I've noticed that, but something else interesti (Score 1) 158

I'm the same. When I'm out riding on my bile, I just go a hundred or so miles in no particular pattern, when I use the gps on for the return, I watch the map.

I can still re-create my memorable rides without sat nav. But if I had to describe where the blueberry farm in Indiana is that I ride to, listening to me telling you that turning left at the funny farm house, going to the long drive past another farm, watch for the dukes of hazard bridge, cross that and follow the signs won't help you.

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