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Comment Re:Since they determined autopilot wasn't to blame (Score 2) 117

You have to be a licensed driver and carry insurance to drive. Perhaps people with these new "features" should have to take a class and test and get an upgrade on their license (like I did for my Motorcycle). And they (like some states like Michigan do) should require additional insurance so when the driver of the autopilot gets sued, they have enough cash to pay out to the driver that was injured do to their inattention.

Comment Re:Now all they need is some actual content! (Score 1) 133

Funny that, I've been a subscriber for many years (since way before the dvd/streaming plan split), and still haven't watched all the content I want to watch. What makes it more difficult is that content I wanted to see (the grand tour) is amazon exclusive, so I now have even more to watch.

But feel free to call me a statistical anomaly, I think you'd be wrong now, given the huge subscriber based Netflix has enjoyed for years...

As Long as it remains commercial free, I will subscribe.

Comment Re:battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 293

It's a 5930 k .

I could of paid 500 more for extra cores, but the performance boost was better spent on liquid cooling.

I also have 64 gigs of really fast ram, and if you look thru my comments and go back a bit - you'll see I'm consistent, and not an anonymous shithead.

Comment Re:And Candy Crush Soda comes free! (Score 2) 500

It a thing that does things your phone doesn't allow. For instance right now on my multiple monitors I have Sql Sever Management studio running and I am using that to see what data my Visual Studio Program is making after recent code changes.

And no, I can't tell my boss to go find an app in the google store.

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