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Comment Re:I'm not sure this will be surprising to anyone (Score 4, Insightful) 174

Apparently violating local laws is OK by you. If the US government rules that a Daesh app is illegal, should Apple keep it in the AppStore?

They are not removing it from other countries. Only from the country that banned it. Some how, this is news or issue? Seriously?

Comment Re:Not very secure (Score 1) 478

We've been using FileVault 2, the full disk encryption version, since the day it came out. No problems. In fact, it's mandated at my company, across the hundreds of Macs.

The first version had problems. But like when they implemented full device encryption on iPhone 3GS - first version had problems. From iPhone 4 onwards, full device encryption is built in, and works just fine.

Comment Re:oh goody! (Score 2, Informative) 478

I just had a motherboard replaced in year four (2012 retina 15"), free, outside of AppleCare extended warranty period.

But, don't worry, we've gotta let the haters claim that Apple products suck, and Apple's treatment of customers suck, even though they don't own or use Apple products.

Comment Re:Sounds legit (Score 1) 126

Apparently giving the user a choice, and letting users decide where they want the privacy/functionality bar to set is not something your mentality can deal with.

Why shouldn't I decided whether I want telemetry or not? Why shouldn't I decide whether I want to send a bug report or not?

Fuck you and your high horse.

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