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Comment Better way:Very UnCivil Disobedience (Score 4, Interesting) 137

Google the names of senior executives at MTA and have conversations than slander their sexual habits, lack personal honesty, cruelty to animals and studying at a Bible University. Pepper your speech with copious profanity in multiple languages, making the task of humans who listen to this crap more onerous.
Feel free to have such conversations, even if you are alone, which at the least will get you a seat to yourself.

I ask you not to advocate any act of violence against anyone in this, but you can be creative. You and your (imaginary) friend can talk of how your coven of Devil Worshippers plan to put a curse on named senior execs at the bus company. ...or have loud conversations about how you're going to hold noisy messy protests outside the homes of named executives.

The poor sods who have to monitor this will have to pass the 'threats' up the management chain. Enough false positives will make them reconsider their approach.

Comment Not defending Apple, but... (Score 2) 410

There is the possibility that Apple discovered some TLAs have been fucking with their TouchID and using it to steal fingerprints/bypass TouchID.

Otherwise, Apple typically prefers to have good user interaction rather than bad interaction, and they have to know that if they brick enough people's devices, it's going to be extremely bad press, and reduce the chances of people immediately upgrading when new versions come out - which is a number they really like to keep as high as possible!

To balance that bad press, against people hacking TouchIDs, and them falling on the "lets keep it secure" side, I can see that happening.

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 225

40 mil units over the lifetime of a product, a 2 year period, vs 40 mil units in one quarter, is a little different. Not as much as a couple of thousand vs 40 mil in a quarter, of course. But as others have mentioned, OLEDs aren't known for color accuracy when it first came out.

Apple screens _are_ known for color accuracy. Until OLEDs can match the color accuracy, Apple wouldn't move to them.

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