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Submission + - LibreSSL released! (

the_B0fh writes: LibreSSL Portable has been released for Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. This is a drop-in replacement for OpenSSL, and is written by the team that wrote OpenBSD and OpenSSH which the entire Internet uses. I hope to see LibreSSL take over from OpenSSH.

Donations are appreciated: http://www.openbsdfoundation.o...

Downloads at:

Submission + - LibreSSL Update (

the_B0fh writes: Bob Beck reports on the progress the OpenBSD team has made on LibreSSL. Some highlights:

Code was horrible. Nobody wanted to touch it. OpenSSL Foundation appears to be a million dollar a year for-profit company doing FIPS consulting. Bugs rot for years in bug tracker. ROP coding function — allows you to jump to any arbitrary address — ROP coder's wet dream! Current third party ports are all insecure. Need funding. Linux Foundation has not committed to support LibreSSL.

Submission + - Apple demonstrates leadership (

the_B0fh writes: NCPPR pushed for a shareholder proposal that Apple only commit to doing things that were profitable — a position rejected by the majority of Apple's stockholders, receiving only 2.95% vote.

Tim Cook responded by saying, "When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind, I don't consider the bloody ROI," and said the same thing for environmental issues, worker safety and other areas where Apple is the leader.

"If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock."

Submission + - High End Mac Pro is 40% cheaper than what you can build it for? ( 3

the_B0fh writes: That is interesting. Apple is the value proposition. Building your own high end Mac Pro would cost you $14,300. From Apple, it costs just a tad under $10k. If you can even find a PCIe 1TB Flash drive.

And of course, you lose things like the beautiful case, Apple's AppleCare service, the 6 Thunderbolt2, OSX, etc.

Submission + - Is Democracy possible in Malaysia? ( 2

the_B0fh writes: ay 5 was the national election day in Malaysia. The people are very unhappy with the government. Over $1.5 trillion was stolen through corruption in the past 30 years. The prime minister is alleged to be involved in a cover up of the killing of a Mongolian model to hush up the corruption case in the purchase of French submarines —"

Now, there allegations of widespread election fraud, tampering with votes, bringing in foreign nationals to vote, paying for votes, and outright fraudulent votes and ballot boxes being moved in during the counting period. Apparently there is wide spread electricity "outages", and after the power comes back on, new ballot boxes have magically appeared.

Does anyone, including the US government, have the power to intervene and force a clean election? Or will the ones in power continue to abuse and corrupt the process in order to stay in power/ Will the citizens of Malaysia be strong enough to stand up for themselves? Will Malaysia experience the Malaysian Spring and overthrow a corrupt government?

Submission + - Is democracy possible in Malaysia? (

the_B0fh writes: May 5 was the national election day in Malaysia. The people are very unhappy with the government. Over $1.5 trillion was stolen through corruption in the past 30 years. The prime minister is alleged to be involved in a cover up of the killing of a Mongolian model to hush up the corruption case in the purchase of French submarines —

Submission + - Did Samsung pull dirty tricks on Apple? (

the_B0fh writes: Samsung admitted to paying college students to report fake problems with their HTC phones in Taiwan. Turns out that Samsung also hired a marketing agency to create fake blogs in UK and Sweden:

So, the question is — how much of the current anti-Apple campaign by rabid Samsung fanboys are actually paid advertising...?


the_B0fh writes: "Blizzard locks your account everytime it detects an IP address change. My ISP changes my IP address more often than some of you change underwear.

I haven't played a blizzard game in a while, and within the past couple of days, I had it locked, and each time, it is a pain in the ass to get it unlocked — because I did not register with my real name.

1) Why do I have to login *ONLINE* to play StarCraft 2 or Diablo 3, which are offline games?
2) Why are they locking accounts based on IP address changes and *FORCING A DAMNED PASSWORD RESET EACH TIME TO UNLOCK IT* — It's a damned pain in the ass.
3) Why all the damned security theater, especially for people who don't care to play online, you damned idiots.

This is pissing me off so much that I'm seriously considering not buying the next SC2. *GAH*"

Submission + - ACM performing character assassination (

the_B0fh writes: This is fucking embarrassing. The Association for Computing Machinery is performing character assassination based on falsehoods.

Here is the basic issue. Cisco obtained a patent for VRRP, and licensed it under RAND. The BSD license does not allow RAND licensing (constraints). Theo/OpenBSD tried to work with them, and they said — go away.

IANA, the people responsible for assigning IP protocol numbers basically said you have to bend over and we don't use lube.

So, OpenBSD, after 2 years of trying to work with them, released their own implementation called CARP.

And someone this one FreeBSD developer thinks it's all OpenBSD's fault? Do you even understand how the BSD license works?



Submission + - Why does a 5 year warranty suddenly disappear when you get a replacement drive? 3

the_B0fh writes: "I have some drives that are having problems, so I sent them back to the manufacturer. The original drives had various warranty end dates from 2013 to 2014.

The replacement drives that came back all had uniformly warranties that ran out in a few months (something like 90 days).

Shouldn't the warranty last as long as the warranty on my original drive?"

Submission + - No good cheap disk enclosures? 1

the_B0fh writes: OK, 3TB drives are now out. Rather than building a zfs server in the basement and be limited by wireless, I've been considering just putting some drives in an enclosure and then hooking up a firewire (I have a macbook pro, and prefer that to usb, thank you very much).

Why aren't there any external disk enclosures that just holds a bunch of drives and connect via firewire? I don't want your raid or anything else, I just want firewire, sata backplane, power, and that's it.

MacZFS works fine, and with Tens Complement coming out soon (fingers crossed), I'll have all the ZFS goodness that I can need.

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