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Comment Re: Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

Because road wear is a function of the fourth power of the weight, the fees should be:

A 540-pound motorcycle pays $0.0013/mile

A 3,470-pound SUV pays $0.347/mile

An 80,000 pound semi trailer pays $4,252/mile

But trucks do have a lot more wheels, which means the road wear is 1/16th (for 8 wheels) to 1/256th (for 16 wheels) - right?
So the actual price will be about 16$ per mile.

Submission + - Bugs in OpenJDK project

El_programmer writes: Nowadays a lot of projects are opening their source code and letting those who are interested in the development of it edit the code. OpenJDK is no exception, programmers PVS-Studio have found a lot of interesting errors that are worth paying attention to.

OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit) — a project for the creation and implementation of Java (Java SE) platform, which is now free and open source. The project was started in 2006, by the Sun company. The project uses multiple languages- C, C++, and Java. We are interested in the source code written in C and C++. Let's take the 9th version of OpenJDK. The code of this implementation of Java platform is available at the Mercurial repository.

During verification, the analyzer found different errors in the project including: copy-paste, bugs in the operation precedence, errors in logical expressions and in pointer handling and other bugs, which are described in detail in this article.

It's always amusing to check a project which is used and maintained by a large number of people. The better and more accurate the code is, the more safely and effectively the program will work. Those bugs we found, are another proof of the usefulness of an analyzer, as it allows the detection of such errors which would otherwise be hard to detect doing simple code review.

Comment Re: The technical problems with this are immense. (Score 1) 346

Good points.
Another factor which could be looked at is the recharging vs usage capability of a battery.
Considering that long distance jets fly in the jetstream, we might be able to use the air flow to generate quite a bit of energy. It only has to be above the losses due to the additional drag, and we might be able to go with lesser fuel than required.
Or, in the future, fly through thunderstorms, somehow able to tap into electrically charged clouds and recharge the batteries straight away (using a thunderbolt connector, maybe :-) ). It might not be much though.

Another possibility is that of mid-air recharge. Not attempted in civilian due to the inherent dangers associated with jet fuel, in this case, it is nothing but a long trailing cable which can hook to recharging connectors. The dangers after far less than what one would have from jet fuel transfer.

The point is, there might be many other avenues open too when we move towards electricity. The future seems bright.

Comment Re: Damned if you do, damned if you don't (Score 1) 410

Why this cynicism?

Anonymous coward has already given a scenario where even this is dangerous.
Say, some over steals the phone, replaces touch id with one which steals finger print details, and puts it back.
The user tries to use finger print sensor, it is disabled, so uses pin to enter.
Later he steals the phone again, gets the finger prints for his use later.

In my view, any hardware changes should be handled with error 53 on a secure device. If apple hasn't done it, i would be unhappy. Say, screen is replaced. How do you know whether someone hasn't put a screen which captures finger pressing to get the pin. Or any such scenarios.

The best way should be a user setting - which says, for security purposes brick phone once any hardware is replaced outside apple stores. One who isn't concerned about security can then use as you said.

Since they didn't think about this till now, the best option is to brick them now.

Comment Re: Wtf? (Score 1) 144

Good one. Quite funny too.
I don't disagree it looks rather far fetched.
But the point I was trying to make was that there are more than one way to skin a cat, even though this way of skinning was rather far fetched.

I started with sub sections which is not very bad, but then went and decreased the size a lot - which might be:-)

Comment Re:Nature Abhors a Vacuum (Score 2) 144

They have superb engineers who I guess would have thought about these and far more complex scenarios.
A possible solution is to have say - the whole tube is not low pressure - only subsections.
These subsections can be quite small, say 5-10 metres wide where they might pull the air out just as the pod reaches that area.
Sections covered with maybe small valves which allow the pods to go in - and not air to come in from the other side.

That itself can be done by so many different means
Say some help from previously vacated chamber or some other system which pushes the air to some other upper chamber - or many other ways.

There might be many many more far better solutions - this was just 5 minutes guess work.

My point is that - these are amazing engineers, and let us believe in them.

Comment Re:a nice start, but... (Score 3, Interesting) 102

Not that they wouldn't have thought about it, but wouldn't it have been better in that case to make it 50:50 PV:Solar Thermal or so?
The PV provides the electricity for the day time use, while Solar Thermal just stores the energy in molten salt. In the night, electricity is taken from the molten salt.
Isn't the price difference per watt is so high that it makes sense to have PV along with it?

Comment Re: No description (Score 1) 174

Superb work, Danielreiterhorn . Amazing work, and amazing, providing it as open source.

Would you mind if I ask for the motivation to put it as open source?
When it provides 10-20% compression, it would be worth a bit of money, right. In such a case why are you keeping it under BSD licence?
I am in awe of people who do great things without expecting anything in return. Because try as I may, I can never be truly altruistic. So, I try to pick the brains of the ones who are to really understand their motivations.

Are there any hidden selfish motivations, or is it purely altruistic? If I can understand, I will be able to understand a bit more about people. And not me alone, many others in the forum too. Will you be able to help, Danielreiterhorn?

Comment Re:Police have legal immunity (Score 1) 455

More than that - this will bring every aspect of citizen behavior under the purview of law - which is quite dangerous.
The way the laws are structured, everyone breaks multiple laws daily - most of the policemen turns a blind eye to them - since from a human point of view they know that these are not important.
With camera following them all the time, they will have to leave their humanity aside and will start following the rules mechanically - which I think is more dangerous.
I voted for - not required - since I value a lenient law as more valuable than human excesses which can happen in any job.

Comment Re:Why the exodus ? (Score 0) 124

I do see a lot of bigoted comments in the whole chain.
Do understand that all the things mentioned here are part and parcel of developing countries where concept of equality etc takes time to manifest.
Since we are going the anecdotal way, amongst my friend circle it is quite different. None of us bar one stayed in America and not because manual work is beneath them. Everyone wants to stay in India now, due to myraid reasons ranging from bigger opportunities, parents a,d relations etc.
Similar to Japan being made,fun of and then later respected, I believe similar path will follow for all the developing countries china, India and Nigeria included.
Please consider that just 3 years back this same forum used to make fun of code quality etc, which nowadays I don't see. Consider first that humans are equal other than,in the opportunity that they get, then all these things wil be secondary.

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