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Submission + - Windows 7 SP1 is a "total non-event" ( 1

Barence writes: The release of Service Pack 1 is traditionally the time that both companies and consumers decide to migrate to a new operating system. But Microsoft claims the release of Windows 7 SP1 is a "total non-event" in an interview with PC Pro. "Nobody's waiting for Service Pack 1," said Rich Reynolds, Microsoft general manager. "Usually there's this big deal about SP1, but this time it's a total non-event." Reynolds also talks about the lessons learnt from Windows Vista, the difficulty of burying IE6 and (albeit very briefly) Microsoft's plans for Windows 8.

Comment Staff Leaving Can Only Mean One of Two Things (Score 1) 161

1: The buyout was so huge that they all decided to "go out on top" with a huge retirement package.
2: The team was so unhappy with the terms of Viacom's selling of the company that they are all leaving in lock-step.

I'm, unfortunately, leaning towards the second option as it seems more realistic. I always knew the Viacom buyout would end in tears, I just didn't know it would take this long.

Comment This is just the beginning. (Score 5, Interesting) 536

Mark my words. This is only the beginning of high-profile shutdowns.
The nest has been stirred and the wasps are now out in full force.
There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel.
You cannot get by with stuff like this without angering a lot of people.
Enough angry constituents and things will start to change.

Lets just hope for the best as that's all we can really do.


US Gov't Orders 73,000 Private Websites Offline 536

joeszilagyi sends this excerpt from TorrentFreak: "... according to the owner of a free WordPress platform which hosts more than 73,000 blogs, his network of sites has been completely shut down on the orders of the authorities. has been with host BurstNet for 7 months, but on Friday July 9th the site disappeared. ... Due to the fact that the authorities aren't sharing information and BurstNet are sworn to secrecy, it is proving almost impossible to confirm the exact reason why Blogetery has been completely taken down. The owner does, however, admit to handling many copyright-related cease and desists in the past, albeit in a timely manner as the DMCA requires."

Willow Garage Robot Fetches Beer, Engineers Rejoice 114

kkleiner writes "Willow Garage has pulled off the ultimate engineering feat: teaching a PR2 robot to fetch you a beer from the fridge. Not only can the PR2 select the correct brew from the fridge, it can deliver, and even open the beer as needed. That's right, all the humans have to do is drink and relax. Prepare yourself for some major robot-envy as you check out the PR2 delivering much-needed refreshment in the video."

Submission + - Patent-Pending IBM Traffic Lights Stop Car Engines 2

theodp writes: I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't let your engine idle. The USPTO has just published IBM's patent application for a System and Method for Controlling Vehicle Engine Running State at Busy Intersections for Increased Fuel Consumption Efficiency. Here's how Big Blue explains the invention: 'The present disclosure is directed to a method for managing engines in response to a traffic signal. The method may comprise establishing communications with participating vehicles; responding to a stop status indicated by the traffic signal, further comprising: receiving a position data from each participating vehicles; determining a queue of participating vehicles stopped at the traffic signal; determining a remaining duration of the stop status; sending a stop-engine notification to the list of participating vehicles stopped at the traffic signal when the remaining duration is greater than a threshold of time; responding to a proceed status indicated by the traffic signal, further comprising: sending a start-engine notification to a first vehicle in the queue; calculating an optimal time for an engine of a second vehicle in the queue to start; and sending the start-engine notification to the second vehicle at the optimal time.' IBM notes that 'traffic signals may include, but not limited to, traffic lights at intersections, railway crossing signals, or other devices for indicating correct moments to stop and to proceed.'

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