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Comment Re:Big freakin whoopdie doo (Score 1) 157

The Safest? What statistical evidence is there to support this? VOLVO's LAST generation XC90 (released in 2003 for the US) has already been recognized by the IIHS for going a significant number of model years without any deaths and IIRC the Acura MDX received the same recognition. Just because Musk says its the safest doesn't mean so. Volvo has decades of real world crash statistics (including blood splatter patterns) for car interiors they have use to refine their cars for decades. If find it funny Musk directly compared the crash test results of a 65K+ Model S vs a 34K+ Volvo S60. Has ANY Tesla been subjected to the IIHS Small Overlap Crash Test? (I wonder why). Volvo started engineering their cars to handle Small Overlap Frontal Collisions over 20 years ago. When the IIHS started performing Small Overlap Frontal Crash test even Mercedes with its vaunted safety credentials was caught off guard. How well will a Tesla front seat hold up to high speed rear collision - something not currently tested for? Both Volvo & Mercedes engineer their seats not to collapse in such collisions. Volvo has already set a goal for no serious Deaths or Injuries in their new models by 2020 and part of reaching that goal is their advanced autonomous driving capabilities. Yes the new XC90 can steer its way out of certain collisions autonomously too & all Volvos come standard with autonomous City Safety Braking. IIHS statistics prove that Volvo's with City Safety Braking have reduced collisions rates significantly for Volvo models versus competitors.

Comment Benefits and LESS complexity ? (Score 1) 262

As Volvo has laid out the implementation the KERS powering the rear axle allows effective AWD without the need for a "propeller shaft" to send power to the rear of the vehicle. AWD additional complexity happens no matter whether a car is electric or petroleum power. What about maintaining a set temperature range for a battery pack and shielding large battery packs that may stretch a significant length of the car from debris/crashes?. All the wiring needed to connect the cells that make up the battery pack? Charging infrastructure that has to deployed ? That IS complexity compared to Volvo's KERS system augmenting an internal combustion engine.

Comment Confirmed (Score 1) 397

I visited my sister's family over the Holidays and my Electrical Engineer brother-in-law is a manager for an aircraft company. His group designs Electronic Counter Measures for military aircraft. He stated that he was going to have to lay off people from his team after the Holiday break. I would think many of these people could transition into positions of Data Center Engineers, Database Administrators or perhaps Network Engineers. At my previous employer, a large well known global website, I was the only DBA without an engineering degree (B.S. Business Admin - MIS major)- engineers apparently make great DBAs. The director over the DBA group at the website has a Masters in Electrical Engineering.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 588

There is no actual proof that Trayvon initiated that fight - for all we know Zimmerman shoved him first and Trayvon responded by punching him; Also less you forget Zimmerman was the one with an arrest record for shoving an ARMED Police Officer. If you are willing to shove an Armed Police Officer I have no doubt you could shove a "punk" who you believed didn't belong.

Comment As big as I need -Tablet Size (Score 4, Insightful) 320

Those are some of the dumbest, most arbitrary reasons to tell someone their phone is too large - is he/she being paid by Apple? I want a phone with a screen large enough for me to read web pages comfortably and not need a tablet. I would be fine with a 7 inch phone - not everyone has the hand size and lifting strength of a teenage girl.

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