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Comment Re:Really lousy article (Score 1) 407

That's not the issue: I thought the article was flimsy in the extreme. They could at least have provided a link to background information like the other reply did ( But instead, there is only a forest of links with vaguely worded accusations and denials.

If someone has to go to the police, it's the sexual abuse victim, not the organization.

Comment Really lousy article (Score 3, Insightful) 407

That is one lousy article. The name of the guy is the only thing revealed, and that is a journalistic no-no IMO: you don't give the full name unless charges have been proven. By a judge. About the nature of his "misconduct", the article is very vague: it's couched in different terms, but it's never made clear what happened, when, where, in what context and who were the victims. It also focuses on the sexual transgressions, and only gives a fleeting reference to people being "humiliated, intimidated, bullied", without explaining why. I understand there is some sort of political battle that largely includes both sides in parallel, and that is not even hinted at. In short, it's bad journalism.

Comment Re: Gut feeling says: no (Score 2) 49

> Teaching versus dementia avoidance?

I'd have to agree it's probably harder to control the processes that grow dementia.

But first, they would have to have a damn good explanation why previous training methods did not improve speed of execution.

> Leave the rest of the grown-ups to do some real work.

Well, the grown-ups in psychology and psychiatry have fucked up quite a bit, haven't they? There's no base for trust in spectacular results. That requires really solid evidence and either replication or a model that explains how it's supposed to work. Neither is provided.

  > Gut feeling? That's your standard to rebut ten years of research?

Jesus Christ. I explicitly say it's "gut feeling". I did not write "to my best expert judgement". By the tone of your reply, you feel attacked. If so, ask yourself why.

Comment Gut feeling says: no (Score 0) 49

I worked in a related field, and my gut feeling says no. How much arithmetic can you teach someone in a few hours of training? How much of a foreign language? Almost nothing, and it will be forgotten in a matter of months. So it's very unlikely that a few hours of training is enough to dramatically reduce dementia or whatever mental health problem.

Comment Re:old wisdom (Score 1) 387

> There are a huge range of problems in ... sociology and economics to which the rigorous, empirical traditions of physics are making major contributions.

Typical arrogance of the physicist that solves everything by reducing it to a point shape and ignoring higher order terms.

The problems in the softer sciences are not just rigor. Sure, many in those fields have a bad understanding of methods and statistics, but their field is quite different from physics. There is no underlying idea which can be used to base decisive experiments upon. You don't solve that with yet another PDE.

Comment Re:The price of greed and ambition (Score 1) 412

NASA took great care in safety. They failed often, and it was dangerous, but the attitude was that human life was more important than the mission. This statement seems to go in another direction.

There are always volunteers. That doesn't make it right to use them in order to allow you to cut corners.

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