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Comment Also watch out for Multi Level Marketing (Score 2, Informative) 346

A few of my relatives were almost taken in by Multi Level Marketers. These companies too are trying to grow via social internet means

These are barely legal organisations who sit _just_ on the legal side of the Pyramid definition.

Basically they try to sell overpriced financial restructuring products to people. Then if the customer does not want to become a purchaser, they try to convert the customer into selling the same products.

MLM people at the top earn more than people at the bottom.

Comment Put those goats entrails back, youre not qualified (Score 1) 338

The Tribune group collapsed because of a load of toxic debt they could not refinance.

It is quite fashionable for failing businesses to ignore their own poor performance. Instead they blame it on unforseen circumstances and present themselves as innocent victims of a global cataclysm.

A side effect of this fashion is that some commenators, like this article, are writing off whole industries and business models. They augur from the business collapses. Unfortunately these auguries ignore the more mundane reasons, too much debt, bad profit projections, in favour of some system wide collapse.

IMO the last few years, say 2005 have been mainly credit driven. So although there is undeniable shrinking of advertising revenues, this shrinking is dwarfed by the awful reality of spending shrinking back to sensible levels.

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