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Submission + - AT&T Suffers Wireless Outage in South Florida (nbcmiami.com)

teslatug writes: AT&T has suffered a major 3G outage in South Florida: 'At around 6 p.m., an undisclosed problem with a wireless switch caused a virtual stop in communications for wireless customers with 3G connectivity, officials said.' This affected phone connectivity as well for iPhone users. Disabling 3G allowed voice and text to work.
The Internet

Submission + - Why am I getting cached web content more often?

teslatug writes: Recently I've noticed that many sites that produce dynamic content (e.g. Flickr, blog sites, etc.) have been serving me more and more cached content. I have to force refresh my browser to get the latest updates even if the last time I visited the site was 10 hours prior. I use Firefox (version for my browsing. I'm not sure where in the chain the issue is though. It could be that the sites caching mechanism is broken, but that seems unlikely as it's happening across different sites. It could be that Firefox's page loading mechanism is broken, and that's somewhat more likely, but I would think that many others would have noticed this and that it would have been fixed. My biggest concern and most likely suspect is my ISP, Insight Broadband, which might have instituted some caching of its own to save bandwidth. How would you troubleshoot this issue if it happened to you?

Submission + - Google reinvents Wikipedia (blogspot.com) 1

teslatug writes: Google appears to be reinventing Wikipedia with their new product that they call knol (not yet publicly available). In an attempt to gather human knowledge, Google will accept articles from users who will be credited with the article by name. If they want, they can allow ads to appear alongside the content and they will be getting a share of the profits if that's the case. Other users will be allowed to rate, edit or comment on the articles. The content does not have to be exclusive to Google but no mention is made on any license for it. Is this a better model for free information gathering?

Submission + - Pope Acknowledges Evolution 1

teslatug writes: In a discussion with 400 priests Pope Benedict has admitted the merits of evolution saying "This clash [between creationism and evolution] is an absurdity because on one hand there is much scientific proof in favour of evolution, which appears as a reality that we must see and which enriches our understanding of life and being as such." How will this pronouncement affect the argument of the creationists who are against the teaching of evolution?
Internet Explorer

Submission + - IE7 Is Coming This Month

teslatug writes: The IEBlog says that Internet Explorer 7 will be released this month to customers through Automatic Updates. The users or corporate IT can block the update. Microsoft is asking users to test and ensure your sites, extensions, and applications are ready for IE7. Hopefully the spread of the slightly more standards compliant IE7 will be a boon for non-IE users as well.

Submission + - Would you date Microsoft?

teslatug writes: Channel9 has an interview with Bill Hilf of the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft. Hilf argues that the majority of companies advocate open source solely so that they can drive customers to their core business which is not open source. He calls this his "donut theory." Hilf also sees RedHat in this model with support being their core. He compares this to dating, where you have to offer your date value in order to entice them, and Microsoft offers developers a platform where they can make money selling their software. The virtues of free as in freedom and the value of open source to the desktop users are skirted, but he makes an interesting point about big businesses like IBM and Oracle.

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