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Submission + - Microsoft will use Windows 10 UWP to kill game vending competitors like Steam (pcgamer.com) 2

slashdot_commentator writes: In an interview with Edge Magazine, Tim Sweeney is claiming that future updates to Windows 10 could serve to erode the usefulness of third-party applications and storefronts like Steam.

Sweeney states, "The risk here is that, if Microsoft convinces everybody to use UWP, then they phase out Win32 apps. If they can succeed in doing that then it’s a small leap to forcing all apps and games to be distributed through the Windows Store. Once we reach that point, the PC has become a closed platform. It won’t be that one day they flip a switch that will break your Steam library – what they’re trying to do is a series of sneaky manoeuvres. They make it more and more inconvenient to use the old apps, and, simultaneously, they try to become the only source for the new ones."

"Slowly, over the next five years, they will force-patch Windows 10 to make Steam progressively worse and more broken. They’ll never completely break it, but will continue to break it until, in five years, people are so fed up that Steam is buggy that the Windows Store seems like an ideal alternative. That’s exactly what they did to their previous competitors in other areas. Now they’re doing it to Steam. It’s only just starting to become visible. Microsoft might not be competent enough to succeed with their plan, but they’re certainly trying."

Comment Re: A brief history of Slashdot tr0lling (Score 1) 366

Oh, thanks, I totally forgot about the Slashdot bitchslap.

And I'm not claiming the tr0lls weren't clever and occasionally hysterical. I'm just saying that the continual repost of "BSD is dying, Netcraft confirms it" on every single story had long degenerated from trolling to nothing more than protoplasmic copypasta spam, right down there in the sewage with the casino links. (And yes, there were many funny on-topic variants of the BSD meme that brightened up lots of different comment threads.)

Comment A brief history of Slashdot tr0lling (Score 4, Informative) 366

[Apologies for the l33t sp33k, but the lameness filter is actually pretty effective at blocking even the discussion of the older common tr0lls.]

Tr0lling originally started out as posting something on-topic but factually wrong in order to get reactions from people. Tr0lling was elevated by some to become its own art form; the best tr0lls could get pedants to crawl out of the woodwork like termites fleeing a flood. And the resulting posts and reactions were genuinely funny -- anyone who understood what was going on got a good laugh. But that kind of tr0lling peaked over a decade ago.

Other garbage has since cycled through Slashdot like ugly fashions on a New York runway. First came the memes: sites confirming the passing of various operating systems, etc., which at least often tried to stay on topic. They were inoffensive, but showed little real effort; they quickly stopped being amusing. Then came the nonsensical randomness, such as a certain movie starlet known for Star Wars and a lap full of hot breakfast food (I never quite understood that one). They were perhaps attempting to be absurd but mostly came off as stupid; again, they were reasonably inoffensive. But the current rash of copy-paste has become the new nadir, where cud-chewing morons too stupid to create their own original racism have figured out enough of the clipboard to re-vomit someone else's puke in the comments.

( In a huge burst of irony, some of the tr0lls themselves got pedantic, claiming the garbage posts did not qualify as "tr0lling" under their definition. Thus ended the reign of the major tr0lls, whose posts were quickly modded down into the -1 muck along with the rest of the bile. )

Throughout all of this, anonymous cowards and other low-lifes have always posted hate speech, political screeds, and offensive, racist crap. Browsing at -1, however briefly, will expose you to the words of horrible, useless human beings. Don't do it -- just click "no".

Slashdot has fought back, of course. The lameness filter has long kept out garbage like ASCII art, and certain phrases that I couldn't quote in this post. The remarkable bottom line is that Slashdot's moderation system, flawed as it may be, has kept the comments mostly readable for a very long time. Sites that failed to emulate it have come and gone, mostly forgotten by all but the Wayback Machine. Sites that still allow comments have almost nothing usable in them (youtube is a prime example of a site with unusable comments.) Meanwhile, Slashdot's community has managed to keep some semblance of order together. That's quite an achievement, especially over the nearly two decades of its existence.

Comment Re:Interesting quote in article (Score 1) 237

It would take Baby Bush to be that idiot and leave manned flight to the Russians.

To be fair to Shrub, it became hideously difficult for Congress to fund rational gov't programs. The Russians aren't enemies, and in this case, a really cheap case of outsourcing an outdated technology. Be honest. What manned space flight? Its only a couple of launches a year, and its below the Earth's Van Allen belts. Hardly worth continuing to blow billions of dollars per year.

Maybe Obama is also an idiot for not trying to revive a gutted NASA while the capability was still there,

No, in this case, you would be the idiot. The best thing the US gov't could do is get NASA out of the way, and support private endeavors to commercialize space. NASA's only utility is robotic exploration, and hugely expensive human research programs that the private sector would not touch. We're (probably) not going back to the Earth or Mars with this US Congress, so cut the Obama shit, and lay blame where it really belongs. (The important point being that NASA doesn't have a "capability" for Apollo style manned space programs anymore.)

Comment Re:Extinguish (Score 1) 212

No, they can't. It involves them going outside their mindset of their business model. They have a lot of spare cash now, but they would have to plow it into expensive bets, which they don't appear to be doing. Computing is going cloud, and they're barely interested in ramping up their iCloud capabilities. Not that it would matter, unless Apple found a way to access all that data being collected by Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. . Then they would have to spend lots of money to hire actual geniuses to process and research that data in a way that would allow them to leapfrog current applications of computing.

Their problem is that their highest value as a corporation is to maintain revenue and profit margins. They don't have the leadership (or shareholders) willing to jeopardize their current model in order to create new markets. Steve Jobs was the kind of CEO who could do that sort of thing, but not his replacement team. Apple is led by John Sculleys right now.

Their model involves creating a monopoly (or branding) of their intellectual property using trademarked hardware to secure the monopoly. What happens when the phone and the Macbook go the way of the iPod? Yeah, they're plowing money into a self-driving car, but lets face it, even if successful, they're not going to maintain their computing environment when no one wants to buy their products to type in queries and when it becomes "unprofitable" to compete with smartphones linked with cloud computing features. Microsoft has more of a future in the computing industry than Apple.

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