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Journal Journal: My Life on /.

So... my last post was about the first time I got mod points. Since then, I got mod points on 3/1 and again on 3/4. I'm rather flattered, even if it is software granting me this privilege.

Today I metamoderated and thus found a thread on which I used up most of my mod points. I don't know if this is good or bad. I feel like I used my points responsibly, but I also modded down two posts by the same user who I then added as a 'foe' based on really asinine opinions about Free Software. So I feel like my moderation got personal, which I try to avoid. But I guess it's okay, since I did the 'relation' thing based on honest moderation, rather than moderating based on relation. That would be bad moderation.

Maybe I think too much about this... But I really care about Slashdot and I want it to be a good community, so I take my responsibilities seriously. Arggggh.

So anyhow... about this slashdot "Friends" nonsense... anybody on my /. friends who are near Baltimore should email me... we're starting this new linux group... and if you're reading this, and you're not my /. friend, still feel free to email me about the linux group... anyhow... too much journaling with nothin' to really say...

Journal Journal: Ohhh, the geekiness 1

Yesterday I checked slashdot as usual, and found that I had moderator points.

I'm worried about how happy it made me. The joy I felt was indescribable. For years I have read /. more or less frequently, and I've had good karma for a long time. But now my karma is excellent, and I was able to moderate.

I also felt a sense of duty that was kind of weird. I had to moderate responsibly. MetaModeration never gave me this kind of satisfaction, but I always did it because I felt like it was my job as a /. user. But with my Mod points... I read at -1, and tried to read unbiasedly... I hope I made the /. world a slightly better place.

My girlfriend thinks I'm a weirdo. How do you explain something like this to non-geeks? I just don't know.

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Journal Journal: I want my GiS!!!!

I was organizing my mp3s today when I came across the directory with all the old episodes of Geeks in Space. I listened to a couple of them.... damn, I miss that. I used to look forward to every new episode, and then... I guess it was back in early 2001 it all stopped. CmdrTaco promised occasional episodes until they could work something out since he, Hemos and CowboyNeal were all over the place... IT's BEEN THREE YEARS. C'mon, guys! VoIP has come a long way. Let's have some new Geeks in Space. I need my fix.

Journal Journal: /. Politics

It's funny, conversations about geeks' and hackers' political sympathies (as some kind of weird demographic grouping) pop up every now and then... And the usual consensus is that most geeks tend to be some sort of libertarian, whether in the market-capitalist sense of the US Libertarian Party (they stole our word!), or some left-libertarian persuasion... and that seems to hold true.

But then there's the rabid right-wingers... and they're even here on Slashdot. (Take a look at my Foes). Yes, that's right, I'm not above making someone my Foe when they whine in a /. journal about how tough Rupert Murdoch has it.

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Journal Journal: journaling

Well, I haven't written a damn thing in here in a very long time. Perhaps I should start doing that. we'll see. My keyboard is doing really really weird things now. Stupid IR. Oh, well. More later.

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Journal Journal: School sucks

Well... Yesterday I got into a car accident and missed my first class, but I got my paper turned in. Today I overslept and missed my first class... and missed an exam. Now I'll either have to beg the professor for a makeup or drop the course.

I will never, never, never take 18 credits in a semester again.

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Journal Journal: A New Beginning...

Well, after the hell of my Blogger weblog, perhaps just the occasional journal entry in this little /. user journal... I didn't even know that this existed until I was bored and clicking around.

Hopefully this pointless rambling won't cost me any of my karma... do user journals get moderated? Oh, well... Every time I wonder whether I'm as much a geek as I suspect I am, I find a new toy, or stay up all night doing something neat with procmail... Like it or not, slashdot is where I belong. So I care about my karma. Stupid, I guess. But it's 3 am and I can hear the ice weasels coming.

And so I'll in theory journal things in this journal. Just not tonight, with the weasels so close...

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