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Comment 100 square miles, will not rule the country, blood (Score 0) 1430

Please look at this map. You know why France has had so many governments in the time we have had 1? Because Paris is always more liberal then the rest of the country and leads it into ruin vs the rest of the place.

If you want the U.S. to balkanize, continue dictating that San Fransisco, Los angles, and New York should rule OVER a country bigger than Europe. And when the blood comes, and it will come, it will be on ivory tower eggheads at Harvard like Lessig.

If you want to change the electoral college for next election that is one thing, but saying electors should vote for someone else is doubly communist. You don't support the laws and systems and you aren't supporting democracy.

Comment someone born in iran rpoves trumps point? (Score 5, Interesting) 1368

Shervin Pishevar, born in Iran. You know going forward with this idea he is only helping to strengthen trump's supporters idea that we are being invaded by Asians, Latinos and middle-easterners that care nothing about our history or country??

Comment cost of living?? Loyalties?? (Score 1) 587

For one, because of cost of living. You would never accept the same pay as someone living in india, sorry. But even beyond that, fuck you. Have some loyalties, globalism is cancer. IF you are U.S. based, the U.S. headed give you everything your founders needed to get started, not limited to working capital markets, education, a costumer base wealthy enough to buy your products, safe boarders and areas to attend said education. Their is absolutely nothing wrong with paying locals the asking wage price simply because they are locals. Maybe you should think about if you want to live in a place like India, because that is what you would turn the U.S. into.

or drink the Forbes koolaid and pretend any reduction in costs = good, and be the first against the wall when the revolution comes dirty fuckers.

Comment exit polls will be wrong this year though (Score 1) 174

I love how they can announce the winners 30 seconds after the polls close, but it takes them weeks to actually finish counting, especially for ballot measures and such and especially for absentee voters . It's all based on exit polls of course. But here is the problem, a lot of people might be embarrassed about certain choices this year, and it's already well known people lie to survey takers. So how can you really know what the results are when everyone expects the answers within hours. Also keep in mind, people who vote late in the day vote different from people that vote early, absentees tend to vote different too.

So what happens when a vote is really close in a state but it takes them 2 weeks to finish counting? You can't predict that with compete certainly

Comment This brain science with psychology is dumb (Score 1) 187

So they are going off blood flow and activity? That doesn't mean little lies make big lies easier in a emotional or stress sense, just that you are faster at them or more reflexive. I'm so tired of people acting like consciousness is a sum of it's parts.

also, it was A STUDY in a research hospital. here is the problem, lying in a study is NEVER going to be the same as lying in a organic situation where no one knows but you.

That is another thing I am tired of, studies in a research office where after you go through a sorting questionnaire someone with a clip board asks "I give you 100 dollars but that means he gets $20 less... etc etc but you have to go lie to him about it etc etc but I take away this $1 bag of tasty corn chips" ---reseacer: ""Ah see! this proves people will sell cornchips for $100 and lie about it!"". ', They think this some how reflects what someone would do in the real world.

protip: people don't act how they say they will, so ASKING them about something is worthless, and having them do it in a study group is only slightly less worthless.

Comment They also do the most Charity (Score 2, Insightful) 539

Churches also do the most Charity, real Charity too in the local areas, not only with money but with time you can't easily measure. If you want to meet a bunch of people that really care about the neighborhood, and SHOW it, go hook up with a local congregation. Just like everything there are some bad actors.

Comment Re:They don't give a sh*t about private property (Score 1) 73

A sending players onto private propertys

shut the fuck up. Have you even played the game? it doesn't send players anywhere. It doesn't even have a homing feature that works. If the spawn isn't on your screen you won't even know it's there. So you wouldn't even have any incentive to trespass. And even if it did, that is a players problem, not the games. Thats like saying a map of wi-fi rounters is at fault for me tresspassing for free wi-fi. NO. No NO. IT'S MY FAULT FOR TRESPASSING.

Comment Is this a troll? (Score 1) 193

Your day: "coffeee" not working "meetings" everyday? How much is socializing, eating donuts, headnodd, etc. and how much is keeping everyone on same page. "fiddling about with code and discussing options with other developers" work After about 3pm I tend to get into the zone. I finish around 7 so most of your real actual work is 4 hours? subtract bathroom breaks and lucnh/dinner breaks.

Comment Economies are NOT just nnumbers or labor (Score 1) 519

"Economies are just a collection of processes that convert raw materials and labour into useful goods and services" NO THEY ARE NOT.. Besides many many other problems with this statement, is the problem off unknown future markets, such as smart phones before the 90s makes this solution useless. For more information see 'The grand auction theory' in economics and see the term "radical uncertainty"

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