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Comment Economies are NOT just nnumbers or labor (Score 1) 519

"Economies are just a collection of processes that convert raw materials and labour into useful goods and services" NO THEY ARE NOT.. Besides many many other problems with this statement, is the problem off unknown future markets, such as smart phones before the 90s makes this solution useless. For more information see 'The grand auction theory' in economics and see the term "radical uncertainty"

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 819

The reason they do drug testing is it lowers the amount of insurance premium they have to carry for employee fuck-up liability. Esepcailly when a company starts operating in two states or more, this kind of stuff helps their bottom line. Insurance companies know drug users are objectively more likely to fuck up

Comment especially female programmers, (Score 1) 819

"especially female programmers, "

fuck off with this sexism bait, you want to program, learn to program and or get a degree in programming, be willing to move around for jobs and no one fucking cares if you are female, there is no seixsm in programing women just don't self select for it in big numbers and that is fine.

also fuck off druggies, it's objective fact you make worse employees, stop watching Seth Rogen movies, pot smoking isn't cool.

Comment Do video card upgrades even matter anymore (Score 0) 153

Do video card upgrades even matter anymore?

Now days it seems you can run almost any game at high settings with old cards. And the games still don't look as good as old elder school mods, which you need cpu and ram for. Everything is console lvl now.

"muh frames per second are slightly better then your frames per second" is just esat bullshit nowdays when the settings are the same otherwise.

Comment Asset Forfeiture is treason (Score 0) 225

Asset Forfeiture is treason and the punishment for treason is death. The military should take over Florida and these police departments will be the first against the wall.

Remember Asset Forfeiture doesn't invoke a court or a lawyer, or often even a future case. They are taking peoples land, or sometimes cash AND NOT CHARGING THEM WITH ANYTHING in many cases. Of course once you lose your farm and house and car and your cash savings, you are their bitch. And sometimes the police can use the money to fund their operations, which means they have a incentive to lie. This is what corrupted some medieval governments in the past and some lines in the constitution were directly written because of it.

If you don't want death threats, stop being criminals.

Comment it was always a bubble, one long bubble sense 1999 (Score 1) 89

The bubble never went away, the run away growth companies can be counted on one hand, google, twitter (still not profitable), facebook, Instagram. Most companies that 'made it' just got bought out by google or facebook. All other companies were profitable from before 1999 and had traditional business growth funding and plans or are broke.

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