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Journal Journal: I'm back and how I metamod...

Well I'm back after a long posting break, don't know why I decided to write in my Journal, or if anyone is listening still, but ok....

Today I delve a bit into the subject of meta-moderation, or how I do it. Generally I find it kinda neat to play the "Great Judge" and how I do it.

1) Blatant abuse of moderator power = unfair mod, period. Don't care whether or not I agree with you, if post is provoking a flamewar and you mod insightful, you're getting hit unfair.

2) Wrong positive mods I have a tendency to leave alone, you said insightful, I called it informative, generally I'll leave it blank.

3) Correct positive ones are fair, correct negative ones are fair

4) I often try to meta-moderate the "tight" posts as well. If I'm not sure I'll dig into a posts history and meta-mod how I feel. Worst case scenario I'll leave alone. I've been known to dig into an off-topic moderated post, up the chain and decide that it was still in the chain of logic and zap it as unfair. I do respect a certain chain of conversation in a meta-moderation, however if we deviated from C++ to Peanut Butter sandwiches in the first post, you're offtopic and if moderated as such I'll uphold. However at the fifth or sixth level of a thread I tend to care not about the offtopic mod and won't tolerate an offtopic mod, often marking them unfair.

5) Generally I find myself not using the "unfunny" mod, granted my sense of humor might differ from yours. Unless it's a blatant troll or flamebait of course.

Anyways those are my ramblings for the evening, enjoy!
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Journal Journal: Anybody out there...

Know a good DSL provider in Orange County (SBC CLEC), I'm fed up with Earthlink and am looking for tech reps who know what they're talking about and have liberal TOS policies other than the usual Anti-Spam/Anti-Abuse stuff...I'm thinking Slashdot Broadband could be good but I'm wondering who else out there offers DSL that's doable...thanks in advance!
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Journal Journal: Free resume advice!

Aaaaah post a link to my resume on Slashdot and I get all sorts of Resume advice. Though I do wonder about trusting fellow geeks about my resume and what it says. However they did have some good basic points on my grammar that I should follow, time to revisit/revise.
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Journal Journal: Password change... 1

Well after a hacker got a hold of Organized Konfusion's password (I just visited his page and realized it), I just upgraded my password to a higher security one. My passwords go in three tiers:

1) The public password, what I'll tell anyone and is nothing vital about me.
2) The non-public non-fatal password: The password I use in every site I don't really care about and don't change at all. Generally if you "own " this password you can be a minor inconvenience in my life but not really get into anything juicy.
3) The high security password: Guards my email, online banking sites, etc. Can create a major hassle of "owned". Usually a big combination of letters and numbers and changed all the time.

Security for Slashdot was at the "2" level now it's at a "3".

Sorry hackers better luck next time...
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Journal Journal: Kinda scary...

A project that I've been working on for the last 4 months is finally coming to completion. So I did a line count of how much code I typed. First I came up with 40,000 lines of code typed (just subtracting the whitespace). Then I removed comments and non-executing code from my project and I came up with 10,000 lines of code. So basically only 25% of this project is actually doing anything. Though in my defense a lot of this was playing around with a new API in a database world I am nowhere near familiar with (see and look at the PickDP.NET product, a whole new world there). So I guess I shouldn't feel too bad...
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Journal Journal: I feel incredibly brave....

I actually downloaded and installed the Mozilla latest build on my Win98 system right now. So far so good, and that leads to todays poll for those that are listening?

How do you download Mozilla?

1) Next stable release
2) Next alpha
3) Next beta
4) I'm gutsy, next nightly build!
5) Eeeeeh why bother updating?
6) I use another browser (you insensitive clod!)
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Journal Journal: For the next 2 weeks...

I've decided only to listen to the funny stuff on Slashdot, I'm giving +5 to anything modded Funny, -5 to EVERYTHING else modded (though fan/foe mods and others still apply with me +2 friend, +1 fan, -2 Foe, etc...). I just feel like it :-)
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Journal Journal: How I moderate...

Ok, if I have just gotten 5 mod points what do I usually do with them?

First set my browsing threshold to -1. Though generally -1's are always trolls/flamebait I'll give them a chance too. But there's many an AC out there with a credible post. A typical breakdown of how I'll spend my points now.

1) Generally I look at the newest posts first, I try and be the "first mod" on a post rather than agree with someone else's mod.

2) From that, I generally promote rather than demote. "Interesting", "Insightful" and "Informative" in that order are my most popular mods. "Funny" is a bit difficult for me I find, and I just don't bother with "Underrated" often. I'll burn 2-3 mod points on the above.

3) Often I'll go and look back into older stuff and drop one mod point there on the good post that "didn't make it".

4) I try and spend just one mod point on shooting down a troll/flamebait/offtopic as well, do my part to make sure nobody else has to read that filth.

Also if a friend of mine asks me to mod something, most often I will. I hate to admit to practicing nepotism but eeeeh who hasn't modded to a friends request before.

Overrated and Underrated I seldom use as well, occasionally I use underrated to indicate I like a posting but not sure whether it's more funny than insightful, etc. Overrated is in my opinion just dumb, usually I'll leave alone or mark it for what it is. Yes I've been known to cross-grain mod, if I see what I think is a troll that's been modded funny, I might mod as troll.

With this formula, I've probably gotten close to 100 mod points in my time on Slashdot, and probably 3-4 unfair meta-mods. Oh well can't please 'em all.
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Journal Journal: Disturbing Funny Trend?

After the last 2 days of spontaneously busting up laughing in the office making everyone else wonder what is going on, I'm wondering; is Slashdot getting funnier lately or is it just me? Also any suggestions for reading Slashdot without bursting into a spontaneous fit of laughter in your cubicle? Also, new Slashdot trend noticed: more and more, Admiral Akbar is quoted with his famous "IT'S A TRAP!!!" on Slashdot...wonder how this will develop.
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Journal Journal: I've noticed 2

Since I added the sig " bed" to all my comments back when, more of my postings get modded as funny. Coincidence? poll for anyone still listening, what is the funniest sig you've ever seen out there (Slashdot or whatever)?

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