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Comment Re:Probably gonna need more... (Score 1) 272

...Scientists theorized that metallic hydrogen ... could have a transformative effect on modern electronics and revolutionize medicine, energy and transportation, as well as herald in a new age of consumer gadgets.

To do all that, they're probably going to need a lot more metallic hydrogen than was lost in the accident. So I'd suggest the scientists concentrate upon making more metallic hydrogen.

. Luckily, once they've solved the trivial problem of how to keep metallic hydrogen viable at room temperature/pressure they'll be able to use the almost unlimited supplies of metallic hydrogen available to help build more metallic hydrogen manufacturing equipment. Out of metallic hydrogen. . iow, don't cry over sublimated hydrogen.

Comment Re:If it wasn't for the draft (Balkans War) (Score 1) 107

maybe it was just the work of London freemasonry, wanting to cause carnage to please their Osiris-Lucifer idol with blood sacrifice?

Thank God I read to the end of your post and its chillingly rational explanation of the Balkans Conflict. Until now I thought it had something to do with the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe and the explosion of long-standing ethnic and religious conflicts hitherto suppressed under the rule of Tito.

Comment Re:You expect your car to safely drive itself on i (Score 1) 245

Did you buy a car with the expectation that it'll autonomously drive itself on ice-covered, twisty mountain passes safely, while you watch a movie and drink whiskey? I didn't.

Nor has anyone else yet. The point is that if I buy something which says it is a self driving car, then yes I would expect it to be able to do just that.

Whatever spin car manufacturers try to put on it, saying "it can cope adequately with driving on an empty straight road in sunshine" is NOT the same as it being self driving.

Comment Re:Suing the governments for interfering in my lif (Score 1) 245

I absolutely want the government interfering with a manufacturer that wants to risk my life so someone can text on their phone. There's even a precedent for it - you do own a drivers license?

For people like the OP drivers' licenses are simply government interference in the free market. You should be free to drive whatever you want, and the courts will decide liability when you kill someone because you're blind. Or something.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 245

By buying an SDC, people no longer have to deal with the hassle and cost of individual insurance policies.

Of course they will, do you think people won't want at least theft insurance? Never mind insurance to cover any third party injuries caused by manual use of the car?

Agreed, if they just use taxi services like Uber they won't need insurance any more than someone taking a cab ride now does.

Comment Re:Thanks. Mr. Obvious (Score 1) 245

Automakers are going to have to carry the liability insurance to cover automobiles while self-driving, at least initially.

Translation: Large incumbent automakers probably sponsored this law, if they didn't actually write it, because an insurance requirement will impose a steep barrier to entry to any newcomers.

Yes, because obviously there would be a whole cottage industry of small start ups mass manufacturing self-driving automobiles, just like there is now for manual ones. Oh, wait...

Comment Re:Libertarianism In Two Sentences (Score 1) 512

Libertarianism is an important and necessary philosophical counterpoint to overwhelming collective power. However, governments are classically defined as local monopolies on the use of force, so "non-coercive government" is actually an oxymoron.

I'd still rather be "coerced" by a legitimate government controlled system of police, laws, courts, elected parliaments etc than rely on having a bigger stick than my neighbour.

Comment Re:Needs to be handled differently, IMO .... (Score 1) 135

In the end I did not worry if "they seemed intelligent, relatively honest" etc and I just contacted those which were (1) shorter than me (I'm a guy); (2) 0-8 years younger then me; (3) reasonably near to me ( I was in a big city anyway); and (4) not ugly in their photo if there was one. That way I met some girls from utterly different backgrounds from mine (including, believe it or not, an ex- Playboy Club Bunny Girl, but she was not as hot as that might sound) and found that whether we clicked or not was orthogonal to commonalities on paper. I never expected nor wanted an intellectual sparring partner.

Executive summary: you just wanted to fuck anything female and not actually grotesque. Basically the same as picking someone up in a bar, but somehow that is uncool nowadays.

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