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Comment Re:What? Why? (Score 1) 152

Common sense (via sense of self preservation) is that the larger vehicle always has the right of way, regardless of what the rules say. They're harder to maneuver and require more distance to stop. Or you can choose to be dead right, either way the driver of the rig / bus / truck will be fine, and likely so will the vehicle they are operating (which often isn't theirs anyway, so no skin off their back if it gets a few dings).

It's one of the advantages of learning to ride a motorbike: they drum it into you from early on that you have to assume not only that cars/trucks don't see you, but that they're actively trying to kill you.

Comment Re:Misleading (Score 1) 152

Tesla's Autopilot functions at almost exactly the same level as an aircraft autopilot. Perhaps even better - an aircraft will not automatically detect and avoid other aircraft, only mapped obstacles. A Tesla will automatically brake for other vehicles moving into your lane.

I do agree that "Copilot" would be a better name, but only because people are idiots, not because it's a bad name.

No, "autopilot" is a stupid name, both for the aircraft and car versions. The difference is that airline pilots know what the system actually does and so the name is irrelevant.

But the average car driver is only going to think one thing when he sees "autopilot".

It's just a typical marketing-led balls-up.

Comment Re:Eh, was this necessary? (Score 1) 175

Depends on the nature of the "disability". We judge disability by how well people function in society as it currently exists. It doesn't mean that they can't function in an artificially engineered society (e.g. one consisting of autistic spectrum people).

And just think of the great parties they'd throw!

Comment Re:EC will punish US Teachers (Score 1) 205

European Commission will punish California Teachers? You don't believe it?

If a tax ruling is made, irrespective of appellation process Apple stock will take a hit. A big hit. Huge bite to capitalization.

One of the largest Apple shareholders is Vanguard Funds, and Vanguard Funds are owned by multiple 401k and pension plans in USA. Bottom line is that not only teachers, but many in the middle class will lose a boatload of money because European Commission, directed by unelected president Junker TOLD Ireland to change treatment of Ireland's laws and to extort more money.

Every time those bureaucrats try fixing and every time there will be unintended consequences, they always fuck up.

If appeals are not successful and a precedent is formed, then expect Ireland to become much less desirable manufacturing location. There will major job and investment losses.

Expect eventually Ireland to leave EU

If a pension fund can be seriously damaged by what happens to the stock value of one company in its portfolio, then that pension fund is not being run properly.

Comment Re:Ain't just Apple (Score 1) 205

I don't think the words "morally" and "taxation" belong in the same sentence. No matter how you think a society should be run, the forced confiscation of private property using a threat of violence is not moral. I am not proposing an alternative, but a lack there-of does not make extortion in any way "moral".

The alternative to taxation would be an anarchistic network of individuals freely co-operating, or complete corporate fascism, depending on your view of human nature.

Comment Re:If this is the new /. (Score 1) 227

Although give it 15 years and they'll be conservatives too. It's funny what the real world does to people's political views.

If you're a conservative when you're thirty or fifty, you were a conservative when you were fifteen. The idea that all young people are radical intellectuals passionate about changing the world is pure fantasy encouraged by youth-obsessed media.

Young or old, most people are self-centred, intellectually lazy and uninterested or afraid of change, i.e. inherently conservative.

Comment Re:If this is the new /. (Score 1) 227

Let's get back to tech, science, etc. You know "News for Nerds."

You just try and come up with a rigid definition of what is news for nerds. Go on.

For example, I think the election of a new British PM allegedly in favour of increased electronic surveillance is of much more nerd-interest than a story about some stupid Japanese mobile game for eight year olds or the latest PR-piece in favour of Uber or Elon Musk. But each to their own.

It would be impossible to exclude all mention of politics, religion, cars, ponies or anything else from slashdot without having some weird form of OCD-censorship.

Comment Re:She seem like a commie... (Score 1) 227

So the intent of this long-winded explanation is to state that you cannot judge Theresa May entirely by the votes she cast over the last six years. She was bound by practice and convention

That's a great excuse, but a garbage explanation. Tradition is never sufficient justification for anything.

If she had not gone along with that tradition, she would have lost her job. Anyway, it seems like an entirely reasonable tradition to me: if you are a member of the government, you should be 100% behind government policy, and if you're not then you should resign.

Comment Re:Wow, the UK is even more screwed up than the US (Score 1) 238

So the biased papers had people believing that if they voted "leave" they would "stay"?

Kinda, they basically told the gullible we'd be able to stop migration, keep all the money, have the influence AND still have full if not better access to the single market and all other eu benefits while simultaneously telling all the fat cats to fuck off. That's what the daily fail and co would have you believe a leave vote meant.

And don't forget, they said that if we left the EU we'd have 350 million quid a week to spend on hospitals and (probably) free blow and hookers.

If you keep repeating a lie often enough, for a lot of people it becomes the truth.

Comment Re:An article in search of a problem (Score 1) 729

Not just for daughter-cards; jumpers were required on hard drives to set master/slave.

Oh, the fucking horror. I remember it well: you actually had to look at the "manual" (folded sheet of paper) and decide between two (or even more!) different ways of putting the jumpers in. Sometimes, your computer wouldn't even start up properly first time if you just guessed!! I literally watered the motherboard with my tears, which is not really recommended.

But we survived. Kids these days don't know how easy they've got it with their Sony X-men Boxes.

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