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Submission + - LHC Remote Ops at Fermilab uses Linux/Firefox (

tehaynes writes: While passing through Chicago today, I decided to pay a visit to Fermilab to see what has changed since the initial run of the LHC. You should always expect to be mystified, surprised or enlightened when ever there. I was pleasantly surprised to see the LHC Remote Operations Center at Fermilab prominently placed on the first floor of Wilson Hall where the public can watch everyone at work. What shocked me, and I am not sure why, was that everyone of the multitude of screens visible appeared to be running Linux (actually SLF — Scientific Linux Fermi) and using Firefox to display operational info about the LHC. Check out the Computing section of the above link. Not a hint of Microsoft in the whole room.

Oh, they also discovered a new particle at Fermilab as well. The Omega-sub-b.

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