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Comment Re:Apple's activity is criminal here, Palm's is le (Score 1) 656

I will refer you to the huge overwhelming percentage of Apple OS software that is "borrowed" from open source.

Who is getting a free ride?

This is a horrible analogy to draw and discredits your argument.

The word borrowed can be used without quotes, as the BSD-style (and other similar licenses) allow for it; don't play silly games. The difference is, that code was FREELY given away for others to use, including Apple. In no way has Apple told anyone "here, fake our USB ID"; in fact, they have an alternate mechanism for allowing third-party devices to access the iTunes library on a customer's computer. Why haven't they gone that route?

Comment Re:suddenoutbreakofcommonsense (Score 2) 366

The police stay in their cars for one simple reason: revenue generation. There is no additional safety in having a police car cruising around with the cop inside staying on the lookout for an errant driver to slap with a $$$ ticket. See, he's too busy looking for that revenue than to be concerned about the area he's supposed to be patrolling.

Comment Re:Snarky article (Score 1) 293

Some municipal services exist and run at a loss for the benefit of society IN GENERAL, meaning, NOT specifically you. The costs are spread around to minimize any one segment of the population being disproportionately penalized. Things like subways are a perfect example; ticket sales alone to riders could possibly rise above the point where its feasible for those riders to cover.

You are paying for a functioning society. If you don't want to, please feel free to go off in the wilderness and stop taking part in OUR society, thanks.

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