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Comment Police (Score -1) 275

That's because the dodgy little shop owner has to stay the right side of police,they still have an open case on who it was broke into the last owners safe and helped themselves to all sorts of "useful" papers and information,just before the current owner took over and lots of fingers were being pointed in the current owners direction as the probable guilty party...

Comment Snap (Score -1) 220

I was thrown out of college in the UK for exactly the same thing,except principal teacher had "heard discussions"in the staff room and already hated me,he even tried sacking the female tutor,except he could not actually name anything that she had done wrong,we never met in college time or in college grounds,I was old enough and single as was she,so no laws broken,he tried on moral misbehaviour while at work,but could not show us ever together at college etc...Wish I could sue,35 years too late,and poxy principal died years ago...

Comment Re: "Keeping the grass short" is hugely expensive (Score -1) 178

why is keeping the grass short so pricey,american clubs pay their grass staff no better than the ones in europe. one of the reasons,even though i have been begged to,that i refuse to work on golf clubs is that although they take it vast amounts of cash from usless thieving members,very little of it ever seems to trickle down to the poor sods who make the stupid game possible in the first place,and they are such a bunch of whingeing gits golf players,that i would probably be sacked very quickly for pointing out a few "personality" problems to members....

Comment it was putins missile (Score -1) 667

i am afraid i would not believe anything ever said by any russian ever. you ask the question of. who else benefits. MOSSAD and ISRAEL. who are the the most needful of the worlds attention being pulled/pushed elsewhere ? the jews always like another big world story to pull trouble of them,go back through recent history and most times,when the jews are busy caysing attrocities in others countries,again,you will very often find something else soon pulls the world and especialy,american eyes and ears to somewhere else. is built in survival technique for jews,genetic liars,proven many many times,often with american help,to have been behind some strange/strangely timed events,years later,we get cinfirmation

Comment moronic (Score -1) 272

typical greedy,fat,stupid,short-term,yankee morons,showing once again the wonderful thinking that allows the rest of the world to shit on america and americans because they deserve no better treatment. i bet i can guess very accurately exactly what the use of "sonic cannons" will be,the same as we can "guess" exactly what would have happened if a yankee moron had managed to "accidently" release live smallpox into a population. i dont know what tbe precise term would be,but the rest of us need an americademic event that wipes them off the face of the planet to a person,the rest of the world would be in such a far,far safer/better position without one live yankee on the planet. hitch hikers guide to galaxy got it wrong with the A - B -C class of ark's,D would have been needed for the yankee portion of the population. when everything is dead and gone,then the idiot yanks will possibly think that their "way" may not have been the best to live by. fingers crossed,the next f... up at somewhere like cdc atlanta is discoveted too late to save america,but gives the rest of time to lock them all in america and we can watch them die and tear each other to bits. they would not be missed,short or long term and planet earth might just keep us alive for a few more generations if the rest of work hard at correcting everything the yanks have been so keen at telling us they are doing and seem so proud of. but then if your only going to see what you wish to,everything looks briliant,no matter that you ate to die in five minutes time

Comment readers (Score -1) 132

was using android app rssdemon before google reader,am still using after google reader. never used google reader once. dont miss it. still wondering what all the fuss was about. i like mine as titled.realy SIMPLE syndication

Comment Re: No freedom of speech in Europe (Score -1) 246

too late, the bbc in the uk already do. thats why they rarely allow comment on their own sites, and force folk to comment through f...book, bbc can then claim that their not responsible for comments then,and if they do allow comments on a bbc page, they run such a harsh censorship system that you cannot say anything a bit iffy without said comment being quickly removed.... mealy mouthed bunch of bastards at the bbc....

Comment trust (Score -1) 162

ha ha ha. cos of course all you smart arse i.t ers maybe smart in some ways, but in others you are as thick as s..t, you had all the evidence/clues in front of you, yet you blundered on regardless, spouting crap to clients and the public, who unfortuanely believed you, there is no such thing as secure computing or communication, what one group of people can engineer/design/build another group can find away through/round. some of us never believed the hype, so are totaly unsuprised that so called security has collapsed around yer ears. i take absolute minimum precautions for security,and have the added bonus of being so poor that i have nothing anywhere to be stolen, and have had spooks keeping an eye on me on and off for most of my life, i have very little idea why folk would bother with such a waste of time and money, you would have to ask the british government, i have a few ideas, but most folk would tell me that i am paranoid or mad, but if you know you are being watched, then off course you will sound paranoid, but like a y organisation/individual, they make mistakes, some times huge great howlers that confirm to yourself and others that something is obviously not right, look at how the fbi just caught the idiot running silk road, using his real name and leaving tracks that a blind man could follow... in the land of the watched, everyone should be paranoid, or just get used to it, which is whats going to happen, folk will just learn to live with being under consta t watch, unless there is going to be a huge uprising in the western world and governments are done away with, which is not going to happen in my life time.... look behind you.....

Comment stupidity (Score -1) 278

and exactly what did bb think they could do for operators that they would help/allow bb to cut into the cash cow that was/is sms ? bbm is now being allowed to be rolled out on mobiles because so few folk use it, the figures folk quote for the numbers of bbm users are about as believable as samsung claiming 100 million users of its message system, ask all your friends and see if you can find one user, i cant find one nor can my young daughter find one of her mates who use either samsung or bbm still.

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